Thursday, May 31, 2012

Please Say A Little Prayer...

for Charlie John. Charlie was born with a congenital heart defect called Transposition of the Great Vessels. You can follow his story here. His parents (Tim and Jana) were friends of mine back in college. You can also help the family out by donating here.

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will sore on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40:31

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day (Weekend)

We had a wonderful (1st) Memorial Day Weekend with our precious baby boy!!! I had to work Friday so no fun was had and on Saturday we really didn't do anything either. But Sunday was a fun and oh so very busy day. We started the day out with Mason's 5 month photo shoot...

...then went to church, grilled out at the in-law's house, spent a relaxing three hours at home, and ended the day by grilling out (again), fishing, beach lounging, and beersbie playing with some good friends!!! And Monday was another fun-filled (sunny) day. We began the day by hitting up the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade with my parents, my sister and her three kids...

The parade-watching gang!

Mason and grandma

My sweet baby boy!!!

Mommy and her two boys.

They raked in some serious candy.

After the parade we all headed out to Crackle Barrel for a yummy brunch. I love me some breakfast (even for lunch)!!! Once home we broke out Mason new blow fish pool. He LOVED it!!!

Getting SO big!!!
Having fun getting sprayed.
BIG smiles!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying (and finally succeeding) to get Mason to sleep, ME planting some dahlia's that I got from my dad, BRIAN planting some pumpkins in the backyard, and both of us washing our vehicles. At night we headed to the cemetery to water the girl's flower basket (it was in dire need as you can tell by the pics) and then we of course had to stop and get ourselves some ice cream too.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Five Months

Mason Dale,

How is it that you are 5 months old today. Almost half a year that's just crazy!!! Little boy I may have given YOU life but little do you know (although someday you will) that you are the one that saved MY life. Before you I was SO sad. With you I am SO happy. Most days I just cannot believe that you are mine (and daddy's). I tell you every day that I couldn't love you more if I tried. And truly I couldn't. You were more than an answer to prayer. You were (and still are) my dream come true. Mason...Daddy and I are so in love with you. You are the absolute JOY of our lives. Every day just gets sweeter with you in it!!! We can't wait to enjoy every minute of this summer with YOU making memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Mommy and Daddy

Happy 5 Months Sweet Boy

Stats: We don't go back to the doctor until July 10 (for Mason's 6 month appointment) so according to my scale (this morning) Mason weighs 19lbs and a few ounces. However, this weight was taken with us both dressed and full from breakfast so I'm guessing he weighs more in the upper 18lb range. Either way...we got ourselves one big boy!!!

Sizes: A few days after Mason hit the 4 month mark I put away ALL of his 3-6 month clothes. Then about a week and a half ago I put away ALL of his 6 month clothes. So he is now wearing 6-9 month (Children's Place, etc), 6-12 month (Old Navy, Gap, etc), and 9 month (Carters, etc) clothes. He is wearing size 3 (Kirkland...the Costco brand) diapers. And we LOVE them!!!

Food: On the days I'm home with Mason I breastfeed him every 2-3 hours. Once in awhile though (whether I'm home or out running errands) I'll give him a bottle (of breast milk) and then he can make it 3-4 hours. Mason still always gets a bottle every night before bed. When I'm working Mason gets five 6.5oz bottles of breast milk. And on the days I work I still pump once in the morning, twice at work, and once more at night. If When Mason wakes up in the middle of the night he gets a 4oz bottle of formula. (We're still using Similac Advanced). No cereal/food yet but I'm thinking about starting him on some of it in the very near future. He loves watching us eat so I can only imagine how much he'll love getting to eat too!!!
Taken moments after you face planted into your puke.

