Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Week (Last Week)

Last week was a slow week for us. Since the weather was a little yucky Mason and I pretty much stayed home. Neither of us left the confines of our house on Thursday or Saturday. Only I left Monday (to run some errands) and Wednesday (to go to Bible Study). Which means Mason only left the house a mere 3 times last week :) Sunday he went to church and then lunch at Gpa and Gma V's, Tuesday was his lovely doctor appointment, and on Friday he got to go to the Kroc Center with his cousins (oh and he got to run a few errands with mom and dad at night).

On Thursday Mason chilled in his bumbo for the very first time!!! He really dislikes tummy time and since his neck is already pretty strong...I thought why not continue to strengthen the neck muscles this way instead.
Just chilling!!!

When we stay home all day long...we stay in our PJ's...don't you!
Just relaxing!!!

Like I mentioned above Mason and I went to the Kroc Center on Friday (with my mom, my sister, and all of my nieces and nephews). This was Mason's first (of many) big excursion with all of his cousins!!! I won't say he had a blast but his cousins sure did. We're hoping to go back during Springbreak so my sis-in-law can join in on all the fun...she's a teacher so she was (obviously) at work. But since my mom was watching her kiddos she thought that it would be a fun excursion for all the cousins and she was right!!! And a trip to McDonald's afterwards made it that much better!

Cousins (clockwise)...Mason, Cole, Addi, Cambrey, Kylynn, 
Brinley, and Easton

The eldest...Kylynn, Cambrey, and Addisyn

The boys...Mason, Easton, and Cole

Isn't he too cute!

This little stinker was SUCH a daredevil...this is the deep end but he didn't care. And just so you all know I cut my mom out of the picture...she was right next to him! She told me the next day that she was sore from chasing him all around :)

One of the cutest daredevils I know!!!

Mason's first time in a pool.

All fun and games until someone Mason gets splashed ;)

All tuckered out while his cousins continued to play!

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  1. Love that belly of his! Glad you got out a little bit this week. :)