Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ten on Wednesday

1. Mother's Day is (and always will) be a bittersweet day for me. Bitter because I don't have my beautiful baby girls or my little boy Luke here. Sweet because I HAVE my miracle Mason here. Two years ago I was 14 weeks pregnant with the girls. Brian made me a sweet card (an expecting Mother's Day card) and got me a new computer. (Side note...our home laptop had peetered out about 4 months prior...guess he thought he would win "points" if the new computer came on Mother's Day!!!) And like this year I also had to work on Mother's Day. Last year I wrote this post. Little did everyone know I was 6 weeks pregnant. We celebrated the day with my in-law's for lunch and with my family in the evening. Brian again gave me a sweet (store bought) Happy Expecting Mother's Day card and we stopped by the cemetery to "see" our little girls. But praise the Lord Mother's Day 2012 was different in a BIG way. I had (still have) my miracle Mason IN MY ARMS (and my 3 other blessings in my heart). Praising the Lord for the gift he is!!!

Mother's Day (Take 1)...We celebrated Mother's Day with Brian's parents last week Wednesday since they were going to be out of town on Mother's Day. We treated them to dinner at Crazy Horse...which happens to be one of MY favorite restaurants!!!

Mason and Grandma H.

2. Mother's Day (Take 2)...We celebrated Mother's Day with my family last week Friday (since I had to work on Sunday). We kept it simple by ordering pizza and all of us girls bringing a side to share. As always the cousins had fun playing together!!! And boy oh boy is there a slew of them...

Grandma V and all her grandchildren...Cambrey with Austin, Grandma with Mason and Brinley, Cole, Kylynn, Easton, and Addisyn.

Mason and old papa.

Checking each other out!!!

3. Mother's Day (Take 3)...Go figure I would have to work my first Mother's Day as an earthly mother. But Brian made it extra special by not only bringing me lunch but more importantly by bringing Mason into work to see me!!! And Mason made it special by making (yes making) me a Mother's Day card (he's got talent) and by getting me a gift certificate (for a pedicure). Oh and he bought me a picture frame too.

Mason and Mommy (at mommy's place of work).


4. On Monday I headed downtown with Mason to get his head xrays in preparation for his (plagiocephaly) helmet. He was a trooper as always. We needed to get the xrays done because before my insurance will cover his helmet we had to rule out any skull abnormalities. Thankfully Mason's Pediatrician's office called me on Tuesday to tell me that the xrays came back normal.

This coming Monday is his "initial appointment" at Mary Free Bed. During this initial appointment an orthotist will provide us with information about helmet therapy. A general history will be taken, as well as digital photos, measurements and a topographical scan. The scan uses a combination of lasers and cameras to capture the surface of Mason's head shape. This information is used to determine the severity of Mason's asymmetries, the necessity of a helmet and the potential duration of wear. He will have to wear the helmet 23 hours a day for 3-4 months. A general course of treatment involves the following...

  • 1 hour initial appointment
  • 1 1/2 hour helmet fitting appointment (2 weeks after initial appointment)
  • 30 minutes follow-up appointment (1 week after helmet fitting appointment)
  • 30 minutes - 1 hour, follow-up appointments (every 2-4 weeks throughout the duration of helmet therapy.
Looks like we'll be busy...but Mason is worth it.

5. The other day after I finished changing Mason's diaper I showed him the pictures above his changing table. I first said...look that's you with mommy and daddy right after you were born. Then I said and that's mommy and daddy with your big sister Alayna and mommy and daddy with your big sister Ella. He smiled!!! As we were walking out of his room I said oh Mase...they would have LOVED having you as a little brother. Que tears from mommy.

6. Last week Friday my sister and her three kiddos, my mom, and Mason and I headed out to Holland to take part in a little bit of tulip time. Unfortunately there were no tulips to be seen but we did hit up the carnival for some rides and some good eaten!!! But as always there was a kink in our plans. We arrived at the carnival a few minutes before the rides were slated to open. We were just standing around waiting for the ticket booths to open when a worker told us some crazy story about how it would cost us $10 per person to just get in and that there were only two rides for the kiddos to ride on. But that there was (about a quarter of mile down the road) a kiddo carnival that we could get into for free (well besides purchasing tickets for the rides). So we hiked it down...only to find out that the kiddo carnival didn't open until 1pm. IT WAS 11am for Pete's sake. At this point Mason was getting fussy because he was due to eat so we stopped at a park so Mase could eat (and so the other kids could play for a bit before we made the trek back to the "big kid" carnival).

Mason enjoying his first ever swing ride at the park!!!

As we were walking back to the "big kid" carnival my niece Cambrey said..."Mom I cannot believe we are not going to go on any rides." So we thought we would give the "big kid" carnival another try and wouldn't ya know another worker let us right in. So tickets were bought for Cambrey and Cole (and my sis) and they enjoyed themselves on THREE different rides!!! And as you can tell from the picture below Mason LOVED watching his big cousins!!!

7. Praying really really hard for my blog friend Heather this week that she receives some good news within the next week or so!!! All I got to say is GROW baby(ies) GROW!!!

8. I hit up some more garage sales the end of last week and told myself (on Thursday) that enough was enough. I skipped a huge sale on Friday that I think would have been another "jack pot" sale. But I had done SO well on Thursday that I just had to be DONE (for this year that is). Here's what I got...

6-12 month Gymboree jeans, 12 month orange and gray Carter's polo, 12-18 month Gap long sleeve shirt, 12-18 month gray Old Navy sweater, 18 month Michigan zip up sweatshirt, 18 month black button down dress shirt, 18-24 month Old Navy red and gray long sleeve shirt, 18-24 month Gap khaki cargos, 2T Gap camo comfy pants, 2T Old Navy black snow pants. (Mason is wearing the 6-12 month jeans!!!) Also in the picture 4 little toys I bought for my in-law's house.

Mason in his "new" exersaucer that will also go to my in-law's. My mom has the same one and he LOVES it!!!

I also got a firetruck cozy coupe, 2 Cosco carseats (for when he outgrows his current snug rider), 2 little tyke bikes (one going to each grandma's house), and a little tyke's grocery cart (that I bought for my mom's house). And I bought 4 bar stools for a mere $10 for my bro-in-law. Plus three 3T long sleeved shirts, a pair of 3T comfy shorts, and a pair of crocs for my nephew. And a pair of boots for my niece.  Total price $101 even...not a bad garage saling day if you ask me =)

9. I feel like I NEVER have time to blog these days. Blah blah blah you've heard me say this all before but truly I don't know how people find time to blog with kids. I am lucky if I squeak something out twice once a week. And it's taken me three days alone to write this post. And I only have one kid. (Although I do realize that my ten on whatever day I choose do seem to get pretty long). So again I apologize for not commenting on your blogs. I am trying my best to keep up on the happenings of your life but between everything happening in mine blogging is not my top priority.

10. And to finish off my Ten on Wednesday please be in prayer for a dear friend of mine whose husband was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He is only 37 years old. It just breaks my heart.

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  1. One of my friends comments on fb that they were at the Holland Stem Festival! :)

    We only live about 2 1/2 hours from there and have yet to make it over for the festivities... One day we'll get there!