Thursday, July 5, 2012

Camping at Holland State Park

Well folks...I survived my first camping trip WITH a child in tow. And even though it was tiring and quite a bit LOTS of work...I would (and will) do it all over again because (I know) Mason had SO MUCH FUN!!! How do I know you ask.

Well during the day he was always smiling...

Or napping like a pro...

And at night he just CRASHED (with very minimal crying). And since we've been home he has been sleeping a good solid 10 straight hours at night. Yea Mason!!!

The weather might have been a wee bit H-O-T this year (upper 90's) but that didn't stop us from making some wonderful memories. Enjoy a few pics from our vacation-of-fun...

Sure I'll have some spinach and artichoke dip mom.

Mason and Brinley playing in "the cage."

My lil stud

Grandma, Easton, and Mason enjoying the beach.

One happy little family!!!

Enjoying his one hour of being helmet FREE.

Splashing away in his pool (at the beach)!!!

Wagon rides were an every day kinda thing.

Mason with a few of his cousins...Addi, Kylynn, and Cambrey.

Papa with Mason and Brinley

Cole, Easton, Cambrey, Addi, and Kylynn

Trying to include not so much!!!

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