Friday, January 13, 2012

Mason and Megyn (finally) Meet

Since coming home from the hospital Mason has had LOTS of visitors but one really special visitor came to visit him yesterday...his friend Meg (and Meg's mommy and daddy)!!! Kami (Meg's mom) and I became fast friends after the loss of our precious children...(Kami and her hubby Rob lost their precious twins just 4 months prior to Brian and I losing Layna and Ella). And on another note...I was actually due with Luke 3 days before Meg's due date...but here we are (5 months later) with both of our Rainbow babes in our arms!!! And what precious little BLESSINGS they are!!! 
Meg and Mason...and their matching outfits were NOT planned!!!

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  1. YEAH! We had so much fun :) Looking forward to many fun play dates and amazing memories to be made!!