Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nine Months

Happy Nine Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: Hmmm if I had to guess I would say very upper 21 pound range (maybe a low 22 pounder???). And 28 and 1/2 inches long. These are total guesses folks. But we'll find out for sure next week Wednesday at Mason's 9 month well child check-up!!!

Sizes: Mason is wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. And either 12 month or 18 month jammies. Half of his 12 month jammies are for warmer weather and with the chillier weather I pulled out the 18 month jammies (from my sis). Its mostly a win-win situation. I say mostly because the 18 month jammies are a wee bit big but at least I'm saving money by not running out to buy some jammies that will only fit for a little bit. Mase is still wearing size 4 (Kirkland brand) diapers...and he (as of about 3 weeks ago) is NO longer needing the waterproof training pants!!!

Food: We pretty much follow the same pattern from last month. The only differences being Mason only gets 4-6oz bottles a day and he's now eating LOTS of table food. He gets a 2nd baby food (a fruit) mixed with barley cereal in the morning plus his first bottle. At lunch a yogurt plus his second bottle. At supper a 2nd or 1/2 of a 3rd baby food (a veggie or meat mixture) plus his third bottle. And his last bottle at bedtime. At each "meal time" he gets some table food too...either what we're eating or something baby friendly in the fridge. His fave...toast with strawberry jelly!!! But he also likes banana bread and blueberry muffins.

Routine: We have a pretty decent routine going. Mason typically starts his day around 7am (give or take 15 mins). He eats breakfast ASAP...followed by play time...and his first nap around 10am. This nap is typically an hour and 15 minutes to an an hour and 45 minutes. Once he's up its lunch time...followed by more play time or mommy and Mason errand running time...and then his second nap of the day around 2:30pm. This nap always varies...sometimes its as short as an hour and sometimes its as long as 2 and a half hours. Again once he's up its dinner time...followed by more playtime. We start getting him ready for bed (bath, jammies, and bottle) around 7:30-8pm...depends on how tired he is acting. Sometimes he crashes on his bottle (at 8pm) and other times he'll play until 9pm. Whether he's ready or not...into bed he goes at 9pm sharp.

I would say 50% of the nights Mason sleeps from 8 or 9pm to 7am but believe me there are many a nights he wakes up once or more than once. Some weeks it definitely feels like a constant uphill battle. And I hate admitting to the fact that we've gotten into the bad habit of taking him into bed with us (in the middle of the night) because its an instant fall asleep method. But as of last week we've been letting him cry it out again. Like I said a constant uphill week he's sleeping great and the next he's not.

Developmental Milestones: Mason definitely waves and gives high 5's these days and loves to gives his momma open mouthed (WET) kisses!!! And like 2 days after he turned 8 months he became a crawling machine. Wowzers he keeps us on our toes...he is a nosy-get-into-everything-kinda boy. (Our house was baby-proofed asap). Mason can also walk if he's hanging onto something like the couch. But he doesn't walk if Brian or I try to help him...then he just plops his butt right down. Silly boy!!! He says dada and mum (just started saying "mama" as of this past Sunday)...although I'm still not sure if he KNOWS exactly what he's saying. And the boy has also started climbing stairs. He doesn't get the concept too well though because he'll be three steps up and try to just plop his butt down but of course all he hits is air and then either mommy or daddy's hands.

Loves: Mason loves his new found freedom that has come with crawling!!! He loves exploring new things and places!!! He loves getting into trouble!!! He loves strawberry toast!!! He loves drinking out of his sippy. He loves his bubba!!! And the boy still loves his paci!!!

Dislikes: Still dislikes getting his face washed. And he dislikes being "strapped down" that would include being put in his car seat, getting his diaper changed, and getting ready for the day.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You went on the annual Vugteveen family trip to grandpa and grandma's cabin in the Upper Peninsula.
  • When mommy or daddy say "NO" you turn around...sit down...and spit at us. Sometimes its so hard not to laugh.
  • You are attracted to cords and curtains and toilet paper and anything that sticks out of the wall.
  • As I was saying above you DISLIKE (and I mean really dislike) being strapped down. Its quite the battle trying to get you ready for the day or ready for bed. You scream and squirm until we release you. And diaper changes...not even gonna go there. And I thought you were bad last month!!! And as for your car seat sometimes you go in with no problem but other times you'd think we were hurting you by putting you in there. You arch your back and SCREAM. Oh baby boy you make me SO tired but SO happy!!! 
  • You're not much of a cuddler (never have been so I soak up the moments you want to snuggle with me).
  • You no longer need Miralax!!!
And a HODGE PODGE of pictures from your NINTH MONTH of life...

Yankees vs Tigers!!!

Playing with your "new" tool workbench.

Crazy naked BOY...

Fall (weather) has arrived.

Second trip to the zoo. Having a ball with daddy!!!

He doesn't actually like to read...he just likes to pull things off the shelves!


Looking sharp for church!!!

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