Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ten Months

Happy Ten Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: Guessing that my little man has gained maybe a pound or so since his last check up (which was on October 3). So that would put him around 23 pounds and 12 ounces. And maybe just over 30 inches long?

Sizes: Mason is still wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. But I have noticed that a few of his 12 month Carter brand outfits are getting a little snug. And as for diapers he's still wearing size 4 (Kirkland brand).

Food: At his 9 month appointment Dr. M said we could finish off what baby food we had left and to then switch over to straight table food. So now a days its mostly table food for Mason!!! Mason typically gets either a nutrigrain bar, a waffle, or a piece of toast for breakfast with maybe some cheerios or yogurt melts. For lunch either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding with bread, lunch meat, cheese and some sort of a "snack." He loves teddy grahams, oyster crackers, cheese puffs, and goldfish. And for dinner again either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding but with whatever it is that we're eating. He's not a fan of real fruit and veggies though...something we'll have to work on. He still gets four 6oz bottles a BEFORE breakfast, one BEFORE lunch, one BEFORE dinner, and the last one before bed. I found that if we give him the bottle after eating he won't finish the bottle but if we give it to him before he'll guzzle it down. (And Dr. M said that getting the formula down is more important at this time than eating the table food). Also he gets a sippy filled with water for meals and anytime in between. He loves himself some water!!!

(Yes he gets very dirty)!!!

Routine: We (I) gave up on "trying" to schedule Mase. He didn't want to be scheduled and I was getting stressed about it. So now we just go with the flow. He still typically wakes up around 7am (give or take 30 mins) and is ready for some length of a nap by 10am. However, if I have somewhere to be at 10am then Mason only gets maybe a 20-30 min nap (or the length of the car ride). If I have nothing going on in the morning I will lay him down around 10am (again give or take 30 mins) and just let him sleep until he wakes up. He typically sleeps 2-3 hours. If he takes a short morning nap he will (typically) take a longer afternoon nap and if he takes a long morning nap he will (typically) take only a 45 min afternoon nap. I don't love him sleeping past 5pm but sometimes it just has to be done. We just know that means he will be up later that night which is fine with us. Bedtime is for the most part still between 8-9pm.

So I said above that Mason typically wakes up at 7am...that's only partly true. More often than not he actually wakes up around 5:30 or 6am but then we take him into bed with us where he'll sleep until 7 or so. And as for bedtime...some nights he goes to bed like a champ but other nights he lays in our bed with one or both of us until he falls asleep. Not ideal but to be honest I LOVE that snuggle time!!!

He gets a bottle asap after waking in the morning followed by breakfast. Lunch is right after his morning nap (sometimes he'll sleep til 1pm) or around noon if he's already up. Dinner is around 5pm. And he gets his bedtime bottle around 8pm. Some days I give him a morning bath (depends on how dirty he gets with breakfast) and other days he gets one around 7:30 or 8pm. This "new routine" has been working great for us and mommy is no longer stressed!!! We (I) just make plans and then work Mason's schedule around whatever it is that we might be doing that day.

Developmental Milestones: Mason is a walking machine (just not by himself yet)!!! He is a pro at walking along furniture or by pushing a walking toy or he'll use his wagon. He's also a pro at climbing the stairs. He just cruises right up. No looking back these days!!! These days he also climbs up or on anything that he can. And once in awhile we'll catch him standing all by himself but then he realizes this and plops himself right down.

Loves: Mason loves daddy's iphone!!! He loves remote controls and computers!!! He loves calling daddy or anyone for that matter on mommy's phone (without mommy knowing). He loves climbing the stairs. He loves walking behind his push toys!!! He loves playing with the blinds!!! He loves bouncing on our bellies...ohhh he just giggles and giggles!!! He loves and I mean REALLY loves playing catch with his Michigan football!!! And he still loves watching big kids play!!!

Dislikes: Mason for some reason dislikes socks...he's always pulling them off (well at least one of them). And he still does not care for his face being washed or for that matter his nose being wiped. However, he has gotten better about diaper changes and being strapped into his car seat!!!

