Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Easter (A Week Late)

from Mason!!!

Easter went a bit differently than anticipated this year but I suppose thats life with a baby!!! Late Saturday night Mason started acting fussy and suddenly he became super congested. He slept maybe an hour (two at most) that night...which means mommy and daddy slept the same amount (or less). The following morning we headed out to church (only because it was Easter). After church (since Mason was feeling okay) we headed over to my parent's house for dinner and an Easter egg hunt!!!

Our family of 3

The egg hunters...

My precious (and beautiful) nieces.

Daddy and Mason. 
(Mason slept through the whole hunt).

Our family again.

Of course we had to get a picture of all the grandbabies with grandpa and grandma.

How it started...

And how it ended...

Then at night Grandpa and Grandma H came over for some appetizers and dessert. We chatted a little and played one game before I went to change a poopy diaper. While changing his diaper I thought Mason felt warm so I checked his temp and sure enough my boy had his first fever (at 101.0). I called his Pediatrician's office and they said to just continue watching him. Unfortunately mommy had to work the next two days and since I exhausted all my PTO daddy had to stay home with Mason on Monday. He seemed to be feeling a little better on Tuesday so Grandma H came over to baby-sit Mase. I was home with my boy on Wednesday and although he wasn't extremely happy he also wasn't extremely fussy. But on Thursday morning he was fussy to the EXTREME and along with the fact that he was swatting at his ear like crazy...I called his Pediatrician again. Long story short Mason either has his second ear infection or the first round of antibiotics never cleared up the first ear infection (which means he's going on a month long ear infection). So my little man is on his second round of antibiotics (omnicef this time around) and mommy is hoping for a FULL recovery for her little man!!!


  1. Poor little guy to have an ear infection for so long- hope he is feeling better soon.

  2. Cute lil guy! Hope he is feeling better very soon!

  3. Aww...hope he is feeling better and that this round of meds clears up that ear infection!

  4. Hi Girlie,

    I nominated you for an award on my blog. I know you're super busy, so don't feel stressed to do it. But I just wanted you to know. =)