Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6 Month Appointment

So we had Mason's 6 month appointment yesterday and he weighed in at 19lbs 9oz. (Puts him in the 75th percentile). I was worried at first because 3 weeks ago when we went in to get his skin issues assessed he weighed 19lbs 14oz...but then I remembered that that weight was with a helmet, a onesie, and an unchanged diaper on. And just for kicks his nurse weighed his helmet and it weighed a whopping 9oz...whoa boy!!! Mason is also 75th percentile for height...coming in at 27 inches long!!! And his head was 18 inches wide which puts in at the 95th percentile...and that measurement was taken with the helmet OFF =)

Doc said we have a healthy boy except for his yeasty areas. Remember me talking about that nasty spot on his neck. Yep still there (even with medicating it with the Nystatin cream). Dr. M put in a prescription for oral diflucan. Hoping that this medication will finally make it go away. I also wanted Dr. M to take a closer look at the back of Mason's head/neck. Mason has a stork bite (a red birthmark there that he's had since birth). But lately it seems to have gotten in bigger and a brighter shade of red. Unfortunately Dr. M thinks that that spot has some yeast in it too along with irritation from the helmet. So we are treating that with some mupirocin cream. And no lie the spot after just one treatment looks soooo much better!!! As much as I LOVE summer...its is NOT loving my boy. He's a sweaty boy by nature and the heat and helmet are NO help. 

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