Routine: Mason changes his "routine" faster than you can blink. And when I say routine I mean his sleeping patterns. Some days it's as if he hates sleep and on other days he seems to love it. I just can't figure him out. He still takes 2-3 naps a day but they always vary in length and start time. Some days he'll only take two 20 minute naps and on other days he'll take an hour nap and then a 2-3 hour nap. More often than not a third nap occurs in the early evening...he still loves to take a 20-30 minute cat nap around 6 or 7pm. As for his bedtime routine we stick to a bath (at 8pm-ish), bottle (at 8:30pm-ish), and bed (at 9pm-ish)...unless of course we are out with friends or family. The "crying it out" method worked GREAT for his bedtime routine (only took one night of crying it out). Pretty much the moment we lay him down in the pack 'n play he is out. On the rare occasion he'll fuss (NOT cry) but only for a few minutes. However, the "crying it out" method did NOT work for us during the night. Brian and I would both be awake for two hours at a time listening to him cry. Enough was enough. Thankfully after a rough few weeks of getting up twice a night Mason is now back to only getting up once a night (but that one time varies from 1am to 6am). If he waits until 6am for his first (and only) bottle then there is no going back to bed for him...he's raring to get the day started...which means mommy has to be too!!!

I do believe some of his sleep "problems" revolve around the fact that he likes to roll over and since he's had (and still has) a runny nose/nasty cough it makes it difficult for him to breathe when he's "stuck" on his belly. Hoping he learns to roll back over onto his back here soon. Otherwise for now we just stick him in his car seat so that he has no choice but to stay on his back. Which results in better sleep for all three of us!!!

Developmental Milestones: On May 4 Mason learned to roll over (back to belly) and he hasn't stopped since. Sometime he gets ticked that he's on his belly (the little stinker) but other times he loves hanging out on his belly. No lie...if you set him down on his back and turn around for just a the time you turn back to him...he's on his belly thinking he's big stuff!!!

Unfortunately Mason has not managed to go from his belly to his back yet. Hopefully soon though!!! He can also scoot (when he's on his back) by pushing with his legs. I can set him down on a blanket and within minutes he is completely off the blanket...heading who knows where. He just found his toes/feet within the last week or so too. Although he's not flexible enough to really do much of anything with them. Silly boy!!!

Loves: Mason is a very happy baby. He loves to laugh!!! He loves to roll over. He loves watching mommy and daddy eat (which is why I want to start introducing some rice cereal). He loves grabbing at mommy and daddy's faces too...especially our noses and mouths. And he loves playing in his exersaucer or jumping in his jumperoo.

Dislikes: There's not much Mason dislikes...except for being on his belly for too long.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You moved into your nursery on May 2 (you were 4 months and 1 week old). You were in your crib for the first few nights but since you kept getting your legs stuck in the railings we moved you into your pack 'n play a week later. Once you know how to roll from your back to belly AND belly to back we'll put you back in your crib with the bumpers.
  • You scratch your head like crazy. You should see the scratch marks on your head. Maybe it's a good thing you're getting a helmet? And it's not like mommy doesn't cut your nails...because I pretty much cut them every three days or so. Those things grow like weeds.
  • You can be entertained by your playmat for long periods of time.
  • Your feet can now touch the bottom when you're in your jumperoo!!! And boy oh boy do you love jumping!!!
This explains how mommy gets ready in the morning!!!
  • You are such a nosy baby. Mommy needs to feed you (bottle or boob) when no one else is around otherwise you won't eat. Too much to see. Too much going on around you and heaven forbid you to miss a thing!
  • You are still SUCH a wiggle worm. Whenever someone new hangs on to you they always comment on how much of a wiggle worm you are!!!
My TWO handsome boys!!!
  • You had your third cold this month. Actually you still have it...and with it came a nasty cough.  
  • You went swinging for the first time out in Holland.
  • You helped mommy celebrate her first Mother's Day as an Earthly mommy!!!
FUN in the SUN!!!
  • You enjoyed your first Tulip Time (in Holland). Although it was called Stem Fest this year since the tulips bloomed a might bit early this year and were all dead during the actual week of Tulip Time.
  • You now sit in your stroller like a big boy. And you love it!!!
  • You like gnaw (YES gnaw) on mommy's chin. You take one look at me and go to town...shaking your head back and forth. 
  • You scratch your fingernails on anything and everything...your bed, mommy's arms, the floor... 

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday on Sunday!!! We were the first to arrive so before things got crazy I snapped a quick picture of Mason with his Papa! So cute!!!

2. Mason and I stopped by the cemetery last week to drop off the Layna and Ella's flower basket. YES you read that correctly...Mason and I. It was the first time I went to the cemetery by myself. I will admit that I shed a few tears but all in all I was very proud of myself. It's so bittersweet going to the cemetery...but I suppose it'll always feel that way.

