Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday (Mason) Favorites...

This boy loves to SLEEP...(anywhere and anytime). He definitely takes after his mama in this department :)
(Old pic but...) in his sleeper.
On his boppy.
In his car seat.
On his play mat.
In mommy and daddy's bed (only during nap time).
In daddy's arms.
On mommy's chest.
In his stroller.
And in his bouncer!!!

He loves to suck his fingers (if his pipe has fallen out).

He loves smiling at his mama (while daddy takes an "okay" picture.

He loves to eat (bottle or booby). Thought it more appropriate to post a bottle picture ;)
Getting every.last.drop.
Booby milk induced coma

And he loves his tongue...(just like his big cousin Cambrey)!
Cambrey and Kylynn (in 2007)

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  1. Such a honey! He is getting so big, it just isn't right. Fun pics too :)