Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. We celebrated my dad's 60th birthday on Sunday!!! We were the first to arrive so before things got crazy I snapped a quick picture of Mason with his Papa! So cute!!!

2. Mason and I stopped by the cemetery last week to drop off the Layna and Ella's flower basket. YES you read that correctly...Mason and I. It was the first time I went to the cemetery by myself. I will admit that I shed a few tears but all in all I was very proud of myself. It's so bittersweet going to the cemetery...but I suppose it'll always feel that way.

3. Mason and I went for his initial (helmet fitting) appointment yesterday.  Basically all that had to be done at this appointment was getting some scans of Mason's head. I was very happy to hear that Mason's plagiocephaly (according to the scans) is actually very mild. A 2 on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the worse case scenario). The doctor/therapist (not sure what to call the person who scanned Mason's head) said that since Mason is considered to be in the "gray area" its up to Brian and I if we even want to proceed with the helmet. (At one point during the appointment though the doctor had mentioned that he can tell that one of Mason's ears is lower than the other and that there is also a slight bulging on the left side of his forehead...and this mama doesn't want Mason to always have an odd shaped head). So when the doctor/therapist said we didn't have to proceed (with the helmet) I asked him if we for-went the helmet would his head shape always be the way its currently shaped. The doctor/therapist responded with a yes. To which I responded...then I don't even have to check with my husband...we def want to proceed with the helmet. So we go back on June 7 for the 1 1/2 hour helmet fitting appointment. Can't wait to bling up his little helmet!!! I think we're going to go with light blue and my hubby is all about getting some UofM and NY Yankees stickers and I'm all on board with that. We're going to make it as fun as it possibly can be!!! The only down side was that the doctor/therapist said Mason would have to be in the helmet for 4 to 6 months. My pediatrician had told me up to 3 months but it is what it is so we'll see it through to the end. The MFB doctor/therapist said that Mason would pry be closer to the 4 month mark. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Let's get this head shaped up!!!

4. Loving my new door wreath, my ferns, and my flower pot. Hoping I can keep the flower pot alive all summer long!!! I normally get hanging flower baskets but since I always seem to kill them off before summer's end I went with ferns this year. Much harder for me to kill off!!!

5. You would NOT believe what I did last week. And no I did NOT lock Mason in the car again. One morning last week I went out my front door to water my flowers (and ferns). After watering the flowers I jumped in the shower and around 11:30 or so I headed out to run some errands. A little after 1pm I got a phone call from Brian...no "hi"...just a what's going on? I said what do you mean I'm out running some errands. He said our house alarm is going off and the front door is what set it off. I said...well I watered some flowers this morning but I'm (pretty) sure I shut the door. (Brian asked) well did you lock the door. I said...honestly I don't think I did. I then headed home to meet the police. (YES the police were on the way to our house...thats how our alarm system works). The police arrived shortly after I did but I was still sitting in the drive way since Brian had told me NOT to go inside until the police had checked everything out. As I was sitting in the driveway staring at my house it appeared to me that the front door was closed...which made me really nervous. But when the police arrived...the officer announced that it was ever so slightly opened. He did a sweep of the house and since everything looked to be in place I was given the okay to head in. I however chose to wait until Brian got home to actually go inside so instead I ran some more errands. Long story short I guess I didn't shut the front door all the way after I finished watering the flowers and since it was a tad bit windy out...the wind must have moved the door a teeny tiny amount but enough to trigger the alarm. As you can tell me and the wind do NOT get along. Oh and let's just say the hubby was none to pleased.

6. I just started reading the Hunger Games series. So far I'm loving it and I'm only a few chapters in!!!

7. A few months back (shortly after Mason was born) I bought the online version of Creative Memories. Now if only I could find some time to get started. Once I do I know I won't be able to stop so maybe its not all bad that I can't find any time...

8. I just joined Pinterest and can't wait to start on a few DIY projects. I bought an old white window frame and want to make it into a "picture frame" to help spice up our newly finished basement. Any tips are more than welcome!!! And I also bought an old white frame that I want to use as a center piece to a wall collage that I want to design on an upstairs wall.

I really like the "N" picture frame but I would obviously replaced the N with an H. My old white frame is very similar to the one in this picture!!!

The wall collage will include picture frames and DIY projects. Here is one example (of a wall design) that I thought was really cute. I LOVE the "H" design...and it seems easy enough to make. I thought the picture frames were cute too and they're pretty cheap which is a big plus.

9. This should have been an WILW (What I'm Loving Wednesday) post =)

10. But who am I kidding to think I can read (the Hunger Games series and all my magazines that are piling up), (online) scrapbook, start Pinterest projects, BLOG, run errands, keep the house in order (clean, cook, and picked up) and most importantly take care of Mason. Oh and check my email, check facebook, and browse Etsy. And its summertime and summertime means outdoor time. So like I said this should have been an WILW!!!

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  1. love it- my projects are stacking up these days as well. That is what loving kids is all about in my opinion!