3. Mason and I went for his initial (helmet fitting) appointment yesterday.  Basically all that had to be done at this appointment was getting some scans of Mason's head. I was very happy to hear that Mason's plagiocephaly (according to the scans) is actually very mild. A 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the worse case scenario). The doctor/therapist (not sure what to call the person who scanned Mason's head) said that since Mason is considered to be in the "gray area" its up to Brian and I if we even want to proceed with the helmet. (At one point during the appointment though the doctor had mentioned that he can tell that one of Mason's ears is lower than the other and that there is also a slight bulging on the left side of his forehead...and this mama doesn't want Mason to always have an odd shaped head). So when the doctor/therapist said we didn't have to proceed (with the helmet) I asked him if we for-went the helmet would his head shape always be the way its currently shaped. The doctor/therapist responded with a yes. To which I responded...then I don't even have to check with my husband...we def want to proceed with the helmet. So we go back on June 7 for the 1 1/2 hour helmet fitting appointment. Can't wait to bling up his little helmet!!! I think we're going to go with light blue and my hubby is all about getting some UofM and NY Yankees stickers and I'm all on board with that. We're going to make it as fun as it possibly can be!!! The only down side was that the doctor/therapist said Mason would have to be in the helmet for 4 to 6 months. My pediatrician had told me up to 3 months but it is what it is so we'll see it through to the end. The MFB doctor/therapist said that Mason would pry be closer to the 4 month mark. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Let's get this head shaped up!!!

4. Loving my new door wreath, my ferns, and my flower pot. Hoping I can keep the flower pot alive all summer long!!! I normally get hanging flower baskets but since I always seem to kill them off before summer's end I went with ferns this year. Much harder for me to kill off!!!

5. You would NOT believe what I did last week. And no I did NOT lock Mason in the car again. One morning last week I went out my front door to water my flowers (and ferns). After watering the flowers I jumped in the shower and around 11:30 or so I headed out to run some errands. A little after 1pm I got a phone call from "hi"...just a what's going on? I said what do you mean I'm out running some errands. He said our house alarm is going off and the front door is what set it off. I said...well I watered some flowers this morning but I'm (pretty) sure I shut the door. (Brian asked) well did you lock the door. I said...honestly I don't think I did. I then headed home to meet the police. (YES the police were on the way to our house...thats how our alarm system works). The police arrived shortly after I did but I was still sitting in the drive way since Brian had told me NOT to go inside until the police had checked everything out. As I was sitting in the driveway staring at my house it appeared to me that the front door was closed...which made me really nervous. But when the police arrived...the officer announced that it was ever so slightly opened. He did a sweep of the house and since everything looked to be in place I was given the okay to head in. I however chose to wait until Brian got home to actually go inside so instead I ran some more errands. Long story short I guess I didn't shut the front door all the way after I finished watering the flowers and since it was a tad bit windy out...the wind must have moved the door a teeny tiny amount but enough to trigger the alarm. As you can tell me and the wind do NOT get along. Oh and let's just say the hubby was none to pleased.

6. I just started reading the Hunger Games series. So far I'm loving it and I'm only a few chapters in!!!

7. A few months back (shortly after Mason was born) I bought the online version of Creative Memories. Now if only I could find some time to get started. Once I do I know I won't be able to stop so maybe its not all bad that I can't find any time...

8. I just joined Pinterest and can't wait to start on a few DIY projects. I bought an old white window frame and want to make it into a "picture frame" to help spice up our newly finished basement. Any tips are more than welcome!!! And I also bought an old white frame that I want to use as a center piece to a wall collage that I want to design on an upstairs wall.

I really like the "N" picture frame but I would obviously replaced the N with an H. My old white frame is very similar to the one in this picture!!!

The wall collage will include picture frames and DIY projects. Here is one example (of a wall design) that I thought was really cute. I LOVE the "H" design...and it seems easy enough to make. I thought the picture frames were cute too and they're pretty cheap which is a big plus.

