Monday, July 30, 2012

Birthday Week(end)

So yesterday happened to be my Golden Birthday!!! And GOLDEN it most definitely was. Two years ago was (by far) my saddest birthday. Thankfully my hubby took the day off and we spent it together. And even though last year was an okay kinda (birth)day...I was still a mere 18 weeks pregnant and nervous as all get out...which made it not so great. But this year was simply wonderful. My birthday fun started on Tuesday when my mother-in-law came over to baby-sit so Brian and I could hit up Michigan Adventure. Juvenile...maybe. Fun...YES!!! Then on Friday night the in-law's took me (and Brian and Mason) out for my birthday dinner. Place of choice...P.F. Changs. Mmmmm it was yummy. 

I loved P.F.Changs mom!!!

Next on the agenda was a Saturday morning trip to the zoo (which really wasn't birthday related but who cares if I say it was!!!). It was Mason's first trip (to the zoo) and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed himself.

Mase and I with Laura and Taylor

Watching some roosters while Ave and Lil take on the ropes course.

Sunday was my actual birthday and after a beautiful outdoor church service Brian, Mase, and I headed over to my parent's for a scrumptious birthday meal prepared by my parentals!!! And better yet was the fact that my WHOLE family was able to join in the celebration.

Birthday girl and her baby boy.

And later that night my boys and I headed over to the Kent Trails for a little bike ride that ended with a trip to Houseman's (for some ice cream).

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