Saturday, April 7, 2012

Never Enough Time

It seems like there is never enough time to sit down and blog anymore. Hence my lack of postings. My only excuse...

this adorable little boy!!!

So here's my apology for not commenting on many of your blogs lately. Typically Mason is in my arms Mason is feeding when I am trying to catch up on your posts...which makes it difficult to comment. But know that I am trying my best to stay up-to-date!!!

What's Been Happening Around the Helmholdt Homestead:
  • My first day back to work was March 23. It was a success...meaning NO tears for Mason or Mommy!!! Let me remind you that I work 12 hour shifts and if you include report off time and drive time...I was away from Mason for almost 14 hours. Whoa Nellers...before this shift I had never been away from Mason for more than 3 hours at a time.
  • Have I ever said how much I dislike pumping. If I haven't I DO. I LOVE breast-feeding but really dislike the pumping aspect that goes along with it. But since I am back to work...pumping has become a more frequent thing (on my working days that is). On my first day back I tried to pump every 3-4 hours (while at work). On every other day since then...I've decided twice is enough...once between 10 and 11 and again between 4 and 5. And then I also pump before I leave for work in the morning and before bed.
  • Go figure once I go back to work they (management) start mandating us to pick up extra hours. So between March 25 and May 5 staff RN's have/had to pick up an extra 24 hours. But if we do a full night or weekend counts as double (meaning one 12 hours shift will count as the full 24 hours). Unfortunately for me...all the day weekend shifts were gone (the sign-up sheet came out days before I returned from maternity leave) so I had to sign-up for a night shift. (I wanted my shift to count as double). Obviously now that Mason is in our lives...I can't just pick up any day or time of the week that I want to. If I want to pick up a shift during the week it would have to be on a Monday, Tuesday, or a Friday and we would have to ask one of the grandma's to watch Mason but Brian and I agree that Mason is our responsibility and if I am mandated to work an extra shift then it has to be on the weekend or a night shift so that Brian is home with him. But it all worked out because I was suppose to work last night and my shift was canceled!!! Believe me I was dreading working a night shift...haven't worked one in almost 4 years...YIKES.
  • Our basement is basically finished. At some point I will get around to posting pictures. But there are a few tiny things that need to be finished yet so I'm going to wait until they're done. It took us almost a year but that was the plan. 
  • Please remember my blog friends Heather and Erin as they continue to grieve their angel babies.
  • My cousin's baby girl Serena (who is 4 weeks YOUNGER than Mason) was recently diagnosed with a form of eye cancer. She has a large tumor in one eye and a much smaller tumor in the other eye. Praise the Lord her doctors say she will not lose either of her eyes. She will however have trouble seeing with the eye that has the larger tumor in it. She will be having chemo 2 days a month (or every 2 weeks) for the next 6 months and then she will have another scan. They did an MRI yesterday to rule out any cancer in her brain. Pray that the scan is clean!!!   
  • Pray for a dear coworker (Kelli) and her husband (Brandon) whose 10 month old daughter (Abby) was diagnosed last week with a brain tumor. She had the tumor removed this past Monday and they just received the pathology report back on Wednesday. Here is a brief summary of what my coworker wrote on her daughter's Carepage...The pathology came back on the tumor today it is an ependymoma. The diagnosis is not what we wanted. Dr. A said that radiation is the best treatment option for an ependymoma however the tumor can come back in 3-5 years and radiation can only be done once in the area. It is not recommended to do radiation on infants under 1 year of age because the brain is growing so much. They may wait a few weeks to begin treatment because of Abby's age (10 months). They may give chemo before and after the radiation.
  • About 6 weeks ago a guy (Andrew) that graduated a year ahead of me from high school (which makes him only 29 years old) was out on a run and dropped dead of a heart attack. He left behind a wife (Michelle) and 2 young daughters (3 years old and 4 months old). Please pray for his wife as I cannot even image what she is going through.

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