Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Boy

On the 27th of every month I get out my camera and do a photo shoot with Mase to celebrate his "monthly birthday." Over the past 7 months Mason (for the most part) has been very cooperative which has resulted in me having a hard time choosing THE cutest picture to post. But this month was a COMPLETELY different story. And here's why...

Within seconds of setting him down this is what he does...

So I decided to skip the chair this month and opted instead for the ground. Big mistake. He wouldn't stop playing with the vent.

So I moved him away from the vent towards his crib. Another mistake. The crib is something fun to pull himself up on 
And can you see the baby monitor in the background (to the left). Once he saw that he dropped to all fours and scurried over to the cord (he LOVES cords). *No picture of him crawling to the cord because mommy didn't want him electrocuted.*

So I put him in the crib thinking that would solve the problem. Nope...he just pulled himself up again. He would NOT sit still.

So someone may have "helped" him sit down. And someone else did NOT appreciate the help...

So I gave the ole basket a try. Definitely NOT a hit... 

So back to the ground we went. And I even let him have his paci. He wasn't impressed by my generosity. Nor by my "scream" to get him to look.  

Trying to crack a smile... 

Nope he would rather cry... 

At this point I was about ready to give up when I gave the "How big is Mason" a try. Success!!! (Kinda) 

But then he remembered what we were doing and started crying again (or was it my "scream" in trying to get him to look)...

Then I decided that his back side is super cute... 

And finally in a last ditch effort I decided to try (again) to get just one good pic... 

But Mason thought eating it was a better option. And to prevent any more tears I decided to just go with it.

And that folks wraps up his 8 Month photo shoot. Not the success I was hoping for. But oh well.

Prayers MUCH Appreciated

If you're in a praying mood (and I KNOW you are)!!! Please send up a prayer (or two or three or four) for my dear friend Kristin and her hubby Dan. You can read their story here. But the short synopsis is this...they are in the middle of their TWW. On Saturday their two precious embabies were implanted into a surrogate. They are such a wonderful kind loving Christian couple and I pray NOTHING more than for these two embabies to grow and developed into their earthly children.

Eight Months

Happy Eight Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: If I had to guess I would say about 21lbs (give or take a few ounces) and around 28 inches long. (We don't go back to the doctor until early October for Mason's 9 month well child check-up).

Sizes: Mason (for the most part) is wearing either 12 month or 12-18 month clothing. (Some of the 12-18 month clothing is a bit big but I would rather it be a bit too big then a bit too snug). However, he is still wearing a few 6-12 month or 9-12 month shorts. Mase is wearing size 4 (Kirkland brand) diapers. And at night he is still wearing his waterproof training pants!!!

Food: Mase is an eating/drinking machine these days!!! He loves to eat and drink. He typically gets 4-5 6oz bottles a day. He gets 5 bottles if he starts his day off early (before 7am) or 4 bottles if he sleeps in (sleeping in means waking anytime after 7am). And then he also eats three meals a day. For breakfast he eats a full 2nd's fruit mixed with one ounce of barley cereal. For lunch a yogurt. And for supper a full 2nd's vegetable. In between meals he snacks on puffs and yogurt melts. He loves all (the baby food) fruit but his favorite is definitely apple and blueberry and he is partial to the "orange" vegetables. And just last week (Monday) for the very first time I gave him some table food...which consisted of raspberries and cheeries...and yes he liked them both!!! I was going to wait until 9 months but he seemed ready and ready he was.

Routine: Mason typically wakes up between 7-8am and is ready to begin his day. (However, for the last week or so he's been waking up between 5 and 6am. Thankfully though if he gets a bottle...he will 9 out of 10 times go back to sleep until 7 or 8am). Once he wakes up...breakfast (and a bottle) is first on his agenda followed by playtime. About three hours after he wakes up for the day he is ready for his morning nap. He'll nap about 1-2 hours. Then it's lunch time (which includes another bottle). Lunch is followed by more playtime until he is ready for his afternoon nap which again is about three hours after he wakes up from his morning nap. His afternoon nap is typically 2-3 hour (just depends on how tired he is). Then its dinner time (including another bottle)...followed by yet more playtime and around 8pm I get him ready for bed...which consists of a bath and his final bottle. Mase goes night night between 8:30 and 9pm. Obviously there are variations day to day but for the most part this is the pattern he follows. Playtime is anything we want it to be...a bike ride, a stroller ride, a wagon ride, playing with toys upstairs, playing with toys downstairs, etc. And playtime gets ditched if mom needs to run some errands.

Oh the silly ways you sleep...

Developmental Milestones: Mason just exploded this month in the developmental department!!! He learned to (kinda) wave a few days after turning 7 months (although he doesn't quite get the full concept yet). He learned to put himself into a sitting position on August 5 and just 4 days later he learned to pull himself up into a standing position. (He didn't pull himself up into a standing position regularly though until last week). He can also get to anything he wants by slithering/crawling to it. He typically gets into the crawling position to start with but falls to his belly after a few crawls and then just slithers the rest of the way to whatever it is that he wants. Where there's a will...there's a way!!! He will also occasionally hand out kisses. And finally he learned "SO BIG" last week...


