Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wisconsin Dells

Ahhhh we just got back (well this past Tuesday) from a wonderful family trip to the Wisconsin Dells for my parent's 40th anniversary!!! We stayed at the Wilderness Resort (all 16 of us in ONE condo) and to say we had a BLAST is putting it mildly!!! The weather was perfect...(90's and sunny)...which meant we basically spent all day every day in the many different parks playing in the many different pools and hitting up the many different water slides. But we also found some time to celebrate my nephew Cole's 3rd birthday (which happened to be WHEN we were in the Dells). And all he wanted was to ride the you better believe we did just that!!! (Sorry no pics of the go-carts included. My sis-in-law took many but I don't have my hands on them just yet).

Here's a few pics from our get-a-way...

The whole family
Enjoying the lazy river
My "lil" man
Same story just different days...what sleeping stud muffins!!!
Mason and his big cousin Addi 
Some of the gang...
Daddy and Mason
Grandma and Mason
Mommy and her boys
All the cousins...
Aunt Linney with 2 of her favorite lil girls
Brinley and Mason...Mase just loves her!!!
Part of the crew on the duck boat tour

And to the ones that made it parents

Hard to imagine that we started talking about a family trip for my parent's 40th anniversary over two years ago and here it already came and went. Back when we first started talking about where to go I was pregnant with the girls. When we were in the Dells I couldn't help but think about what it would have been like to have TWO 20 month olds running around. But as always if they were here...
...this lil hunk wouldn't be and I cannot even begin to imagine what life would be like without him. He does my heart good.

Oh and as you can tell Mason has his helmet on in some pics and not in others...this is because we had to slowly ramp up the amount of time Mason spent in his helmet but thats for another post (if I ever get around to it)!

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