Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Months

Happy 2 Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: At today's appointment Mason weighed in at 13lbs 2oz and measured 23 and 1/4 inches long...which puts him in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. His head was 16 inches round...which puts him in the 90th percentile. Guess he has a bigger than average head :)

His belly ain't tiny folks!!!

Sizes: Mason currently fits perfectly into his 3 month clothing. He's starting to outgrow some of his 0-3 month clothes and is just starting to wear some of his 3-6 month...it just depends on the name brand. And my little guy is still wearing size 1 diapers.

A 3-6 month outfit!!!

Food: Mason is still on a strict booby milk diet. No supplemental formula as of yet. And on a pumping note...once I hit the 4 week mark I thought I better start pumping not only for a night time bottle but also to get a supply of breast milk going in the freezer (for when I go back to work). So now I typically try to pump 3-4 times a day...(2-3 of the pumpings occur right after a feeding...with the last pumping taking place around 10pm. I always get a good amount out at this pumping since Mason hasn't been on the boob for a good 3-4 hours at this point). I still only pump for about 5-7 minutes (per time) and generally end up with his night time bottle (of 4-4.5oz) as well as 5-10oz to put in the freezer.

Mason's give me booby face :)

Routine: I am pretty relaxed and just go with the flow so we don't have much of a day schedule. If I have to run errands...I do. If I have an appointment I feed him before I go (even if he ate just an hour before). I feed on demand...when he wants it...he (most of the time) gets it. He naps whenever he wants. He gets a bath every 2-3 days. 

However, we do have a little bit of a bedtime routine. Between 5 and 8 weeks he had a pretty set pattern of eating a 4oz bottle between 9 and 11pm, falling asleep between 9:30 and 11:30pm, waking between 4 and 4:30am to breastfeed for about 15 minutes, waking again (to BF) between 7 and 7:30am, up for an hour to an hour and a half, and then he would take his first nap of the day for an hour or so...a nice little pattern if you ask me!!! But as of 8 weeks old it got even better!!! Mason now gets a 4.5oz bottle between 8 and 9:30pm and then generally falls asleep between 9 and 10:30pm. And as of (8 weeks and 3 days old) he sleeps ALL NIGHT LONG!!! On his first full night of sleep (which occurred on February 24) he slept from 10:30pm until 7am and on his second night of full sleep...he slept from 9:30pm until 7:30am!!! First on Mason's agenda after waking is eating (of course), then hanging out with mom for an hour or so before taking an hour (or so) nap.

Developmental Milestones: At 5 weeks old Mason really started smiling. Oh how I just LOVE his little smile!!! He loves (and I mean really loves) smiling at his momma...although daddy can get some good smiles too!!! Smiles definitely come easiest in the morning or right after waking from a nap. Around 7 or 8 weeks old Mason started cooing. And just like I love his little smiles...I love his little coo's. So precious. He also started reaching (maybe subconsciously but reaching nevertheless) around 8 weeks. And he can hold his head up for small amounts of time now too. He's getting so big!!! 

Holding up his own head.

Loves: Mason still loves his hands. If I cover him (hands included) with a blanket...within seconds he will pop his hands out. Typically his hands end up right by his face...although he does like to lay with his arms/hands hanging above his head too. Mason also thoroughly enjoys his tongue. He's always "playing" with it. He also loves sleeping, tooting, and pooping really loudly. And did I mention that the boy likes loves to eat!!! Hence his awesome weight gain.

I love my tongue...

And guess what...he actually doesn't mind bathtime anymore!!! Around 5 weeks I stopped giving him sponge baths and started filling his tub with warm water instead. And he hasn't cried once since this change was implemented! 

Two loves...fingers and bathtime
Oh sweet boy!!!

Dislikes: There are not too many things Mason dislikes. At 1 month old he didn't like his swing. Not true anymore. At 1 month old he didn't like bath time. Not true anymore. At 1 month old he didn't like to burp. Not true anymore. Well actually he picks and chooses when he wants to burp...although he now gets gas drops quite regularly throughout the day when he refuses to burp. If he's sleeping (meaning if he falls asleep on the boob or bottle) it's not even worth burping him...he's dead to the world. So burping is the only thing he kinda dislikes!