9. This should have been an WILW (What I'm Loving Wednesday) post =)

10. But who am I kidding to think I can read (the Hunger Games series and all my magazines that are piling up), (online) scrapbook, start Pinterest projects, BLOG, run errands, keep the house in order (clean, cook, and picked up) and most importantly take care of Mason. Oh and check my email, check facebook, and browse Etsy. And its summertime and summertime means outdoor time. So like I said this should have been an WILW!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten on Wednesday

1. Mother's Day is (and always will) be a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because I don't have my beautiful baby girls or my little boy Luke here. Sweet because I HAVE my miracle Mason here. Two years ago I was 14 weeks pregnant with the girls. Brian made me a sweet card (an expecting Mother's Day card) and got me a new computer. (Side note...our home laptop had peetered out about 4 months prior...guess he thought he would win "points" if the new computer came on Mother's Day!!!) And like this year I also had to work on Mother's Day. Last year I wrote this post. Little did everyone know I was 6 weeks pregnant. We celebrated the day with my in-law's for lunch and with my family in the evening. Brian again gave me a sweet (store bought) Happy Expecting Mother's Day card and we stopped by the cemetery to "see" our little girls. But praise the Lord Mother's Day 2012 was different in a BIG way. I had (still have) my miracle Mason IN MY ARMS (and my 3 other blessings in my heart). Praising the Lord for the gift he is!!!

Mother's Day (Take 1)...We celebrated Mother's Day with Brian's parents last week Wednesday since they were going to be out of town on Mother's Day. We treated them to dinner at Crazy Horse...which happens to be one of MY favorite restaurants!!!

Mason and Grandma H.

2. Mother's Day (Take 2)...We celebrated Mother's Day with my family last week Friday (since I had to work on Sunday). We kept it simple by ordering pizza and all of us girls bringing a side to share. As always the cousins had fun playing together!!! And boy oh boy is there a slew of them...

Grandma V and all her grandchildren...Cambrey with Austin, Grandma with Mason and Brinley, Cole, Kylynn, Easton, and Addisyn.

Mason and old papa.

Checking each other out!!!

3. Mother's Day (Take 3)...Go figure I would have to work my first Mother's Day as an earthly mother. But Brian made it extra special by not only bringing me lunch but more importantly by bringing Mason into work to see me!!! And Mason made it special by making (yes making) me a Mother's Day card (he's got talent) and by getting me a gift certificate (for a pedicure). Oh and he bought me a picture frame too.

Mason and Mommy (at mommy's place of work).


4. On Monday I headed downtown with Mason to get his head xrays in preparation for his (plagiocephaly) helmet. He was a trooper as always. We needed to get the xrays done because before my insurance will cover his helmet we had to rule out any skull abnormalities. Thankfully Mason's Pediatrician's office called me on Tuesday to tell me that the xrays came back normal.

This coming Monday is his "initial appointment" at Mary Free Bed. During this initial appointment an orthotist will provide us with information about helmet therapy. A general history will be taken, as well as digital photos, measurements and a topographical scan. The scan uses a combination of lasers and cameras to capture the surface of Mason's head shape. This information is used to determine the severity of Mason's asymmetries, the necessity of a helmet and the potential duration of wear. He will have to wear the helmet 23 hours a day for 3-4 months. A general course of treatment involves the following...

  • 1 hour initial appointment
  • 1 1/2 hour helmet fitting appointment (2 weeks after initial appointment)
  • 30 minutes follow-up appointment (1 week after helmet fitting appointment)
  • 30 minutes - 1 hour, follow-up appointments (every 2-4 weeks throughout the duration of helmet therapy.
Looks like we'll be busy...but Mason is worth it.

5. The other day after I finished changing Mason's diaper I showed him the pictures above his changing table. I first said...look that's you with mommy and daddy right after you were born. Then I said and that's mommy and daddy with your big sister Alayna and mommy and daddy with your big sister Ella. He smiled!!! As we were walking out of his room I said oh Mase...they would have LOVED having you as a little brother. Que tears from mommy.

6. Last week Friday my sister and her three kiddos, my mom, and Mason and I headed out to Holland to take part in a little bit of tulip time. Unfortunately there were no tulips to be seen but we did hit up the carnival for some rides and some good eaten!!! But as always there was a kink in our plans. We arrived at the carnival a few minutes before the rides were slated to open. We were just standing around waiting for the ticket booths to open when a worker told us some crazy story about how it would cost us $10 per person to just get in and that there were only two rides for the kiddos to ride on. But that there was (about a quarter of mile down the road) a kiddo carnival that we could get into for free (well besides purchasing tickets for the rides). So we hiked it down...only to find out that the kiddo carnival didn't open until 1pm. IT WAS 11am for Pete's sake. At this point Mason was getting fussy because he was due to eat so we stopped at a park so Mase could eat (and so the other kids could play for a bit before we made the trek back to the "big kid" carnival).

