Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Helmet Update

Last week we had Mason's 1 month (but in actuality 5 week) helmet check-up appointment. Glad to report Lance (the Orthotics guy) saw definite improvement!!! He only did hand measurements but he was very happy with the progress that had been made. Next month Mase will get his head re-scanned...and I will be hoping and praying for awesome results that say adios helmet...but I am planning on Mase having to wear the helmet for at least another month. The only problem is the helmet is making Mase so sweaty. So sweaty that he has yeast growing in a few places. (He has a couple bright red spots on his head that I guess are yeasty even though they are NOT white). So now Mase gets 2 one hour offs (spread apart) a day in hopes to combat the yeast problem...off once late morning/early afternoon and off again just before bed. Lance said to use the mupirocin cream on ALL the red spots on Mason's head too not just the one on the back of his head/neck. And Lance drilled a few more holes on one side of  the helmet (the side Mason favors) as well. So thats our new game plan. Thankful for the progress but patiently waiting to be done with the whole she-bang!!!

Hey Mom...I don't really mind this thing so much!!!

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