Saturday, March 24, 2012

Play Date (Take 2)

A few weeks back Mason had his first play date with his friends Jude, Rhys, and Cohen. Unfortunately his buddies Ezra and Josiah couldn't join in the fun because they live out of town. So when my friend Janna said that they were coming into town last weekend...we made plans for another play date. And even though the boys all kind of do their own thing at this point...someday I just know that they'll have tons of fun playing together!!! 

And the group is about to get even bigger since 3 more little ones will be joining the gang between July and October!!! Ezra and Josiah are going to be big brothers to a little sister and two of my other friends are expecting their first bundle of joys (one in September and the other in October). Many fun times to come...that's for sure!!!

Mason, Jude with Rhys, Josiah, Ezra, and Cohen

Mason and his buddy Rhys. Oh and Jude giving a peace sign!

Here Mason have this sucker :)

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