Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Story (Part 2)

So when I last left off we were awaiting our fourth implantation. Well that implantation happened on April 12, 2011. Three little embryos were dethawed (THREE because one of the first two did NOT make it through the dethawing process) and on April 22 (which happened to be Good Friday that year) we received the news that we were once again expecting!!! Thrilled does not even begin to describe what we felt. We could finally breathe again after a nerve-wracking 2 week wait.

But that "breath" didn't last long. My pregnancy was the longest 10 months of our lives and boy oh boy was it ever stressful. But after 44 doctor appointments (which included 24 ultrasounds and 15 non-stress tests), 20 counseling sessions (with a pregnancy after loss counselor), 8 prenatal massages, and 10 weeks worth of shots (8 of them being IM booty shots) the most precious little boy entered into our lives. Mason Dale Helmholdt arrived on December 27, 2011 at 11:13am. He weighed in at 9lbs 5oz and measured 21in long. BEST (late) Christmas present ever!!!

Someday we hope to add to our (Earthly) family of three but for now we want to enjoy this time with Mason. But since I am a planner I will admit that questions have been asked about baby # 2 #5 and when we're good and ready we pray that God will bless us with another healthy baby. Our constant prayer is that our last sweet lil embie (currently in storage) will want to join our family of 3. If not then we will pursue another fresh cycle of IVF. But with a fresh cycle comes all the same concerns that we had the first go around. Bottom line is that its all in God's Hands...so we're letting GO and letting HIM.

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  1. April 11th 2011 was our IUI in which we found out we were pregnant with 6 little miracles. Great week that week for successes :o)