Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mason's First Wedding

Mason attended his very first wedding last night at the ripe old "young" age of 6 weeks!!! My younger cousin Amanda tied the knot :o) It was a beautiful wedding but wouldn't you know after an extremely mild winter...her wedding took place on an extremely cold and icy evening. The roads were horrible...much like they were on my own wedding day. There must be something about Vugteveen girls and winter weddings!

My handsome boy just before heading out for the wedding.

Mason (as always) was perfect. He slept through the entire ceremony! I was a bit worried he might wake up because as soon as we sat down (in the very back mind you)...I smelled a dirty diaper. (And Mason does not like sitting in a dirty diaper). But he snoozed though the whole service so I waited to change him until afterwards. He fell back to sleep as soon as I put him back in his car seat but shortly after arriving at the reception he woke up. I fed him his bottle but go figure the bottle didn't fill him up so off I went to find a bathroom to top him off. 

I went downstairs to where I thought the bathroom would be but it most definitely was not. I didn't feel like trooping around trying to find the bathroom so I sat in a little closet that happened to have a chair in it. Oh the places you will feed a child! I got a little worried that someone would come downstairs in search of a bathroom (just like I did) and also like I did...would open the "closet" door (to where I was feeding). So when I heard voices coming downstairs I looked at the door and saw a lock. So guessed it I locked myself in. And good thing because not more than a minute later I heard someone say...check that door to see if it's the bathroom. Whew...that would have been embarrassing.

The hubby and I.

Me with Mason, my sis-in-law's Kristi and Jana, and my sis Courtney

Mommy and her little man!!!


  1. When Ben was a baby we went to my cousin's wedding where I found my self sitting in a bathroom feeding my baby. (Luckily, it was a pretty nice country club so there was actually a pretty nice chair to sit in.) Half way through the feed a MAN opens the door and says "I'm sorry, we have an emergency" and he walks in with his daughter. I said no problem (there was nobody else in there). As he leaves he says "don't worry, I'm not offended" WHAT! YOU walked in on ME in a bathroom, why would YOU be offended? HAHA.