Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Six Months

Mason Dale,

Today you are half a year old!!! Wow the saying "time sure flies by when you're having fun" is most definitely true. You have brought more joy into our lives this past 6 months than mommy and daddy ever knew was possible. We absolutely cannot wait to see what the next 6 months bring. Love you with all our hearts "little" man!!!

Mommy and Daddy

Happy 6 Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: We don't visit Dr. M for Mason's official 6 month check-up until July 10 but as of last week at the doctor's office (remember I went in because of his skin issues) Mason weighed 19lb 14oz (with his helmet on).

Sizes: Mason is currently wearing 6-12 month (Gap, Old Navy, etc), 9-12 month (Children's Place), or 9 month (Carter, Jumping Beans) clothes (obviously just depends on the name brand). He (just in the last few days) started wearing some 12 month P.J's. And I do put him in a few 12 month things from my sister (like muscles shirts, comfy shorts, and a bathing suit). Oh and one of the bathing suits I bought for him this year was 12 months as well. Mason is still in size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers.

Wearing his BIG boy pajama's!!!

Food:  My breast feeding (Mason) days are almost over for a couple of reasons. First Mason would sometimes get so mad because he couldn't get enough to fill his tummy. (I believe this was just due to the fact that he needed more than I could supply). And second with his helmet plus the heat of summer when Mason was all nuzzled in he would sweat bullets. So he now breast feeds once in the morning and once in the afternoon (and sometimes he gets a little snack in the evening). But these feedings do NOT last him 3 hours. All other feedings are (obviously) bottle fed. He still gets 6.5 ounces of breastmilk because I have a decent supply (of breast milk) in our deep freezer downstairs. When I'm at work I try to pump once a shift and I pump still in the morning before heading into work.

AND when Mason hit 5 and a half months we (finally) decided to try some rice cereal. He wasn't a big fan at first. (He just kept spitting it out with his a typical baby I'm sure). But he's now slowly warming up to it. He certainly does enjoy playing with the spoon. Oh silly boy!!! After a week of plain rice cereal we started mixing it with some baby food. I know its said to start with vegetables first but I only had peaches in the house so thats what we started with. Again wasn't (still isn't) a big fan of peaches...but I'm thinking its because of the tartness. After peaches we tried sweet potatoes (which he doesn't mind so much) and thats as far as we've gotten thus far.

Routine: Mason still has no set routine. But he's a HAPPY baby so it works for us!!! He gets the bottle/boob every 3-4ish hours. And in addition gets some rice cereal/baby food once or twice a day. (Always in the evening and sometimes in the morning). He naps once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and takes a really short nap in the evening. As always length and time vary. To be honest he naps better for people other than me. Has anyone else experienced this??? My go to trick is going for a car ride...this is a sure bet to knock him out!!!

Bedtime is still around 8:30-9:00. So around 8 or so he gets a bath. He also gets his hour off (out of his helmet that is) from anywhere between 7:30-9pm...just depends on if I work that day or not. As for sleeping through the night...about a week and a half ago Mason started being consistent with sleeping a good solid 8-9 hours at a time. YEA!!! He typically wakes up between 5 and 6...I give him a 4 oz bottle...and he'll go back to sleep until 8am or so. This momma is loving this new schedule!!! Although I'm sure its too good to last for long!

You're fave part of the day...BATH TIME!!!

Developmental Milestones: On June 2 Mason (finally) learned to roll over from belly to back. So now he's a rolling machine. He started clucking/smacking his lips right after he hit 5 months and he started screaming/grunting oh so very loudly a week or so later. He started sitting around 5 and a half months...although he does still tip over every once in awhile. And last but not least once he got his helmet on he started scooting like mad. (That smooth surface I tell ya)!!! We've even contemplated putting up the stair protector because he CANNOT be left alone in the family room anymore. And I thought he was getting around before...

Loves: I've said it before and I'll say it again Mason is a very happy baby (YES even when he doesn't nap). He's a baby that just loves life!!! He loves standing on his legs!!! He loves sucking on/playing with his toes (yes he can reach them now) and he loves sucking on his mommy's toes too which daddy finds utterly disgusting!!! He (still) loves sucking/pulling on mommy's hair!!! Basically he loves sucking on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. If he can get his hands on WILL be in his mouth!!! He loves whipping things back and forth...back and forth...back and forth... He loves watching his cousins play. He thinks they are so entertaining!!! And if one of them starts crying...sometimes he thinks he needs to too! And last but not least he loves jumping in his jumperoo and swinging in his new swing!!!

Dislikes: Napping (sometimes) and going to bed (some nights). But once in awhile he just can't help it...

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You have crazy skin issues. Sensitive skin. Dry skin. Eczema-filled skin. And by nature (and rolls) you are a sweaty baby. Mommy (and daddy) have spent so much moolah trying to find the right combination of lotions and creams for you. And I think (with Dr. B's help) we finally figured it out!!! Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Wash and Lotion are working wonders on your cute little bod. As is the hydrocortisone (2.5%) cream =) And the really good news is you don't swat at your ears and scratch your head as much as you use to since we started using these products.
  • The nasty bright red eczema looking spot on your neck is finally GONE!!! You have had it for about 2 and a half months. Final diagnosis = yeast. Ewww gross. Glad we finally figured that one out. Mommy can tell that you are so much happier (since we started putting the prescription Nystatin on it) because you don't bat at your neck a thousand times a day anymore!!! And just for the record it was NEVER white hence why we thought it was just a really bad eczema spot.
  • You fake cough all the time!!! 
  • You helped Daddy celebrate his first (Earthly) Father's Day.
  • You got your plagiocephaly helmet on June 7.  And never once (thus far anyways) has it bothered you. Although it makes you sweat twice as much as you use to. We "weaned it" on to you meaning...on the first day you wore it (that being June 8) you had it on for one for one hour. On day 2 you wore it for two for one. On day 3 you wore it for 4 for one but you also had to wear it for all naps and to bed. On day 4 you wore it for 8 for one and again you had to wear it for all naps and to bed. And finally on day 5 you were in it for 23 hours a day...and off for just one mere little hour. At your one week (post helmet) appointment your therapist said that you were accumulating too much sweat in your helmet that if left unattended could grow into some nasty bacteria. So now every 3-4 hours we need to take your helmet off to wipe your head and helmet out with a cold rag. But your helmet cannot be off for more than 5 minutes for these wipe downs. The wipe downs have definitely made a huge difference in the sweat department (thank goodness).
  • You think you're big stuff when taking a bath. No laying back for you. No sir-ree you need to sit up like a BIG boy!!!
  • We're just waiting for that first four teeth to pop in. Dr. B said that all 4 are making their way in. Oh boy this should be interesting!!! 
  • You helped Mommy and Daddy celebrate Alayna and Ella's 2nd birthday.
  • Loud voices scare you. Your lip starts quivering and its like your contemplating whether you should cry or not. Sometimes you decide a cry is warranted and other times you just start laughing. Crazy boy!!!
  • You took your first vacation (to the Wisconsin Dells). Which meant you traveled outside of Michigan for the first time. You can now say you've been to the great states of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

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