Mason enjoying his first ever swing ride at the park!!!

As we were walking back to the "big kid" carnival my niece Cambrey said..."Mom I cannot believe we are not going to go on any rides." So we thought we would give the "big kid" carnival another try and wouldn't ya know another worker let us right in. So tickets were bought for Cambrey and Cole (and my sis) and they enjoyed themselves on THREE different rides!!! And as you can tell from the picture below Mason LOVED watching his big cousins!!!

7. Praying really really hard for my blog friend Heather this week that she receives some good news within the next week or so!!! All I got to say is GROW baby(ies) GROW!!!

8. I hit up some more garage sales the end of last week and told myself (on Thursday) that enough was enough. I skipped a huge sale on Friday that I think would have been another "jack pot" sale. But I had done SO well on Thursday that I just had to be DONE (for this year that is). Here's what I got...

6-12 month Gymboree jeans, 12 month orange and gray Carter's polo, 12-18 month Gap long sleeve shirt, 12-18 month gray Old Navy sweater, 18 month Michigan zip up sweatshirt, 18 month black button down dress shirt, 18-24 month Old Navy red and gray long sleeve shirt, 18-24 month Gap khaki cargos, 2T Gap camo comfy pants, 2T Old Navy black snow pants. (Mason is wearing the 6-12 month jeans!!!) Also in the picture 4 little toys I bought for my in-law's house.

Mason in his "new" exersaucer that will also go to my in-law's. My mom has the same one and he LOVES it!!!

I also got a firetruck cozy coupe, 2 Cosco carseats (for when he outgrows his current snug rider), 2 little tyke bikes (one going to each grandma's house), and a little tyke's grocery cart (that I bought for my mom's house). And I bought 4 bar stools for a mere $10 for my bro-in-law. Plus three 3T long sleeved shirts, a pair of 3T comfy shorts, and a pair of crocs for my nephew. And a pair of boots for my niece.  Total price $101 even...not a bad garage saling day if you ask me =)

9. I feel like I NEVER have time to blog these days. Blah blah blah you've heard me say this all before but truly I don't know how people find time to blog with kids. I am lucky if I squeak something out twice once a week. And it's taken me three days alone to write this post. And I only have one kid. (Although I do realize that my ten on whatever day I choose do seem to get pretty long). So again I apologize for not commenting on your blogs. I am trying my best to keep up on the happenings of your life but between everything happening in mine blogging is not my top priority.

10. And to finish off my Ten on Wednesday please be in prayer for a dear friend of mine whose husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He is only 37 years old. It just breaks my heart.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jumped the Gun

So I jumped the gun on Monday when I wrote that Mason was loving his "big boy bed." Its not that he's not loving it. Its just that Mason is obsessed with rolling onto his belly these days. Once he's on his belly he gets ticked because he's not a big fan of being on his belly. Because he's ticked he starts kicking and because he's kicking one of his little leg gets STUCK (and I mean stuck) in the crib rails. This then results in a FULL out scream. (And yes there is a difference between crying and screaming). Yesterday he refused to nap for my mother-in-law (in his crib or really at all for that matter) and last night (although he slept great from 9:15pm until 10:45pm) it was a battle from 10:45pm until close to 1am. He would fall asleep when we told him he was okay...only to roll over onto his belly seconds after we left his room...which would cause him to start crying...then start kicking...then his leg would get stuck...which caused him to start SCREAMING. Finally we couldn't take it anymore...into his rock and sleeper he went (but in HIS room). And this morning I whipped out the pack 'n play for nap time...

how I laid him down...

 and how he ended up...

Because there are no crib rails to get his foot stuck in...after 15 minutes of crying he fell fast asleep for an hour and 45 minutes!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Thing Called Sleep

It may be a "little thing" but its something I am getting a whole lot more of these days!!! Mason (I think) is loving his big boy bed (compared to what he was sleeping in) because he can now sprawl all out or roll over.

