Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Splish Splashing Through Summer

The past two summers have been none too enjoyable. But this summer. This summer is a different story. This summer I get to enjoy loving on my sweet and adorable and can't forget miraculous...little boy!!! Thank you Jesus!!!

Mason LOVES the water. And we are so fortunate because BOTH of Mason's grandparents live on lakes. And Mason's Aunt Courtney owns a pool...boo-yah for us!!!

Enjoying the lake at Grandpa and Grandma Helmholdts...
First time in his floaty!!!
Yes folks...he was so excited he was jumping =)
Cheese buket!!!

Enjoying the afternoon in Aunt Courtney's pool...
He loves sucking on the tube...silly boy!!!

And enjoying the lake at Papa and Gma Vugteveens...

Ahhh this IS the life!!!

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