Other Things I Don't Want to Forget:

  • You typically only poop once or twice a day. (And then you go and poop 4 times today)!!!
  • You sweat like your daddy :) Sometimes you're "damp" when we take you out of your car sear (if you've been in there too long).
  • Mommy cut your fingernails for the first time at 8 weeks and 4 days old. Those suckers were getting way too sharp.
  • You are quite the wiggle worm. Right before falling asleep is the worst...you constantly shift your head back and forth...and you like to throw a head butt in here and there. 
  • You burp better on mommy's lap versus over my shoulder but burping you on my lap can be a challenge at times due to your fidgetiness. 
  • You have a pretty fierce kick for a 2 month old!!!
  • You are still quite the grunter and fidgeter before pooping. But you also grunt a lot in your sleep.
  • You still sleep in mommy and daddy's bedroom. Mommy loves having you right beside her!!! One of the many reasons is because if you stir in the middle of the night...all I have to do is reach over and pop in your paci and you go right back to sleep. 
  • Mommy left you for the first time on February 15. (I went to Bible Study). The only other time mommy left you was about a week later and it was only for 20 minutes and you were with grandma V. Mommy does NOT like leaving you. Going back to work is going to be rough on mommy...
  • You had your first explosive poop on February 21. (at Grandma V's house). It was all.up.your.back. Thankfully grandma had an extra onesie for you to put on.

Heading home pantless thanks to a dirty diaper.

  • Your last physical therapy appointment (for your tordicollis) was February 22. You went a total of 7 times. You loved getting your neck/head stretched the first 6 visits. However, the last visit didn't go so well...you cried the whole time.

You and "Uncle Todd"...(your physical therapist)

Today's appointment was a bit rough (and long). The office was busy so we had to wait in the waiting room for a good 30 minutes before being called back. During that 30 minute wait Mason decided to poop. Normally he does NOT like to sit in his poop but he did really good waiting it out. 

Then during Dr. M's assessment he saw some pockets of white gunk on Mason's penis...(I don't know how else to explain it). I had noticed the white gunk this weekend when I was giving him a bath but after much scrubbing (which resulted in a very red penis) it look like it was just attached to his penis so I stopped monkeying around with it. But it was in fact not a part of his penis :) 

Anyways Dr. M first took a Q-tip to his little peter and removed all the pockets of white gunk but there were also 3 adhesions which was why the white gunk/pus was staying put. Boy oh boy did Mase ever cry. Then Dr. M told me I had two options. 1) He could lidocaine the penis (which would consist of 2 shots) and then snip the 3 adhesions with a scissor or 2) We wait until his 4 month appointment. But Dr. M said the adhesions would only grow thicker and Mason would at some point end up at a Urologist office for a more invasive procedure. I chose option one to just get it over with. Dr. M said thats the choice he would make too if it was his child. He explained that it was nothing we nor the doctor who performed his circumcision did...just the way it healed. He said it was actually very common.

So after Dr. M Q-tipped all the gunk out we had to wait for him to grab the lidocaine. During this time I was able to calm Mase down. Then Dr. M came back and gave Mason two shots...which of course led to more screaming. I had just gotten him calmed down (again) when two nurses came in to give him his immunizations (5 IM shots and 1 oral vaccination...yikes)!!! They were super quick about it but of course this led to more screaming. Again as we waited for Dr. M to come back to cut the adhesions I calmed Mason down. But as soon as the first snip took place...Mason started screaming again. I felt so bad for my little guy but I also didn't want to leave him so I endured it all. After everything was done I asked if I could quick nurse him to calm him down (it also had been 4 hours since he last ate so he was h-u-n-g-r-y)...so thats just what I did and then we were finally (2 hours and 15 minutes later) out the door. I thought Mason would be a little fussy tonight but he's been his normal little self. So proud of my little man!!!

We talked a little bit about his tordicollis and his hydronephrosis. As for the tordicollis Dr. M wants me to continue doing head/neck stretches at home since (although improved) Mason still favors one side. And we will reevaluate if he needs more PT at his 4 month check-up. As for the hydronephrosis I was wrong in stating that he no longer has it. He still has grade 2 hydronephrosis...just no reflux. All this means is that Mason will have to have yearly ultrasounds until it resolves. It could resolve at any time but typically sometime before age 6. So in a long nutshell...that's my boys story...thus far!!! 


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    He is adorable!

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