Monday, February 27, 2012

Short and Random

Happy 2 Months To My Sweet Baby BOY!!! 
(I will put up a 2 month post tomorrow after his doctor appointment).
  • Just got a call this morning that Mason's VCUG came back NORMAL!!! So very thankful!!!
  • We had a busy weekend. We celebrated baby boy Vugteveen's upcoming arrival on Friday night. And on Saturday night we celebrated my sweet niece Addi's 4th birthday!!!
All ready for cousin Addi's birthday party!
Kylynn, the birthday princess Addi, and Cambrey
  • On Saturday afternoon we I organized our storage rooms. When we started finishing the basement things just got thrown into both rooms so now that the basement is (mostly) finished I wanted to organized the rooms. And organize I did!!!
Oh I love to organize!!!
  • Oh and a day last week I went to my mom's house and my sister happened to be there too. When I saw what Brinley was wearing I HAD to snap a picture...
  • Then Cambrey had to hang on to baby Mason which meant Cole wanted in on the action too so we threw Brinley in and snapped a picture of all 4...

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