Loves: Mason loves to eat. Mason loves to clap. Mason loves big kids. Mason loves bath time. Mason loves playing with his toys. And Mason loves being outside. You name it...Mason probably loves it!!!

Dislikes: Mason still very much so dislikes getting his face wiped or washed. And for whatever odd reason he absolutely hates the vacuum...hence the picture below. And I wasn't even pushing it towards him.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You helped mommy celebrate her 29th birthday.
  • You still get Miralax once a day. And no longer do you get just 1/ get up to HALF a cap full.
  • Your top teefers started coming in just before 7 and a half months. You woke up every night for a week straight and just wanted to snuggle/rock with mommy. So snuggle you I did. Sometimes it took over an hour of rocking and maybe a little motrin (or tylenol) to help settle you back to sleep but other times it only took a mere 10-15 minutes. Your left front tooth came in about 2 days days before the right.
  • You almost always fall asleep when mommy sings Jesus Loves Me or Jesus Loves The Little Children.
  • Also right at 7 months you started sitting in the tub like a BIG boy. No more baby tub (in the big tub) for you!!!
  • You started eating puffs at 7 months exactly. And a week before turning 8 months you got your first taste of table food!!!
  • NO more helmet for YOU as of August 9!!!
(One of) the last pictures of you with your with helmet on!!!
  • You started sitting in a BIG boy car seat this month.
  • You no longer cry the minute you wake "play" with your paci(s) and baby talk for awhile before giving mommy your million dollar GOOD MORNING smile!!!
  • You baby talk quite a bit and you say something that sounds just like "dada" and "mama"...but I'm just not sure if you actually know what you are saying yet.
  • And last but not least you went to the Hudsonville Fair for the first time. But you were too enamored with all the farm animals to get a decent picture. So this is what mommy has to remember your first trip to the fair.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Thursday/Friday FUN

Last Thursday I had the privilege of co-hosting a double baby shower for two of my girlfriends. They are both expecting their first baby (due just 2 weeks apart) in mid September (Gretchen) and early October (Karie).
Krista, Me, Janna, Karie, Gretchen, Rachel (with Na'omi...Janna's 1 month old daughter), and Melissa

It's a very rare occasion when all seven of us are in the same place at once so obviously a picture had to be taken!!! 

And since Janna and her boys were in town a play date was scheduled for the following morning. We always get such a chuckle out of the boys because they don't really play together...they just "coexist."
Jude (2), Rhys (9 mon), Cohen (12 mon), Mason (8 mon), Josiah (16 mon), and Ezra (2)

And if you're curious Jude and Rhys are Rachel's boys. Cohen is Melissa's lil man. And Ezra and Josiah are Janna's dudes.

And yes it's next to impossible to get them all looking at once!!! Hard to believe that by the end of January a potential of 4 little girls could be joining this group...for sure 2 though...(Gretchen does not know what she is having and my friend Melissa who is also pregnant is also not going to find out the sex). I told my friend Rach that her and I need to jump on the band wagon and have girl 5 and girl 6 to even things out ;)

And later that night ALL the couples (plus Mason) got together for a bon-fire. Well what I should say is that the guys enjoyed the bon-fire while us gals escaped the mosquitoes by just hanging out inside. (Didn't need Mason getting West Nile now did we). And after a fun Thursday/Friday I got to work the rest of the weekend. So I'm very glad its almost Monday!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

And They Finally Meet

This past March Mase was suppose to meet his buddy Will (who was in from Denver) for the very first time. (Will...born just 2 months before the son of one of my closest friends from college). But then Mase went and got sick so those plans had to be put on the back burner...that is until this past Saturday. This past Saturday my friend Amy, her hubby, and sweet boy Will were in G.R. for a night so we took advantage of the night and made some dinner/hang out plans. So thankful Amy moved back to the Chicago area so we (including our other pal Karie) can make these get togethers happen more often (as in more than just once a year)!!!

Mase and I with my college besties...Karie and baby girl N. (due early October) and Amy with her precious boy Will.

Yes that would be me (my arms anyway) restraining Mason. He doesn't always play nice. But don't you worry Will got some good jabs in too.

Since he couldn't do any damage with his arms he thought he would give the old head butt a shot...
And the best shot the hubby got of just the two boys.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pool + Cousins = Fun

Mason LOVES water. And he's definitely gotten his fair share of it this summer (thanks to his Aunt Courtney)!!! At least once a week (if not twice) since early July we have made the trek to my sister house to enjoy her pool. And enjoy it we have!!!

Mason, Addi, Gma V, Easton, and Cole 

My sweet baby boy!!!

The pool gang (minus Me and Brinley).

Mason with Aunt Courtney and cousin Cole

One happy boy during his hour of freedom

Kisses from Mason...sorry Cole!!!

The best attempt with all four

Two out of three looking...not bad.

Wonder what they're thinking...

Buds...Maser Dale and Ricky Ricardo =)