Wednesday, July 25, 2012

First Boating Trip

This past Saturday Mason experienced his very first boating trip. And oh what fun he (we all) had!!! My brother (Jason), his wife (Kristi) and their 3 kids along with Brian, Mason, and I joined my parents on their boat for an afternoon of summer loving!!! It was a picture perfect boating day. Good temperature. Sunshine (with some afternoon clouds). And warm water. I was even super mom and gave Mason his two hour helmet break while we were out in the sun so his head could breathe easier...which I'm sure he was thankful for. And besides the initial what is this thing (this thing being Mason's straight I mean life jacket) there were very few tears shed from my boy. And believe it or not Mason even managed to get in two naps while on the boat!!! But enough chatter...enjoy some pics from our day...

Brian with Mase, my bro Jason, my parents, and my nieces Kylynn and Addi in Lake Muskegon

Enjoying the warm shallow water!!!
My boys
The little fella conked right out
Captain Mason
Splashing in the water 
Mommy and her favorite lil man
Kylynn, Easton, Mason, Me, and Addi enjoying the beach.
Mason and grandma
Ahhh one last picture to remember this fun-filled summer day!!!

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  1. It gives me chills to see pictures of you, Brian and your healthy baby boy! I have prayed a lot for you and it is just really incredible to see how happy you look!