Tuesday, February 14, 2012

(Mason's) Kidney Ultrasound Appointment

So yesterday my mom and I trooped it down to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital for the little man's renal (kidney) ultrasound. He did great. Only fussed a little bit when he was sick of being on his tummy. (They ultrasounded both his belly and his back to get all views of his kidneys). As we were leaving the ultrasound tech said that the hospital would have the results to Dr. M's office by the end of the day and that within the week the office would call me with the results.

Well I got my call first thing this morning and the news wasn't bad but it also wasn't great. I was hoping to hear that everything was resolved and that we could close the door on hydronephrosis but thats not the case. When Mason was in utero they called his hydronephrosis mild and on a scale of 1-4 (1 being the most mild)...his was a grade 1. Well when the nurse called today with the ultrasound results she called it a grade 2. And went on to say that Mason now needs to have a VCUG (Voiding Cystourethrogram) performed. The nurse was real sweet and asked if I would prefer Dr. M to call me back to go into detail about why he needs this test but I told her I knew what a VCUG was and that I was okay to move forward with setting up an appointment. She said that Dr. M thought I would say that :)

For those of you who don't know what a VCUG is...I'll try to explain it as clearly as I can (otherwise you can always google it). First off this test will also be done at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. (And I thought I was done with HDVCH until I went back to work...ha). Anyways a catheter will be inserted into Mason's penis and some contrast (a clear liquid) will be pushed through the catheter into his bladder and then a radiology tech will take some pictures of his bladder and kidneys. What they are looking for is to see if any urine refluxes back up into his kidneys.

If some urine does in fact reflux back up into his kidneys then Mason will need to be put on prophylactic antibiotics to prevent any kidney infections. A kidney infection would develop from bacteria entering his bladder via his urethra. And then if he does have hydronephrosis then that bacteria could continue to travel back up his ureter (Mason's hydronephrosis is only one sided...I just don't remember what side) and into his kidney. Obviously a kidney infection could damage Mason's kidney which is why Mason would be put on antibiotics. More often that not though children with lower grades of hydronephrosis out grow it (it being the hydronephrosis).

So we're praying with this more "invasive test" that Mason's hydronephrosis will be ruled out. But if it confirms what the ultrasound shows we pray the hydronephrosis is still a grade 2 (or less) because then he will just have to be on an antibiotic until he out grows it. If it shows a worse grade (like a grade 4) then he would most likely need surgery. But a VCUG does not typically show a worse grade (thank goodness). So worse case scenario is that Mason will be on daily antibiotics (again until he out grows the hydronephrosis). I don't know when a child typically out grows it but my best guess would be within the first two years of life. So I'm thinking that this might not be his last VCUG...poor boy. I know that things could be much worse but as a parent you just hate for anything to be wrong with your child. But it is what it is so just praying for the best outcome possible. I should hear back from my office tomorrow about his appointment date. Hoping its within the next two weeks...

Stay tuned for my Valentine's Day post which I hope to post later tonight!!!

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