Friday, January 27, 2012

One Month

cannot believe that you're already ONE MONTH OLD today...time sure does fly by when you're having fun!!!  The prior 10 months just inched on by but not this came and went faster than the speed of light. Oh Mason Mommy and Daddy love you so so so much. You mean the world to us and we feel so privileged that God chose us to be your parents. Can't wait to continue watching you grow baby boy...just not too fast!

Mommy and Daddy

Stats: Mason's next doctor appointment (including weight check) isn't until his 2 month check-up so not exactly sure of his current weight but thinking he's gotta be trekking towards 11 pounds.

Sizes: When Mason hit 2 and a half weeks we put away all his newborn clothing. (The sleeves of his newborn clothes were no longer covering his arms). So now he's wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing and size 1 diapers.

First Bottle: My Pediatrician recommended introducing a bottle between 3 and 4 weeks. But my sister said that she always introduced a bottle at 2 weeks. So Mr. Mason got introduced to the bottle at 2 weeks 2 days. (I wanted daddy to feel involved). And let me just say that Mason LOVED his first bottle...maybe not as much as getting it straight from mama but he did finish off every last drop of that bottle. (And it was a 4 oz bottle mind you all)!!!

Food: Mason is on a strict diet of booby milk. During the day he typically breastfeeds every 3 hours. However, sometimes he wants it a little more frequently (as in every hour). But I've been told to NOT let this become a habit so I try to hold him to at least every 2.5 hours. I will admit though if we're heading somewhere and I want him to be content (or asleep)...I top him off (even if he ate just an hour prior). If we're running errands (or at the mall shopping) he can make it at least 4 hours without eating. (He could pry make it even longer but I typically don't like him to go any longer than 4 hours without eating during the day). During the night it varies. Lately, (crossing my fingers this habit continues) he has been making a 5-6 hour stretch to begin the night and then he lasts another 2-3 hours. I pump about twice a day but only for 5-7 minutes (only to make sure he gets a 4oz bottle at night).

Routine: We don't have much of a routine yet. But when he wakes up in the morning he typically wants to eat and then every 2.5-3 hours there after. However, like I mentioned above...I will sneak in an extra feeding to keep him content if we're off to church or if I want to run some errands. Most mornings (unless we're off and running) he stays awake for a couple of hours. We try to give Mason his last feed (a bottle) of the night between 9 and 10pm. He then likes to stay awake for another hour or so. But in hopes of breaking this pattern for the last few nights I have taken to rocking him to sleep after his nightly bottle. But believe me...he fights me on this one because he wants to be awake. (On a side note mom is NOT a night owl). So he screams for a bit until he succumbs to sleep. But once asleep he generally sleeps until 3 or 4am. Yea!!! And then he wakes (to eat) again between 6 and 7am. And yes at this point (most of the time) he will fall back to sleep for another hour or so but once in awhile he is all bright-eyed and ready to begin his day. He definitely has some big awake spans throughout the day but they are not at all predictable.

We try to do tummy time or playmat time at least twice a day and he gets a bath every 2-3 days. I wash his face every day but since he hates bath time so much we limit it to about 3 times a week.

Developmental Milestones: Mason is definitely getting better at holding up his own little noggin. He likes tummy time the best when I lay him on my belly. I like to think its because he wants to look at his mama!!! Although Mason is not cooing yet...he IS big on grunting...especially in the middle of the night. :) He also likes to grunt before a good poop. He smiles here and there...just not sure if they're "real" smiles yet.

Loves: Mason loves his hands and he loves sticking out his adorable little booty. Every time I put him over my shoulder or on my belly...the booty pops OUT...(pretty sure he did this in utero too)!!! He loves bright flashing lights. Most nights Brian will sit with him and play nursery rhyme videos off his I-phone and Mason is so content watching the flashes of color (oh and maybe he likes the music too)!!! He loves to sleep and he is SUCH a good sleeper. He typically falls asleep anytime we're in the car or if he's in his stroller so this makes it really easy for me when I'm running errands or shopping. Mason also LOVES peeing during bathtime or peeing when I'm in the process of changing his diaper...naughty boy. I learned my lesson (after he sprayed himself, his changing table, and the wall behind his changing table. I now cover his lil "peter" when I'm changing him but I just let him have his way in the shower. Oh and for short amounts of time he likes his playmat...again that would be for short amounts of time.

Dislikes: I swear the little guy dislikes burping. For the first 2 weeks of his life he rarely burped. Thankfully he has gotten a touch better in this department. He also really and I mean REALLY dislikes bathtime...he cries every.single.time...breaks his mama's heart.
Not happy...

Still not happy...

And finally all tuckered out from bathtime...


  1. A bath time trick that worked with my littles was lay a warm washcloth over their entire body, and just folding it over as I washed them. :) It kept them warm and then they didn't cry. Worth a try maybe? :)

  2. Tessa did not love bath time at first either, but now she loves it! I think it might just be something they only learn to enjoy as they get older.

    I can hardly believe he is a month old already! Precious little boy!

  3. Your Mason is so adorable, I am so happy for you. As you know babies are a very precious blessing from God. I am grateful that I am able to follow your journey with you. You are an amazing person and deserve the ultimate happiness that comes with being a parent. You will experience such happiness from him. I will never forget your love and support you showed toward Shay. I know our children are in heaven together and are so happy and healthy.
    One of my favorite memories of you with my son was when Shay was teaching you how to shoot cans in the hallway. He rolled his eyes at you so many times, but he never gave up, as you never gave up on God's plan for you. Thanks you for being you and keep posting about your little man. HUGS!!!

  4. Oh Lindsey he is such a sweetie pie!! I can't believe that he is already 1 month old! Wow!