Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten On Thursday

Ten on Tuesday Thursday
So I am copying my blog friend Krista's idea (Ten on Tuesday)...but switching it to Thursday. So here goes... (And just a warning #1 and #2 are loooong).

1. Wanna know how it feels to be the world's worst mom. Here's a tip...just lock your kid in your car along with your keys and phone. Yep I did this last week. (No exclamation point here). So here is the story of how it all went down. Mason and I had just arrived at (yet another) neighborhood garage sale. (Can you tell that I am obsessed with hitting up garage sales)!!! Anyways I parked the truck and clicked the unlock button so I could open Mason's door (and then not realizing I must have reclicked the lock button). I then put my phone and my keys in my purse and set my purse next to his car seat. Then I went to get his stroller out of the back of the truck. As I finished lifting his stroller out I heard Mason's door slam shut. I ran to the door and it was LOCKED. I then tried to open the driver's door...that too was LOCKED. I stood there in complete shock. I tried to open both doors again (nope still locked...big surprise). And it was at this point that I started panicking. I had NO phone. I had NO keys. And my 4 month old baby was LOCKED in the truck. Stupid wind.

I ran to the closest house and as soon as I opened my mouth I started bawling. I explained the situation the best I could and (PTL) immediately received help. Long story short one lady let me use her phone and another ran to get their neighbor who happened to be a cop. The cop tried using a hanger to unlock the truck but unfortunately the hanger trick wasn't getting the job done. It was at this point that I finally decided to call Brian. I explained the situation to him and asked if he could call his dad and have him run to our house to get the spare keys. (Of course he couldn't get a hold of his dad). Thankfully Mason was still oblivious to everything happening around him and was just happily playing with the toys on and in his car seat. Since Brian couldn't get a hold of his dad he was going to leave work and head home to grab the spare keys when one of the ladies offered me the use of her vehicle. (It was going to be way quicker for me to drive home and get the spare keys than for Brian).  She said that she would stay with my vehicle (and Mason). Since Brian was still on the phone I asked him what I should do. Since there was a cop present Brian said to take the lady up on her offer. So I may or may not have driven very quickly home (with no license...remember my purse was locked in the car).

Minutes before I arrived back Brian showed up (he said in case the cop had gotten the truck unlocked while I was running home he wanted to be there in case Mason freaked out). Believe me I clicked the unlock button and grabbed my boy from his car seat and said, "mommy is so sorry" about a million times. The sweet lady who let me use her car said that he had just started crying. Total time locked in the car...30 minutes...although it felt like hours to this mommy. As I'm hugging Mason Brian says...where is the cop. I pointed the cop out and Brian said I thought an on-duty cop was here (with a cop car) which is why I didn't understand why he couldn't get the truck unlocked. And if I had known the cop wasn't on duty I wouldn't have told you to leave Mason. He then do you know he's actually a cop. Hmmm good point. Guess I'm too trusting (when I am crazy frantic about the fact that my baby is locked in the back of my vehicle). Thankfully the situation ended well but pretty sure I will never lock Mason in the truck again. Mark my word.  

2. We had Mason's 4 month check-up yesterday and my boy is a whopping 17lbs and 4oz...which puts him in between the 75th-90th percentile. (On a side note my niece who is 6 months older than Mason only weighs 6oz more)!!! He is 25 and 3/4 inches tall (this puts him in the 75th percentile) and his head circumference is 17 and 1/4 inches wide (this puts him in the 95th-98th percentile).

The good news of the day was that Mason's ears looked great (PTL)!!! But the bad news of the day...and I figured it would come to that Mason is going to need to be fitted for a helmet. I figured as much because Mason has a super flat spot on the right side of his head. If you remember back...Mason was born with tordicollis. The tordicollis developed since Mase was so big. Since he was so big his head was more than likely jammed into one position for his last 8 weeks or so in utero. We did 7 weeks of therapy and Brian and I did everything backwards (as in changed his diapers so he would have to look to his left to see us, sat on his left side to play, fed him bottles in our right arms, etc) but it didn't change a thing. Doc said he would only need it for up to 3 months (this was good news to me since I thought he would need it for up to 6 months) but the stinky part is that his 3 months are June, July, and August and Mase is a sweaty boy by nature. It is what it is though and for the last few weeks I have been preparing myself to hear this news. Glad its just a silly helmet and not anything more serious. Gotta keep things in perspective! Hoping to get his head scanned in the next week or so and then MFB will make the helmet specific to him. Praying he'll be wearing it by mid May (end of May at the latest). Doc said 4 months is the best age to get started on it because if you wait too long the flat spot will become permanent. And we don't want that.

