Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To The Doctor We Go

So I blogged (last week Tuesday) how Mason hadn't been feeling well over the weekend but that it seemed like he was on the verge of feeling better. Well the "feeling better" part...not so much. (Last week) Tuesday night was a rough night for our little man. After drinking his night time bottle he started choking and coughing like crazy. (I think over the thick secretions in the back of his throat). After an hour he finally spit up/vomited a huge amount of his feed in addition to some thick nasty secretions. And because I was a little concerned I called his Pediatrician's office the following morning. The nurse said I was doing everything right and that it sounded more viral than anything else but if I was concerned that I could come in and get him checked out.

But after I made that phone call he again seemed to be on the mend so I decided to just wait it out. He was still coughing and quite congested but he didn't seem at all uncomfortable...until Saturday night that is. On the way home from his "cousin's" birthday party he just cried and cried (and this kid normally loves his car seat). But Sunday morning he seemed happy again. So Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a walk...BAD idea. He started screaming half way through the walk (we were a good 20 minutes from our house)...so I ended up carrying him vertically most of the way back (once he fell asleep I put him back in the stroller). He seemed okay when we got home. I fed him. I bathed him. And he was happy so we still went to our small group get together that evening. Of course que fussy baby again...it was just a social/get to know one another gathering so it wasn't that big of a deal. He eventually fell asleep in my arms. But the icing on the cake was how he acted Sunday during the night. He basically woke up every hour during the night because he would start coughing which would cause his paci to fall out which would cause him to start crying. Oh and I had to feed him 3 times. Let me remind you that he has slept through the night since about 7 and a half weeks.

So you guessed it...I called his doctor in the morning and made an appointment. I'm pretty Mason remembers him from 3 weeks ago (and not as his doctor but as the man who snipped at his penis...his eyes were always on Dr. M wherever he went)! Anyways Dr. M looked Mason over and then swabbed him for RSV (got a call from the office earlier today that it was negative!!!) However, we did find out that he had (still has) a right ear infection. So he is on his first round of antibiotics. Mason did not appreciate having a toothpick like thing stuck up his nose (for the swab) so to say he was fussy the rest of the night is an understatement. Que his first dose of tylenol :) Thankfully though my little man is feelings tons better today!!! Oh and since we were at the office they got a weight...Mason currently weighs 13lb and 12oz.

Waiting to see Dr. M...my sweet but sick little man.

The big bummer (besides Mason being sick) was that he was suppose to meet his friend Will yesterday. (One of my best friends from college had a little boy 8 weeks before me). Anyways Amy and her husband (who currently live in Denver) were visiting family in Chicago this week...so we had made plans to meet half way. I was so bummed but Mason comes first and there was no way he was in a mood to travel. BUT they are moving back to Chicago this summer so Will and Mason will most definitely have many future play dates together!!! Can't wait! 

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  1. Poor guy, hope he starts feeling better soon.