Monday, August 20, 2012

And They Finally Meet

This past March Mase was suppose to meet his buddy Will (who was in from Denver) for the very first time. (Will...born just 2 months before the son of one of my closest friends from college). But then Mase went and got sick so those plans had to be put on the back burner...that is until this past Saturday. This past Saturday my friend Amy, her hubby, and sweet boy Will were in G.R. for a night so we took advantage of the night and made some dinner/hang out plans. So thankful Amy moved back to the Chicago area so we (including our other pal Karie) can make these get togethers happen more often (as in more than just once a year)!!!

Mase and I with my college besties...Karie and baby girl N. (due early October) and Amy with her precious boy Will.

Yes that would be me (my arms anyway) restraining Mason. He doesn't always play nice. But don't you worry Will got some good jabs in too.

Since he couldn't do any damage with his arms he thought he would give the old head butt a shot...
And the best shot the hubby got of just the two boys.

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