Friday, April 27, 2012

Four Months

Happy 4 Months Sweet Boy!!!
Whoa...I'm 4 months!!!

Stats: Mason doesn't go to the doctor until next week but when I got on the scale with him earlier this week he was 16lbs and at least a few ounces. *( today's appointment Mason weighed 17lbs and 4oz and was 25 3/4 inches long).*

Sizes: As of late last week I noticed that some of Mason's 3-6 month outfits were getting a little snug on him. So I might have to start packing that size away. But currently he is still wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothing, and now a few 6-9 month outfits too. Like always...just depends on the name brand. Mason is wearing size 2 diapers. Currently he is wearing Target size 2 diapers but we've had quite a few accidents (poopy and wet) so not sure if we'll be sticking with them or not. We started the Target diapers shortly before he started his second round of antibiotics so maybe just maybe we had the poopy accidents because of the loose stools. I got no excuse for the wet accidents though! Guess we just need to make sure we are changing his diapers in a timely fashion. But we're at least going to finish off the diapers that we bought (what can I say I'm dutch...not letting anything go to waste).

Food: Five days of the week (my non-working days) I breastfeed Mason every 2.5-3 hours during the day and at night he gets a 5oz bottle. The night bottle is more often than not straight formula because on my non-working days I only pump at night right before bed. On the other two days of the week (my working days) Mason gets five 5oz bottles of straight breast milk (from the freezer). As for pumping...I pump once in the morning before I head into work, twice at work, and one more time right before bed. I typically pump out about 30oz so I end up positive 5oz. I don't mix breast milk and formula anymore since he takes straight formula just fine.

Routine: We had a rough 6 week stretch but now that Mason is feeling better (for about the last 2 weeks) he has been napping during the day and sleeping at night MUCH better!!! Thank goodness. But he really doesn't have a set pattern. He takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap and sometime even an evening nap but the length and time of the naps change on a daily basis. Personally I think he naps better for daddy and his grandmas because with me he loves to fall asleep on the boob. As soon as he falls asleep I do pull him off but he'll only take a short nap since he's still hungry. He naps much better when were on the go. Then he'll nap for 2-3 hours at a time. But on average I would say he generally takes his first nap sometime between 10 and 11...his afternoon nap between 1:30 and 3...and an evening nap (we don't let him sleep longer than 30 minutes) around 6 or 6:30.

I give him a bath 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes its a morning bath and sometime its an evening bath. When I work the weekend...he always gets a Monday morning bath!!! We kind of just started a bed time routine of bath (most nights), book, bottle (sometime boob), and bed but after the first 3 b's...he's not always ready for the last b. Generally though he falls asleep between 9 and 10pm. Since he's been feeling better he's been waking to feed only once a night (most nights anyways). (Thank-you Mase!!!) And then he's up for good anytime between 7 and 8.

Developmental Milestones: Mason will try to pull himself up into a sitting position when he's laying on mommy or daddy's lap. He can sit (against a couch) for a short amount of time (before he topples over). He is a very strong little boy. He grabs at things way more than last month and is actually starting to "play" with some of his toys (aka...suck on them). He talks, spits, and blows bubbles all the time. He can kind of roll onto his side but has not officially rolled over yet. Oh and he has AWESOME neck and head strength (see photo under Food)!!!

and because I couldn't pick just one...

Loves: Mason still loves sucking on his fingers. For a week or so he was big into his thumb(s) but since mommy and daddy kept telling him no and pulling it out he stopped sucking on it (score for mommy and daddy)!!! He loves sucking/playing with his links and his rattle oball ball. He loves hanging out on his playmat. He loves the boob and the bottle...EATING!!! He loves watching "Elmo and I Know It." He loves bathtime. He loves watching T.V. And he loves his Fisher Price Rainforest Waterfall Peek-a-boo Soother (see photo under Food).

(Watching Elmo and I Know It with daddy)

Dislikes: Getting his diaper changed in the middle of the night. My boy just wants to eat and go back to sleep. If he could talk he would say..."just forget the diap mom and give me the boob." Also not a huge fan of his paci. He likes to pull it out and play with it more than actually sucking on it. Oh and you're still not a fantastic burper...I would say we get one out of you about 65% of the time.

(Since I don't have a "dislike" picture...enjoy another of his love pictures..."playing" with his oball ball)

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:

  • You suck on your fingers so much so that you always have "stuff" stuck between your fingers. But it doesn't help that you also have sweaty hands (and feet) by nature. You always get socks fuzzies stuck between your piggy toes.
  • You can go from a pout to a smile and back to a pout in 2.2 seconds.
  • You are a big time spitter-upper (after feeds) but you also like to spit for fun. You will do the "brrrrr" with your lips and spit goes flying everywhere. These two reason are why your shirts are always wet and smelly. Sometime we put a bib on you to catch some of your spit-up and drool.
  • You laughed at mommy for the first time on April 4 =)
  • You went to the Tanger Outlets in Howell with mommy, grandma V, Aunt Courtney, and Aunt Kristi on April 14. It was your longest car ride to date. (An hour and a half there and back).
  • You hit up your first garage sales this month. Yes in multiple!!! We love hitting up garage sales!!!
  • You always sleep with your hand(s) above your head.
(Just waking're so stinkin CUTE)!!!
  • You had your second cold and your second ear infection or maybe your first ear infection just never went away. Either way you finally became YOU again two weeks ago.
  • You became a BIG cousin this month.
  • You celebrated your first MAJOR holiday. (Easter)
  • You sneeze like 50 times in a row just like your daddy (okay a bit of an exaggeration) but seriously you go to town when you sneeze!
  • You started sitting/playing in your jumperoo this month. Your legs don't quite reach the floor yet so mommy and daddy have to put a pillow underneath you!

And just because...

You and Daddy

You and Mommy


  1. love.

    he is just so cute. and your scarf in the last pic, adorable!

  2. He is too cute! love the updates and glad he is finally feeling better!!!

  3. He is such a love! 4 months already, does not seem right. Meg and Mase have lots in common from what I read. :)

  4. What a cutie! His smile is just priceless! Happy four months!!!