Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Doctor Appointment

Mason has skin issues UP THE WAZOO. He has dry skin. He has sensitive skin. He sweats like crazy. And he has eczema like you wouldn't believe. He is constantly swatting at his ears and scratching at his head. I have called my pediatrician's office a couple of times and we have tried numerous different lotions, creams, etc but last night Brian and I had had enough. So I called the office today and said that I wanted Mason to be seen for a couple of reasons. Those reasons being...his ears (constant swatting...possible ear infection) and his numerous skin issues. Of course his primary doc was on vacation but the receptionist got us in to see the other doctor in the office this afternoon and she was just as fabulous as Dr. M. And hallelujah we got everything (hopefully) squared away!!!

She agreed that he definitely has some skin issues but that the helmet is not helping the problem whatsoever. So she told me to buy the Cetaphil Restoraderm Moisturizer and Body Wash. Of course at home I had Cetaphil bar soap and Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Go figure. She then prescribed me a 2.5% hydrocortisone cream for all his eczema spots (and there are LOTS of them) and nystatin for his neck. (We have been fighting an eczema-like spot for over 2.5 months). Dr. B said even though we can't see any whiteness in the area that its definitely yeasty. She was surprised that the Lamisol AT (that Dr. M) had told us to use didn't help more. 

Then I had her look at his ears. I wanted her to check for an ear infection but I also wanted her to look at a really red spot on one of his ears. It looked like a pimple with a small amount of pus in it. Thankfully it was only a bug bite. She told me to put some Benadryl cream on it. So yes I went to Target and bought both the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion and Body Wash...as well as some Benadryl cream, 2 bottles of Motrin (yea for being almost 6 months), and 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol (for Mase's stinky helmet). Yikes...he was one expensive boy to get AND one expensive boy to keep. But he is worth EVERY penny spent!!! And lots of pennies have been spent trying to figure out all of his skin issues. Oh and this was all in addition to the two prescriptions we had to pick up. At least my boy is going to be in tip top shape soon. One can hope anyways.  

Lastly, I had her check out his teeth because I was curious if any teeth were coming in yet. He's been sucking on his thumb and anything else he can get in his mouth like crazy lately. She took a look and said watch out...he has four making there way and it won't be much longer til they all pop. Lovely...four at once...should be fun!!! And this is mainly why I bought the Motrin.

Oh and just one more thing. They weighed Mason today and he was a whopping 19lbs 14oz WITH his helmet on. He's my little tank!!!

So yes bath time was fun tonight. I slathered on the (Cetaphil) Body Wash then dried him off and applied the hydrocortisone cream followed by the (Cetaphil) Restoraderm Lotion. Then I also applied the nystatin to his neck and the benadryl to his ear. So many little tubes of fun!!! Here's to Mase feeling better and swatting and scratching less.


  1. Poor little guy! Hope all those lotions and creams have him feeling better soon!

  2. Poor guy! Hope all the creams and lotions get him to feeling better quickly!