Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Some Updates

6 Week Post-partum Check-Up News
I can't believe I didn't share my wonderful news (from 2 weeks ago)!!! At my 6 week post-partum check-up guess what my blood pressure was...wait for it...112/72!!! Holy smokes...it hasn't been that low in ages! After seeing how excellent it was Dr. J asked me when my next regular (primary care) doctor appointment was and it just so happened that it was (or is) scheduled for early March. So because it was in March Dr J said to stop taking my blood pressure pills about 2 weeks prior to the appointment. And then he is going to leave it up to my PCP to decide whether I need to be put back on something or not. Not going to lie though...after my 6 week check-up I stopped taking my night dose of labetalol. (I hated remembering to take it twice a day. Nurses are the worst at following directions :o))

Mason's Kidney Business Update
We go in tomorrow for Mason's VCUG. And then we should get the results within a day or two after his appointment.

Basement Update
We are almost finished (finally!!!) with our basement. We started the whole process last May (about a week after the BFP) but decided early on to just take our time and take our time we did. Carpet was installed (3 days before baptism) so now the only things left to do are counter tops and plumbing. Oh and Brian is going to do a row of tile above the counter in the bar area. As for furnishing the basement...we went couch shopping this weekend...and purchased one yesterday!!! We got an awesome deal on it and it was just what we wanted. Now just shopping around for bar stools, a serving tray to set on the ottoman (so peeps have something to set their drinks on), blinds, curtains (for in front of the door), and throw pillows. Wall decorations will have to wait. Although the hubby has done a little wall decorating of his own already...when I take some pictures you will totally know what I mean :o). We plan on moving our upstairs entertainment center downstairs along with the T.V. which means we need to shop around for a smaller T.V. and stand to put upstairs. But we're trying to keep everything in a reasonable price range which means we're in no hurry. So yeah stay tuned for pictures once everything is complete!!!

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  1. Yay for great blood pressure! Hope Mason's appointment went well today.