Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jack Pot

I hit up some garage sales today and man oh miskins did I hit the jack pot!!! I have never really garage saled (excuse my bad grammar) before so it was basically a new (and very wonderful) experience for me. I mean I've been to garage sales here and there but this time was different because I was on a mission to find toys, clothes, and books for Mason  I took out $40 and here is what I got...

6-12 month cream button down Old Navy shirt
9 month brown animal print Carter's romper
9 month pale blue OshKosh b'gosh romper
9 month baby blue and white Carter's zip-up sweatshirt
12 month gray OshKosh b'gosh sweat pants
12 month gray Carter's zip-up sweatshirt
12 month Carter's onesie
12-18 month brown Gap pants
12-18 month camouflage Gap pants
12-18 month denim Old Navy jeans

And the best part is that out of the 10 clothing items I bought...9 were from people I personally knew...bonus!!!

3 books (Five Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed, Amadeus Best Friends, and Curious George at the Aquarium)
Baby Einstein DVD (Baby's First Moves)
2 toy trucks
Leap Frog drum
2 play tools

The above items came to a total of $34 and my remaining $6 was spent on a frying pan and a lawn chair for my sister's new trailer. It was a good day made even better by the fact that my little man is feeling so so so much better. He is back to the baby he was 6 weeks ago (prior to his first cold and ear infection). Which means he's full of smiles and back to taking naps. (He napped from 10 to noon while mommy shopped). And last night he slept 6 STRAIGHT hours!!! Hoping soon were back to sleeping through the can hope right!

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