Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Week(end)

So yesterday happened to be my Golden Birthday!!! And GOLDEN it most definitely was. Two years ago was (by far) my saddest birthday. Thankfully my hubby took the day off and we spent it together. And even though last year was an okay kinda (birth)day...I was still a mere 18 weeks pregnant and nervous as all get out...which made it not so great. But this year was simply wonderful. My birthday fun started on Tuesday when my mother-in-law came over to baby-sit so Brian and I could hit up Michigan Adventure. Juvenile...maybe. Fun...YES!!! Then on Friday night the in-law's took me (and Brian and Mason) out for my birthday dinner. Place of choice...P.F. Changs. Mmmmm it was yummy. 

I loved P.F.Changs mom!!!

Next on the agenda was a Saturday morning trip to the zoo (which really wasn't birthday related but who cares if I say it was!!!). It was Mason's first trip (to the zoo) and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself.

Mase and I with Laura and Taylor

Watching some roosters while Ave and Lil take on the ropes course.

Sunday was my actual birthday and after a beautiful outdoor church service Brian, Mase, and I headed over to my parent's for a scrumptious birthday meal prepared by my parentals!!! And better yet was the fact that my WHOLE family was able to join in the celebration.

Birthday girl and her baby boy.

And later that night my boys and I headed over to the Kent Trails for a little bike ride that ended with a trip to Houseman's (for some ice cream).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Seven Months

Mason Dale,

I love you through and through. I love your top side. I love your bottom side. I love your inside and outside. I love your happy side, your sad side, your silly side, your mad side. I love your fingers and toes, your ears and nose. I love your hair (what you have of it) and your (bluer than blue) eyes, your giggles and cries. I love you running and walking, silent and talking. I love you through and through...yesterday, today and tomorrow, too. (Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak)

Oh Maser Dale I don't know what I would ever do without you. And I pray everyday that I never have to find out. You are the light of mommy and daddy's worlds and we thank God every day for allowing US to be your parents!!! And as mommy always says to you...I could eat you for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner because thats how much mommy loves you!!! 

Mommy and Daddy

Happy 7 Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: At Mason's 6 (and a half-ish month) check 2 weeks and a few days ago he was 19lbs 9oz so I'm thinking he is or is about to...tip the 20lb scale (and maybe an ounce or two). And I'm guessing he's still 27 inches long or at most 27 and 1/4 inches long.

Sizes: Mason is still wearing 6-12 month and 9-12 month clothing but as of two days ago we switched out the 9 month clothing for 12 month clothing. (He could still wear some of his 9 month outfits but its just easier for me to switch everything out). He's still wearing size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers (don't be fooled by the above Pamper diaper picture!!!) but thinking the switch to 4's is just around the corner. Why you ask. Well here's my answer...about two weeks ago Mason was wetting the bed crib EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. And when I say wetting...I meaning soaking his crib pad, crib sheet, and his P.J.'s. So after dealing with this for a straight week I went out and bought Pampers Stay Dry diapers. Thinking this would solve my problem I went to bed excited. But the following morning did not bring me good news. You guessed it...he was once again soaking wet (maybe even more so). So I asked my sis and sis-in-law if they had some ideas for me and they both recommended waterproof training pants. I had to do some searching around (not every store carries the size I needed) but I found them (the 12-18 month size) at Walmart and I am IN LOVE!!! Out of the last 5 nights...only one morning has Mase woken up slightly wet...and just his P.J.'s...NOT his bedding!!!

Someone rolled right under his bed.

Food: Mason loves him some food. And he is more often than not a very messy eater. His favorite foods thus far are applesauce, pears, bananas (which he is NO longer allowed to have due to constipation issues), prunes, green beans and carrots. But he also doesn't mind squash, sweet potatoes, peas, or peaches. Mason eats baby food twice a day...once in the morning and once around dinner time. And the morning feeding session typically involves a mix of baby food AND cereal. Our cereal of choice was oatmeal with a hint of banana but as of last week we switched Mason over to barley (again due to the constipation issues). Mase still gets on average 5-6 bottles a day. Most of the time he'll take down 6-6.5oz. As of this past week (once again due to the constipation issues) we started giving Mase a little Miralax in his night time bottle and it has helped tremendously. Prior to the Miralax my little guy would be working so hard (as in red in the face working hard) all day long in order to get one little nugget out. Mommy felt so so so bad for him.

