Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Thursday/Friday FUN

Last Thursday I had the privilege of co-hosting a double baby shower for two of my girlfriends. They are both expecting their first baby (due just 2 weeks apart) in mid September (Gretchen) and early October (Karie).
Krista, Me, Janna, Karie, Gretchen, Rachel (with Na'omi...Janna's 1 month old daughter), and Melissa

It's a very rare occasion when all seven of us are in the same place at once so obviously a picture had to be taken!!! 

And since Janna and her boys were in town a play date was scheduled for the following morning. We always get such a chuckle out of the boys because they don't really play together...they just "coexist."
Jude (2), Rhys (9 mon), Cohen (12 mon), Mason (8 mon), Josiah (16 mon), and Ezra (2)

And if you're curious Jude and Rhys are Rachel's boys. Cohen is Melissa's lil man. And Ezra and Josiah are Janna's dudes.

And yes it's next to impossible to get them all looking at once!!! Hard to believe that by the end of January a potential of 4 little girls could be joining this group...for sure 2 though...(Gretchen does not know what she is having and my friend Melissa who is also pregnant is also not going to find out the sex). I told my friend Rach that her and I need to jump on the band wagon and have girl 5 and girl 6 to even things out ;)

And later that night ALL the couples (plus Mason) got together for a bon-fire. Well what I should say is that the guys enjoyed the bon-fire while us gals escaped the mosquitoes by just hanging out inside. (Didn't need Mason getting West Nile now did we). And after a fun Thursday/Friday I got to work the rest of the weekend. So I'm very glad its almost Monday!!!

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