Friday, April 6, 2012

Silly Baby Boy

My priority...get one good (3 month) sticker shot. Mason's priority...make it hard for mommy to get one good shot by hiding/ripping off his sticker and/or sucking on his fingers. Oh silly baby boy...good thing mommy persevered!!! (If you look closely at the pictures you will see that I had to constantly move the sticker (and his position/background) just to get a good shot).

A few shots of Mason hiding/ripping off his sticker...

This was taken after I told him he was naughty = )

And then he gave me this face...
He melts his momma's heart!!!

And a few of his I just wanna suck on my finger(s) shots...

And one of the good shots...


  1. Love this post, our monthly pictures were a tad harder this month as well!

  2. haha, so cute! his faces! OMG! the 3rd one down is my favorite, with his hands and his face! he's got attitude! :o) haha

  3. soooo cute! Love the basket pix:-)