We've been sticking with the bath (at 8ish), bottle, and bed (by 9ish) routine and it seems to be working. Besides the first night (oh that night was bad) "of mission get Mason to sleep better" he has fallen instantly asleep with NO tears. And some nights he even makes it through the whole night without crying at all!!! Others he may have 1 or 2 fussy/crying spats that last for maybe 15-20 minutes. Last night was his best sleep to date...he slept from 9:30pm (a bit later than usual since we had Bible Study) until 4:30am...ate...fell back to sleep and woke up for the day at 7am. He doesn't have a set pattern yet though because he slept in until 8:30am on Sunday morning (yea that was nice)!!! And he has been taking at least 2 naps a day. Thank you Dr. M!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jack Pot (Again)

So Wednesday through Saturdays are currently my favorite days of the week for one simple's when garage sales are happening!!!

Thursday (May 3)
12 month Carter brown and blue striped onesie
12 month Tonka shirt
A pair of camo Gap shoes
12-18 month Gap grayish/denim jacket
12-18 month Gap button down long-sleeved shirt
12-18 Gap denim bibs
18 month brown Children's Place long-sleeved shirt
18-24 month Gap polo shirt
18-24 month Gap camo pants
18-24 month Gap jeans

2 toy trucks

Grand Total...$39.50

The bag is also FULL of blocks.

Friday (May 4)
Fisher Price Xylophone
Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle (I paid a mere $1.00 and its regularly $50)!!!
Playskool Busy Ball Popper
Megcos Musical Caterpillar Sight
Vtech Learn and Discover Driver Interactive Toy

And YES all the toys work!!!

Grand Total...$7.00 (NO you did NOT read that wrong).

Mase "playing" with his "new" toys (and wearing one of his new shirts)!!!

Saturday (May 5)
2T Gap camo hooded sweatshirt
18 month Carter navy hooded sweatshirt
24 month Jumping Beans brown t-shirt
24 month Children's Place button down
18 month Children's Place short sleeved button down shirt
24 month Children's Place long sleeved button down shirt
2T Gap gray thermal long sleeved shirt
2T Gap sweater
24 month Children's Place khaki pants
24 month Children's Place jeans
24 month Children's Place navy sweatpants
24 month Children's Place brown pants

Toy gun
2 books (Itsy Bitsy Spider and Just Like Dad

Grand Total...$17.00

As you can see I am loving me some good deals!!! The one thing I've learned though is that sometimes the size on the tag is not exactly accurate. For example...the Tonka shirt that Mason is wearing in one of the above pictures is size 12 months but since its been washed, dried, and worn...he fits into it already. But for the most part things seem to be the size they say!!! Four weeks down and I think two more weeks (of garage saling) to go =)  All I can say is I have really enjoyed this garage sale season thus far.

So in total there seems to be 6 weeks of garage sales. I missed opening week. Week 2 garage sale deals can be And week 3's deals are in the picture below...

2T Carter pants, 2 books and 1 toy truck

My GRAND Total for the season is...drum roll please....$99.75. And let me just remind you that one pair of Baby Gap jeans cost between $25 and $30 and the Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle (brand new) costs $50. And this my friends is why garage saling is my new favorite activity!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten On Thursday

Ten on Tuesday Thursday
So I am copying my blog friend Krista's idea (Ten on Tuesday)...but switching it to Thursday. So here goes... (And just a warning #1 and #2 are loooong).

1. Wanna know how it feels to be the world's worst mom. Here's a tip...just lock your kid in your car along with your keys and phone. Yep I did this last week. (No exclamation point here). So here is the story of how it all went down. Mason and I had just arrived at (yet another) neighborhood garage sale. (Can you tell that I am obsessed with hitting up garage sales)!!! Anyways I parked the truck and clicked the unlock button so I could open Mason's door (and then not realizing I must have reclicked the lock button). I then put my phone and my keys in my purse and set my purse next to his car seat. Then I went to get his stroller out of the back of the truck. As I finished lifting his stroller out I heard Mason's door slam shut. I ran to the door and it was LOCKED. I then tried to open the driver's door...that too was LOCKED. I stood there in complete shock. I tried to open both doors again (nope still locked...big surprise). And it was at this point that I started panicking. I had NO phone. I had NO keys. And my 4 month old baby was LOCKED in the truck. Stupid wind.