Routine: Mason's routine changes slightly day to day!!!  But that's okay because as I've always said I'm (we're) not rigid schedulers. For the most part Mason wakes up anytime between 6 and 8. If he wakes up at 6 he gets a bottle and then typically goes back to sleep until 7:30 or 8. If he wakes up closer to 7 or 8 he eats breakfast (how much he eats always varies) and also gets a bottle but obviously does not fall back to sleep until nap time. He then eats every 3-4.5 hours throughout the day. He gets his second helping of baby food around dinner time (anywhere between 5 and 7...just depends on his sleeping schedule and when he last had a bottle).

As for sleeping...he takes more cat naps when we're on the go but every day does get in one good 1.5-3 hour nap. I LOVE when its a 3 hour day!!! If we're home for the day he tends to nap better. But I'm not home as much in the summer as I am in the winter cause I tend to spend a LOT of time at my sister's pool or my parent's lake. Bath time is around 8pm (give or take) so his helmet comes off shortly before and remains off for a good hour. (His other one hour off is typically an hour spent outside). After his bath I lather him up in lotions and creams and then its BOTTLE TIME!!! Oh does my boy love his bottle. He pops his paci right out ANYTIME he sees his bubba!!! And then its off to bed around 9pm. Most of the time he'll fall to sleep on the bottle but if not we just walk him to sleep. So yes sometimes my boy sleeps from 9pm until 7:30am with not a peep to be made. Life is GOOD!!!

Yes he IS grabbing at himself. One of his favorite things to do these days. 

Developmental Milestones: Mason can stand with help...

or by hanging on to something...
Mason learned to of yesterday (July 26)...

And (as of last week) Mason started trying to pull himself up on things (such as the washing machine, his mommy or daddy, or his Fisher Price Go Baby Go Crawl and Cruise Musical Jungle)...

Mason also knows what "come" means and he definitely knows how to baby talk!!!

Loves: Mason loves to stand with help from mommy and daddy (see above pictures). Mason loves to laugh snort. Mason loves splish splashing in water. Mason (now) loves to sleep (although every now and then he will fight me on it). Mason loves sucking on anything paper. Mason loves playing with daddy's iPhone (its like the best toy ever)!!! And Mason loves watching Nuki Nuki...

Dislikes: Mason very much so dislikes his face being washed (like during bath time) or wiped clean (after meal time). To say he gets down right mad is putting it mildly. And if water gets in his eyes during bath time (compliments of mom) out folks he is one UNhappy camper.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You enjoyed your first camping experience at Holland State Park. 
  • You went on you first wagon ride (while camping).
  • You went in both grandparent's lakes for the first time. AND Lake Michigan for the first time. 
  • You went "swimming" in Aunt Courtney's pool for the first time. And have since enjoyed it on many occasions!!!
  • When drinking your always feel the need to stick your right thumb into your mouth.
  • You are always lifting/kicking your left foot in the air. Why the left foot? I have NO clue.
  • You sat in a grocery cart like a big boy for the first time and you absolutely LOVED it!!!
  • You drank out of a sippy for the first time. You weren't so sure about it at first but you now seem to enjoy it.

Although you don't always drink out of it correctly....

  • About a week after you turned 6 months you learned how to "pop out" your paci to take in your bottle!!! So.Stinkin.Cute!!! Not gonna lie mommy had been working with you on this for awhile.
  • Right at 6 months you started eating MUCH better. My just didn't care for plain ole rice cereal. Once we fed you some actual baby food you got the hang of "eating" very quickly.
Whatcha doing Mase? Oh just reading...
  • There is was NO denying when you were about to poop. You stopped whatever it was that you were doing...and would push and push and push with all your might. Dr. M recommended switching from oatmeal to barley (at your 6th month appointment which was actually more of an 6 and a half month appointment) to alleviate some of this constipation so last week we made the switch. It definitely helped some but the daily dose of Miralax was the real life saver. Now pooping just comes in NO effort.
  • Three days BEFORE you turned 6 months your first two teefers (the center bottom ones) popped through at.the.same.exact.time. Let's just say that Sunday night into Monday morning was a might bit rough. But oh how I love your 2 teefer smile!!!
  • Two comments I get quite frequently (about YOU)..."Wow his eyes are bluer than blue" and "He's a big boy." Someone actually asked me the other day if you were walking or not. My response he's only 6 months old. Not gonna lie...the "he's so big" comments get old after awhile. But whatever...
  • You celebrated your first 4th of July. Mommy had to work so you hung out with daddy and gpa and gma H. No fireworks this year...maybe next year!!!
  • You got your first tattoo (a tiger).
  • When we change always want to touch your peter. Boys will be boys.
  • You went boating (to Muskegon) on grandpa and grandma's boat for the first time and on that boating trip you "played" with sand for the first time.
  • We got a good deal on a Burley from Craigslist...which means you went on your very first bike ride (of many) with mom and dad this past month. Out of your three ride thus far you have fallen asleep twice...must be pretty relaxing!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Boating Trip