The other issue I brought up was his pathetic sleeping patterns. Dr. M said that its time he sleeps in his own room (which I was all for)!!! He told me that Mason has learned that he can get up so many times in the middle of the night because he knows I will feed him and/or put in his paci. And 4 months is the perfect age to break that pattern. So last night we killed 3 birds with 1 stone. Mason slept in his own room (for the first time), in his crib (for the first time), and we let him cry himself to sleep (for the first time). The last bird almost made me cry. But Dr. M said to lay him in his crib awake or asleep and whenever he woke up to let him cry for 20 minutes...then to go in and check on him to make sure he hadn't pooped, vomited/spit up, and that he was safe (no foot in between the crib bars). And to keep checking on him every 20 minutes until he fell asleep. And he said to ONLY feed him once at night because at 4 months old that all he needs...(and at 6 months no more middle of the night feeds). I also asked about his lack of napping and he told me not to worry about napping until he hits 6 or 7 months.

So here's how it all went down last night. For the last few weeks we've had a routine that we give him a bath at 8pm and then feed him afterwards so we started with that. Mason hadn't napped much all day so he fell asleep in my arms right after he finished off his bottle. So I went upstairs and put him in his crib. I went back downstairs and said to Brian...that was too easy. Sure was...10 minutes later he woke up screaming. I went to check on him (no poop, no vomit, and he was "safe") so I patted him on his belly and told him he was okay and went back downstairs. (Dr. M said I was NOT allowed to pick him up...I could only pat him and tell him he was okay). He screamed and screamed so 20 minutes later I headed back upstairs to check on him. He was still good so back downstairs I went. Well 20 minutes later he was still screaming (although not as much). I went upstairs to check on him and he was so sad looking but his eyes were starting to close. I went back downstairs and within minutes he was fast asleep. So he only cried for about 40-45 minutes. (Dr. M said it could last a couple of hours...thank goodness it didn't come to that because I would have been in tears too). I didn't hear a single peep until 2:45 so I got up and fed him a 6oz formula bottle. Put him back in his crib (he fell asleep immediately after his bottle) and went back to bed myself. Around 5 or a little after I heard him start fussy again. He fussed for maybe 20-30 minutes and fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until 8:20...BOOYAH...I would say it was a success!!! And he already took an hour long nap this morning!!! Praying tonight goes as smoothly (although I know I might not be so lucky).

3. Stupid Target diapers...

I was so sick of all the blow-outs so we bought some Luvs but they were even worse. Heading out today to buy him some size 3 diapers. Can't believe my 4 month old already needs size 3 diapers. First we're going to try the Costco Kirkland brand...if they're a no go then it's back to Pampers or Huggies.

4. I have such a love for garage sales that I am now checking Craigslist to see when neighborhoods are having their garage sales. Heading out this afternoon to a couple in Byron Center that say...if you have a BOY this is the sale for YOU. Hoping I hit the jack pot like I did at the first garage sale I hit up this season. And I am so thankful (as is Mason) that my sister has let me borrow all of my nephew Cole's clothes. Despite the fact that they were born in opposite seasons (June and December) most of the clothes work perfectly since Cole is on the smaller side and Mason is on the bigger side. It sure is nice not having to buy all new clothes for him every few months!!!

5. Mason, Brian, and I participated in our first ever March of Dimes walk last Saturday. (Last year I was 5 weeks pregnant with Mason so we for went the walk). It is something we'll now be doing yearly in honor of our precious daughters and sister. Thankfully the rain (that was in the forecast) held off until we reached our vehicle making the walk that much more enjoyable.

Sporting one of his many "baby brother" onesies

6. I had my VERY last counseling session last week Wednesday!!! My counselor said I did stellar (best part being no post pardum despression) and that she was/is so proud of me. All I can say is there is absolutely no way I would have made it through Mason's pregnancy without her.

7. Back in early April I went to Target to get Mason's 3 month pictures taken. Not as good of quality as his newborn (or my maternity) but I was happy enough. I at least got a few good shots. And best part is my total bill was only $30 (and I could have done it for only $15 but I got suckered into buying more than I needed). The photographer snapped (literally) one or two pics and then Mase just lost it. We tried some different positions but he wanted nothing to do with it. So then mommy held him (kind of in the air so I wouldn't be in any of the pics) and a few more shots were snapped.

A picture of a picture.

8. Brian and I together left Mason for the very first time this past Sunday evening. And to Bible Study it was!!! Mason didn't do so hot at our last two Bible Study meetings so we asked Brian's parents to come and watch him for us. Besides when Brian and I are both working Mason is always with at least one of us. So this was a big step for us me!!!

9. Mason is soooo close to rolling over...

(This picture doesn't do him justice).

10. Whoa post pardum (hair) shedding is NO joke. I don't know how I have any hair left...


  1. Love your Ten on Thursday! I seriously was embarrassed to go anywhere during my hair shed because I would leave about 100 hairs anywhere I went!

  2. Ha Ha! I have LOOONNNG hair, too, and I seriously thought something was wrong with me! It is so crazy you can lose that much hair.

    Yay for no more post pardum.

    Love garage sales.

    I have done #1....twice. Thankfully, it wasn't for nearly as long as you or I would have been in meltdown mode:-)

    You are doing great, momma! I never have followed through on the "cry it out"....therefore, my kids are terrible sleepers until age two:-)