I ran to the closest house and as soon as I opened my mouth I started bawling. I explained the situation the best I could and (PTL) immediately received help. Long story short one lady let me use her phone and another ran to get their neighbor who happened to be a cop. The cop tried using a hanger to unlock the truck but unfortunately the hanger trick wasn't getting the job done. It was at this point that I finally decided to call Brian. I explained the situation to him and asked if he could call his dad and have him run to our house to get the spare keys. (Of course he couldn't get a hold of his dad). Thankfully Mason was still oblivious to everything happening around him and was just happily playing with the toys on and in his car seat. Since Brian couldn't get a hold of his dad he was going to leave work and head home to grab the spare keys when one of the ladies offered me the use of her vehicle. (It was going to be way quicker for me to drive home and get the spare keys than for Brian).  She said that she would stay with my vehicle (and Mason). Since Brian was still on the phone I asked him what I should do. Since there was a cop present Brian said to take the lady up on her offer. So I may or may not have driven very quickly home (with no license...remember my purse was locked in the car).

Minutes before I arrived back Brian showed up (he said in case the cop had gotten the truck unlocked while I was running home he wanted to be there in case Mason freaked out). Believe me I clicked the unlock button and grabbed my boy from his car seat and said, "mommy is so sorry" about a million times. The sweet lady who let me use her car said that he had just started crying. Total time locked in the car...30 minutes...although it felt like hours to this mommy. As I'm hugging Mason Brian says...where is the cop. I pointed the cop out and Brian said I thought an on-duty cop was here (with a cop car) which is why I didn't understand why he couldn't get the truck unlocked. And if I had known the cop wasn't on duty I wouldn't have told you to leave Mason. He then do you know he's actually a cop. Hmmm good point. Guess I'm too trusting (when I am crazy frantic about the fact that my baby is locked in the back of my vehicle). Thankfully the situation ended well but pretty sure I will never lock Mason in the truck again. Mark my word.  

2. We had Mason's 4 month check-up yesterday and my boy is a whopping 17lbs and 4oz...which puts him in between the 75th-90th percentile. (On a side note my niece who is 6 months older than Mason only weighs 6oz more)!!! He is 25 and 3/4 inches tall (this puts him in the 75th percentile) and his head circumference is 17 and 1/4 inches wide (this puts him in the 95th-98th percentile).

The good news of the day was that Mason's ears looked great (PTL)!!! But the bad news of the day...and I figured it would come to that Mason is going to need to be fitted for a helmet. I figured as much because Mason has a super flat spot on the right side of his head. If you remember back...Mason was born with tordicollis. The tordicollis developed since Mase was so big. Since he was so big his head was more than likely jammed into one position for his last 8 weeks or so in utero. We did 7 weeks of therapy and Brian and I did everything backwards (as in changed his diapers so he would have to look to his left to see us, sat on his left side to play, fed him bottles in our right arms, etc) but it didn't change a thing. Doc said he would only need it for up to 3 months (this was good news to me since I thought he would need it for up to 6 months) but the stinky part is that his 3 months are June, July, and August and Mase is a sweaty boy by nature. It is what it is though and for the last few weeks I have been preparing myself to hear this news. Glad its just a silly helmet and not anything more serious. Gotta keep things in perspective! Hoping to get his head scanned in the next week or so and then MFB will make the helmet specific to him. Praying he'll be wearing it by mid May (end of May at the latest). Doc said 4 months is the best age to get started on it because if you wait too long the flat spot will become permanent. And we don't want that.

The other issue I brought up was his pathetic sleeping patterns. Dr. M said that its time he sleeps in his own room (which I was all for)!!! He told me that Mason has learned that he can get up so many times in the middle of the night because he knows I will feed him and/or put in his paci. And 4 months is the perfect age to break that pattern. So last night we killed 3 birds with 1 stone. Mason slept in his own room (for the first time), in his crib (for the first time), and we let him cry himself to sleep (for the first time). The last bird almost made me cry. But Dr. M said to lay him in his crib awake or asleep and whenever he woke up to let him cry for 20 minutes...then to go in and check on him to make sure he hadn't pooped, vomited/spit up, and that he was safe (no foot in between the crib bars). And to keep checking on him every 20 minutes until he fell asleep. And he said to ONLY feed him once at night because at 4 months old that all he needs...(and at 6 months no more middle of the night feeds). I also asked about his lack of napping and he told me not to worry about napping until he hits 6 or 7 months.