This past Saturday Mason experienced his very first boating trip. And oh what fun he (we all) had!!! My brother (Jason), his wife (Kristi) and their 3 kids along with Brian, Mason, and I joined my parents on their boat for an afternoon of summer loving!!! It was a picture perfect boating day. Good temperature. Sunshine (with some afternoon clouds). And warm water. I was even super mom and gave Mason his two hour helmet break while we were out in the sun so his head could breathe easier...which I'm sure he was thankful for. And besides the initial what is this thing (this thing being Mason's straight I mean life jacket) there were very few tears shed from my boy. And believe it or not Mason even managed to get in two naps while on the boat!!! But enough chatter...enjoy some pics from our day...

Brian with Mase, my bro Jason, my parents, and my nieces Kylynn and Addi in Lake Muskegon

Enjoying the warm shallow water!!!
My boys
The little fella conked right out
Captain Mason
Splashing in the water 
Mommy and her favorite lil man
Kylynn, Easton, Mason, Me, and Addi enjoying the beach.
Mason and grandma
Ahhh one last picture to remember this fun-filled summer day!!!

(Another) Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Splish Splashing Through Summer

The past two summers have been none too enjoyable. But this summer. This summer is a different story. This summer I get to enjoy loving on my sweet and adorable and can't forget miraculous...little boy!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Mason LOVES the water. And we are so fortunate because BOTH of Mason's grandparents live on lakes. And Mason's Aunt Courtney owns a for us!!!

Enjoying the lake at Grandpa and Grandma Helmholdts...
First time in his floaty!!!
Yes folks...he was so excited he was jumping =)
Cheese buket!!!

Enjoying the afternoon in Aunt Courtney's pool...
He loves sucking on the tube...silly boy!!!

And enjoying the lake at Papa and Gma Vugteveens...

Ahhh this IS the life!!!

Helmet Update

Last week we had Mason's 1 month (but in actuality 5 week) helmet check-up appointment. Glad to report Lance (the Orthotics guy) saw definite improvement!!! He only did hand measurements but he was very happy with the progress that had been made. Next month Mase will get his head re-scanned...and I will be hoping and praying for awesome results that say adios helmet...but I am planning on Mase having to wear the helmet for at least another month. The only problem is the helmet is making Mase so sweaty. So sweaty that he has yeast growing in a few places. (He has a couple bright red spots on his head that I guess are yeasty even though they are NOT white). So now Mase gets 2 one hour offs (spread apart) a day in hopes to combat the yeast once late morning/early afternoon and off again just before bed. Lance said to use the mupirocin cream on ALL the red spots on Mason's head too not just the one on the back of his head/neck. And Lance drilled a few more holes on one side of  the helmet (the side Mason favors) as well. So thats our new game plan. Thankful for the progress but patiently waiting to be done with the whole she-bang!!!

Hey Mom...I don't really mind this thing so much!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Grand Kidz Rock

Remembering me blogging about a picture session that we did with all the grandkids and my parents for their 40th anniversary? Well I got the pictures back on Monday and they are to die for!!! Thanks Brooke!!! (She also did my maternity and will be doing a family session as well as Mason's 9 month pictures in September). She takes EXCELLENT pictures for a super REASONABLE price.

My amazing parents!!!

My oldest brother's kids...Kylynn (6), Easton (23 mons), and Addisyn (4)

My other (older) brother's son...Austin (2.5 mons)

My only (but older) sister's kids...Cambrey (4.5), Brinley (1), and Cole (3)

And my lil stunner...Mason Dale (6 mons).

Grandma and her girls!!!

Grandpa and his boys!!!