Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jack Pot (Again)

So Wednesday through Saturdays are currently my favorite days of the week for one simple's when garage sales are happening!!!

Thursday (May 3)
12 month Carter brown and blue striped onesie
12 month Tonka shirt
A pair of camo Gap shoes
12-18 month Gap grayish/denim jacket
12-18 month Gap button down long-sleeved shirt
12-18 Gap denim bibs
18 month brown Children's Place long-sleeved shirt
18-24 month Gap polo shirt
18-24 month Gap camo pants
18-24 month Gap jeans

2 toy trucks

Grand Total...$39.50

The bag is also FULL of blocks.

Friday (May 4)
Fisher Price Xylophone
Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle (I paid a mere $1.00 and its regularly $50)!!!
Playskool Busy Ball Popper
Megcos Musical Caterpillar Sight
Vtech Learn and Discover Driver Interactive Toy

And YES all the toys work!!!

Grand Total...$7.00 (NO you did NOT read that wrong).

Mase "playing" with his "new" toys (and wearing one of his new shirts)!!!

Saturday (May 5)
2T Gap camo hooded sweatshirt
18 month Carter navy hooded sweatshirt
24 month Jumping Beans brown t-shirt
24 month Children's Place button down
18 month Children's Place short sleeved button down shirt
24 month Children's Place long sleeved button down shirt
2T Gap gray thermal long sleeved shirt
2T Gap sweater
24 month Children's Place khaki pants
24 month Children's Place jeans
24 month Children's Place navy sweatpants
24 month Children's Place brown pants

Toy gun
2 books (Itsy Bitsy Spider and Just Like Dad

Grand Total...$17.00

As you can see I am loving me some good deals!!! The one thing I've learned though is that sometimes the size on the tag is not exactly accurate. For example...the Tonka shirt that Mason is wearing in one of the above pictures is size 12 months but since its been washed, dried, and worn...he fits into it already. But for the most part things seem to be the size they say!!! Four weeks down and I think two more weeks (of garage saling) to go =)  All I can say is I have really enjoyed this garage sale season thus far.

So in total there seems to be 6 weeks of garage sales. I missed opening week. Week 2 garage sale deals can be And week 3's deals are in the picture below...

2T Carter pants, 2 books and 1 toy truck

My GRAND Total for the season is...drum roll please....$99.75. And let me just remind you that one pair of Baby Gap jeans cost between $25 and $30 and the Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle (brand new) costs $50. And this my friends is why garage saling is my new favorite activity!!!


  1. Great deals and adorable stuff! I love garage sales. :)

  2. Holy cow! I need to start garage saling!