So here's how it all went down last night. For the last few weeks we've had a routine that we give him a bath at 8pm and then feed him afterwards so we started with that. Mason hadn't napped much all day so he fell asleep in my arms right after he finished off his bottle. So I went upstairs and put him in his crib. I went back downstairs and said to Brian...that was too easy. Sure was...10 minutes later he woke up screaming. I went to check on him (no poop, no vomit, and he was "safe") so I patted him on his belly and told him he was okay and went back downstairs. (Dr. M said I was NOT allowed to pick him up...I could only pat him and tell him he was okay). He screamed and screamed so 20 minutes later I headed back upstairs to check on him. He was still good so back downstairs I went. Well 20 minutes later he was still screaming (although not as much). I went upstairs to check on him and he was so sad looking but his eyes were starting to close. I went back downstairs and within minutes he was fast asleep. So he only cried for about 40-45 minutes. (Dr. M said it could last a couple of hours...thank goodness it didn't come to that because I would have been in tears too). I didn't hear a single peep until 2:45 so I got up and fed him a 6oz formula bottle. Put him back in his crib (he fell asleep immediately after his bottle) and went back to bed myself. Around 5 or a little after I heard him start fussy again. He fussed for maybe 20-30 minutes and fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until 8:20...BOOYAH...I would say it was a success!!! And he already took an hour long nap this morning!!! Praying tonight goes as smoothly (although I know I might not be so lucky).

3. Stupid Target diapers...

I was so sick of all the blow-outs so we bought some Luvs but they were even worse. Heading out today to buy him some size 3 diapers. Can't believe my 4 month old already needs size 3 diapers. First we're going to try the Costco Kirkland brand...if they're a no go then it's back to Pampers or Huggies.

4. I have such a love for garage sales that I am now checking Craigslist to see when neighborhoods are having their garage sales. Heading out this afternoon to a couple in Byron Center that say...if you have a BOY this is the sale for YOU. Hoping I hit the jack pot like I did at the first garage sale I hit up this season. And I am so thankful (as is Mason) that my sister has let me borrow all of my nephew Cole's clothes. Despite the fact that they were born in opposite seasons (June and December) most of the clothes work perfectly since Cole is on the smaller side and Mason is on the bigger side. It sure is nice not having to buy all new clothes for him every few months!!!

5. Mason, Brian, and I participated in our first ever March of Dimes walk last Saturday. (Last year I was 5 weeks pregnant with Mason so we for went the walk). It is something we'll now be doing yearly in honor of our precious daughters and sister. Thankfully the rain (that was in the forecast) held off until we reached our vehicle making the walk that much more enjoyable.

Sporting one of his many "baby brother" onesies

6. I had my VERY last counseling session last week Wednesday!!! My counselor said I did stellar (best part being no post pardum despression) and that she was/is so proud of me. All I can say is there is absolutely no way I would have made it through Mason's pregnancy without her.

7. Back in early April I went to Target to get Mason's 3 month pictures taken. Not as good of quality as his newborn (or my maternity) but I was happy enough. I at least got a few good shots. And best part is my total bill was only $30 (and I could have done it for only $15 but I got suckered into buying more than I needed). The photographer snapped (literally) one or two pics and then Mase just lost it. We tried some different positions but he wanted nothing to do with it. So then mommy held him (kind of in the air so I wouldn't be in any of the pics) and a few more shots were snapped.

A picture of a picture.

8. Brian and I together left Mason for the very first time this past Sunday evening. And to Bible Study it was!!! Mason didn't do so hot at our last two Bible Study meetings so we asked Brian's parents to come and watch him for us. Besides when Brian and I are both working Mason is always with at least one of us. So this was a big step for us me!!!

9. Mason is soooo close to rolling over...

(This picture doesn't do him justice).

10. Whoa post pardum (hair) shedding is NO joke. I don't know how I have any hair left...