Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day (Weekend)

We had a wonderful (1st) Memorial Day Weekend with our precious baby boy!!! I had to work Friday so no fun was had and on Saturday we really didn't do anything either. But Sunday was a fun and oh so very busy day. We started the day out with Mason's 5 month photo shoot...

...then went to church, grilled out at the in-law's house, spent a relaxing three hours at home, and ended the day by grilling out (again), fishing, beach lounging, and beersbie playing with some good friends!!! And Monday was another fun-filled (sunny) day. We began the day by hitting up the Jamestown Memorial Day Parade with my parents, my sister and her three kids...

The parade-watching gang!

Mason and grandma

My sweet baby boy!!!

Mommy and her two boys.

They raked in some serious candy.

After the parade we all headed out to Crackle Barrel for a yummy brunch. I love me some breakfast (even for lunch)!!! Once home we broke out Mason new blow fish pool. He LOVED it!!!

Getting SO big!!!
Having fun getting sprayed.
BIG smiles!!!

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying (and finally succeeding) to get Mason to sleep, ME planting some dahlia's that I got from my dad, BRIAN planting some pumpkins in the backyard, and both of us washing our vehicles. At night we headed to the cemetery to water the girl's flower basket (it was in dire need as you can tell by the pics) and then we of course had to stop and get ourselves some ice cream too.


  1. oh my goodness- he looks just like you! adorable. glad you had such a great holiday weekend!

  2. Oh my Lord he is a doll! Such a beautiful weekend to enjoy with your babies.