Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. Hard to believe that (in just over) a month my baby girls should have been turning TWO. Some days when I'm watching Mason do his thing...I sit back and wonder how I would have handle two at once. I know I would have but it sure would have been busy. Its in those moments that the tears still fall. Don't get me wrong I am BEYOND grateful for the gift of my precious baby boy but some hurts just can't be erased.

2. My heart is very very very sad for my dear friend Kristin and her hubby Dan. (You can read about her/their story here). They had their 6 week ultrasound today to find out if they were going to have one baby or two and were heartbroken to not only see no heartbeat(s) but no baby(ies) either. After reading her latest post I sat on the floor and started crying. I know the feeling of utter sadness. Its not pretty. Praying for a miracle to still happen!!! And we all know that God IS (and always will be) in the field of miracles!

3. A perfect example of how the Lord gives and takes away. But always...Blessed be HIS Name!!

4. On to a drastically different subject what about the show "Keeping Up With The Kardashians?" Can you say OBSESSED!!! I started watching it this summer and its addicting. I am also obsessed with Switched At Birth. Two good shows that should NOT be missed!!!

5. My other latest obsession. Pinterest. Whoa Nellers once I'm on it...I have a hard time shutting the computer down. I have tried some really yummy recipes though and I've gotten some great ideas for Mason's 1st Birthday Party. Cookie Monster anyone!!!

6. How do I spell trouble these days...MASON:

7. How do I spell tired these days...ME. Mason is a crawling-get-into-everything-he-can-kinda-machine!!!

8. I am soooo excited that fall is finally in the air. Hoping to pick out some pumpkins and other fall decorations for the front of my house this week!!! Oh how I love me some fall (especially after a roasting hot summer). And next week Brian, Mase, and I are getting fall family pictures!!! Colors of choice...dull red, teal, and gray! What else do I love about fall...sweatshirts, hot chocolate, football, pumpkin donuts, and apple cider to name a few.

9. Just thought of another recent obsession. Reading. I have always loved to read. But as of recently I have started doing more of it...just another reason to add to why I blog a whole lot less frequently these days. Authors of choice...Nicholas Sparks, Karen Kingsbury, Mary Higgins Clark, and Deborah Raney.

10. And just because I can't think of anything else to write about...I leave you with a picture of my handsome BOYS!!!
(Notice the Yankees vs Tigers apparel!!!)

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