Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jumped the Gun

So I jumped the gun on Monday when I wrote that Mason was loving his "big boy bed." Its not that he's not loving it. Its just that Mason is obsessed with rolling onto his belly these days. Once he's on his belly he gets ticked because he's not a big fan of being on his belly. Because he's ticked he starts kicking and because he's kicking one of his little leg gets STUCK (and I mean stuck) in the crib rails. This then results in a FULL out scream. (And yes there is a difference between crying and screaming). Yesterday he refused to nap for my mother-in-law (in his crib or really at all for that matter) and last night (although he slept great from 9:15pm until 10:45pm) it was a battle from 10:45pm until close to 1am. He would fall asleep when we told him he was okay...only to roll over onto his belly seconds after we left his room...which would cause him to start crying...then start kicking...then his leg would get stuck...which caused him to start SCREAMING. Finally we couldn't take it anymore...into his rock and sleeper he went (but in HIS room). And this morning I whipped out the pack 'n play for nap time...

how I laid him down...

 and how he ended up...

Because there are no crib rails to get his foot stuck in...after 15 minutes of crying he fell fast asleep for an hour and 45 minutes!!!


  1. I am a friend of Mrs. Howard and enjoy reading your blog...I just thought I'd mention the breathable bumpers for cribs. I'm not sure if you've looked into them, but they are mesh (just like the pack n play) and may prevent Mason's leg from getting stuck in the slats. They come in different colors, and I know Target carries them. Just a thought. Good luck!

  2. Oh my goodness! Meg does the same thing so the pack 'n play is where its least for now. Such a cute little bum!

  3. Hi - I love reading your blog because I have a baby boy who is just two weeks older than Mason. I did use the breathable bumpers with my older child and I am going to try the sleep sacks with my little one this time hoping that it may be harder to get a foot through with those on. You inspired me to do the cry it out ;). Thanks for sharing!

  4. I use the breathable bumper from One Step Ahead- I think you can get them anywhere though. Ashton does the exact same thing with his feet. I used the bumper with Grant and never felt like it would suffocate him if his face was against it. Definitely saved us a lot of long nights with feet getting stuck!