Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mason's First Play Date

Two of my girlfriends had little boys (Ezra and Jude) a few months before I was due with the girls. And before I went into preterm labor we always talked about how fun it would be to have play dates with all the little ones. But as they well know it was really hard for me to even be around their little ones after I lost the girls. Then shortly after losing the girls I got news that Ezra was going to be a big brother. (Josiah was born this past April). Then after I lost Luke...I found out that another one of my girlfriends was expecting the end of September. (Cohen arrived the end of August). 

With all the news of more babies it seemed like my time would NEVER come. But as we all know I found out the end of April that Brian and I were (praise the Lord) once again expecting too. But before I announced anything I found out that Jude was going to become a big brother. My friend Rach was due a mere 4 weeks before me. And another good friend of mine (but not in this group) also told me after I found out I was pregnant that she too was pregnant and due in early November. With the exception of Josiah...everyone else waited for the big surprise and who would have guessed that 4 little boys would pop out...Cohen then Will then Rhys and finally MASON!!! All I can say is Mason is going to have so much fun growing up with so many friends his age!!! Oh and on a totally different friend note (at church in the past year alone) there are already 6 little boys (and 2 little girls) Mason's age plus two more boys coming between now and March. It's raining boys!!! 

So anyways some of my girlfriends came over this past Monday with their children boys in tow for a little play date. The first of many!!! Hopefully Ezra and Josiah can join in the fun next go around (unfortunately they don't live around here). 

Jude, Rhys, Mason, and Cohen

And Ame...Mason is really looking forward to hanging out with (and officially meeting) Will in March :)

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