Sunday, May 27, 2012

Five Months

Mason Dale,

How is it that you are 5 months old today. Almost half a year that's just crazy!!! Little boy I may have given YOU life but little do you know (although someday you will) that you are the one that saved MY life. Before you I was SO sad. With you I am SO happy. Most days I just cannot believe that you are mine (and daddy's). I tell you every day that I couldn't love you more if I tried. And truly I couldn't. You were more than an answer to prayer. You were (and still are) my dream come true. Mason...Daddy and I are so in love with you. You are the absolute JOY of our lives. Every day just gets sweeter with you in it!!! We can't wait to enjoy every minute of this summer with YOU making memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Mommy and Daddy

Happy 5 Months Sweet Boy

Stats: We don't go back to the doctor until July 10 (for Mason's 6 month appointment) so according to my scale (this morning) Mason weighs 19lbs and a few ounces. However, this weight was taken with us both dressed and full from breakfast so I'm guessing he weighs more in the upper 18lb range. Either way...we got ourselves one big boy!!!

Sizes: A few days after Mason hit the 4 month mark I put away ALL of his 3-6 month clothes. Then about a week and a half ago I put away ALL of his 6 month clothes. So he is now wearing 6-9 month (Children's Place, etc), 6-12 month (Old Navy, Gap, etc), and 9 month (Carters, etc) clothes. He is wearing size 3 (Kirkland...the Costco brand) diapers. And we LOVE them!!!

Food: On the days I'm home with Mason I breastfeed him every 2-3 hours. Once in awhile though (whether I'm home or out running errands) I'll give him a bottle (of breast milk) and then he can make it 3-4 hours. Mason still always gets a bottle every night before bed. When I'm working Mason gets five 6.5oz bottles of breast milk. And on the days I work I still pump once in the morning, twice at work, and once more at night. If When Mason wakes up in the middle of the night he gets a 4oz bottle of formula. (We're still using Similac Advanced). No cereal/food yet but I'm thinking about starting him on some of it in the very near future. He loves watching us eat so I can only imagine how much he'll love getting to eat too!!!
Taken moments after you face planted into your puke.

Routine: Mason changes his "routine" faster than you can blink. And when I say routine I mean his sleeping patterns. Some days it's as if he hates sleep and on other days he seems to love it. I just can't figure him out. He still takes 2-3 naps a day but they always vary in length and start time. Some days he'll only take two 20 minute naps and on other days he'll take an hour nap and then a 2-3 hour nap. More often than not a third nap occurs in the early evening...he still loves to take a 20-30 minute cat nap around 6 or 7pm. As for his bedtime routine we stick to a bath (at 8pm-ish), bottle (at 8:30pm-ish), and bed (at 9pm-ish)...unless of course we are out with friends or family. The "crying it out" method worked GREAT for his bedtime routine (only took one night of crying it out). Pretty much the moment we lay him down in the pack 'n play he is out. On the rare occasion he'll fuss (NOT cry) but only for a few minutes. However, the "crying it out" method did NOT work for us during the night. Brian and I would both be awake for two hours at a time listening to him cry. Enough was enough. Thankfully after a rough few weeks of getting up twice a night Mason is now back to only getting up once a night (but that one time varies from 1am to 6am). If he waits until 6am for his first (and only) bottle then there is no going back to bed for him...he's raring to get the day started...which means mommy has to be too!!!

I do believe some of his sleep "problems" revolve around the fact that he likes to roll over and since he's had (and still has) a runny nose/nasty cough it makes it difficult for him to breathe when he's "stuck" on his belly. Hoping he learns to roll back over onto his back here soon. Otherwise for now we just stick him in his car seat so that he has no choice but to stay on his back. Which results in better sleep for all three of us!!!

Developmental Milestones: On May 4 Mason learned to roll over (back to belly) and he hasn't stopped since. Sometime he gets ticked that he's on his belly (the little stinker) but other times he loves hanging out on his belly. No lie...if you set him down on his back and turn around for just a the time you turn back to him...he's on his belly thinking he's big stuff!!!

Unfortunately Mason has not managed to go from his belly to his back yet. Hopefully soon though!!! He can also scoot (when he's on his back) by pushing with his legs. I can set him down on a blanket and within minutes he is completely off the blanket...heading who knows where. He just found his toes/feet within the last week or so too. Although he's not flexible enough to really do much of anything with them. Silly boy!!!

Loves: Mason is a very happy baby. He loves to laugh!!! He loves to roll over. He loves watching mommy and daddy eat (which is why I want to start introducing some rice cereal). He loves grabbing at mommy and daddy's faces too...especially our noses and mouths. And he loves playing in his exersaucer or jumping in his jumperoo.

Dislikes: There's not much Mason dislikes...except for being on his belly for too long.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You moved into your nursery on May 2 (you were 4 months and 1 week old). You were in your crib for the first few nights but since you kept getting your legs stuck in the railings we moved you into your pack 'n play a week later. Once you know how to roll from your back to belly AND belly to back we'll put you back in your crib with the bumpers.
  • You scratch your head like crazy. You should see the scratch marks on your head. Maybe it's a good thing you're getting a helmet? And it's not like mommy doesn't cut your nails...because I pretty much cut them every three days or so. Those things grow like weeds.
  • You can be entertained by your playmat for long periods of time.
  • Your feet can now touch the bottom when you're in your jumperoo!!! And boy oh boy do you love jumping!!!
This explains how mommy gets ready in the morning!!!
  • You are such a nosy baby. Mommy needs to feed you (bottle or boob) when no one else is around otherwise you won't eat. Too much to see. Too much going on around you and heaven forbid you to miss a thing!
  • You are still SUCH a wiggle worm. Whenever someone new hangs on to you they always comment on how much of a wiggle worm you are!!!
My TWO handsome boys!!!
  • You had your third cold this month. Actually you still have it...and with it came a nasty cough.  
  • You went swinging for the first time out in Holland.
  • You helped mommy celebrate her first Mother's Day as an Earthly mommy!!!
FUN in the SUN!!!
  • You enjoyed your first Tulip Time (in Holland). Although it was called Stem Fest this year since the tulips bloomed a might bit early this year and were all dead during the actual week of Tulip Time.
  • You now sit in your stroller like a big boy. And you love it!!!
  • You like gnaw (YES gnaw) on mommy's chin. You take one look at me and go to town...shaking your head back and forth. 
  • You scratch your fingernails on anything and everything...your bed, mommy's arms, the floor... 

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3


  1. This post brought tears to my eyes because I am just SO HAPPY we finally got to celebrate being Earthly mommys. Mason is such a handsome lil guy and I love all his outfits-he looks like a little man. ;) Looking forward to a play date soon with M&M!

  2. so handsome! love your dress! claire always got her legs stuck between the slats of the crib too. i didn't do bumpers or anything either. but i found breathable bumpers at babies r us ( they sell them everywhere i think) and they were a life saver! they are cheap, and i bought two to cover the entire crib. it's great! just a suggestion.

  3. I love reading your updates since Mason and Juliet are so close in age. It's like reading about Juliet when you talk about all the things Mason is learning and doing. It's such a miracle how quickly they learn. So much fun!