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You participated in your first Walk To Remember.
  • You see blinds and you see fun. We constantly have to pull the blinds up and then tie the cord up even higher so you can't get your hands on it.
  • You are a professional at drinking out of your sippy.
  • You get into EVERYTHING.
  • Sometimes we'll tell you no and you just laugh at us. Naughty boy!!!
  • And sometimes when we hold you down (for a diaper change or to change your clothes) you just start laughing for whatever odd reason. Like its some game. Just can't figure you out boy!!!
  • You will finally hang on to your own bottle!!! (And then proceed to drink the WHOLE thing)!!!
  • You are so clingy at night. You literally have one hand on one of our legs at all times.
  • You got a new (free) toy from one of mom's coworkers. You're too little for it yet but I'm sure good times are not too far away...
  • You love sharing your paci with mommy and daddy. You shove it in our faces and just laugh and laugh. You think its the best game ever!!! You also let your cousin Austin take your paci from you. You just sit there like a bump on a log as he yanks it from your mouth. And the other day when I went to pick you up from nursery your friend Nolan was in the process of taking your paci from you...and you just let him. Silly boy!!! We don't like sharing germs.
  • You enjoy brushing your teefers...
  • You still enjoy sucking on BIG toes. And I have NO idea why!
  • You had two colds this month.
  • Your hair is coming in nicely and boy oh boy is it blonde.
  • Everyone and I mean EVERYONE always comments on how blue your eyes are!!!
  • If grandma is babysitting you or if mommy just happens to be at grandma's house when some of your cousins are absolutely positively will NOT take a nap. You can't miss a thing.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten On Thursday

1. We had a great time at the 26th annual Walk To Remember. And what made it even more special was all the family support. Our families are still right there for us two (plus) years later!!!

The Vugteveen clan (minus two).

The Helmholdt clan

2. Some days I just wish that ALL my babies were here with me...I like to envision a world with Alayna, Ella, Luke, AND Mason...

3. On Saturday night while Brian was out hunting I was going about my business getting Mason ready for bed. First on the agenda was a bath. As I was taking off his clothes I decided to quick soak his shirt instead of throwing it in his hamper (because I knew I would forget to soak it later). Well lately Mason has been really clingy in the evenings so I knew he would scream if I didn't take him with me. So I grabbed him up (naked mind you) and headed to the laundry room. When I went to pick Mason back up I noticed he was playing in a puddle of water. Only it wasn't water. It was pee. Lovely!!!

4. And here's another awesome Mom (and Dad) story for ya!!! Last week one day Mason and I were just playing downstairs. He headed towards one of his favorite rooms...the bathroom. I didn't think much of it since there isn't much he can get into in that particular bathroom. That is until I heard splashing. I jumped up and sure enough...there was Mason splashing IN THE TOILET. Kudos to dad for NOT shutting the toilet seat cover.

5. Mason enjoyed a little play date with some of his friends yesterday. Had to steal this pic from my friend (Rach) because my camera died during our picture session. But let me tell you trying to get a good pic of six kiddos two and definitely NOT an easy thing to do!!!

Jude, Rhys, Cohen, Mason, Tenley (not quite a month), and Levi (just over a month)

6. My friend Heather told me about an AWESOME upcoming event. Angie Smith (author of  I Will Carry) and her husband Todd Smith (lead singer of Selah) are speaking/performing at Fellowship Reformed Church on November 1 at 7pm. The event is sponsored through Starlight Ministries. Starlight Ministries is a Christian grief-healing ministry for adults and children who have experienced a death loss in their life from a family member or close friend. Tickets are $25. Better believe I'll be there!!!

7. So on our way home from church on Sunday morning we got rear-ended. No damage (besides maybe a little paint being chipped off) and no injuries (thank goodness). But this means (in Mason's almost 10 months of life) that he's already been in two accidents. (Both due to rear-ends). Here's to hoping that streak ENDS and soon!!!

8. So Mason had his first dental appointment today (at the good ole age of 10 months). Oh what fun!!! But thankfully he did really well. He gets a little nervous around strangers and will reach out for his mama but otherwise he let Dr. Sally take a peek at his teefers. Basically she said that it (the discoloration) could be because of two things...the antibiotics I was on during my pregnancy or simply just how his teeth formed. She did say that his bottom two teeth also have some discoloration on them but that its just not as noticeable. And she was surprised to see discoloration on only one of his top teeth because typically you would see it on both. Guess we just watch and wait. She said that his permanent teeth may also come in discolored due to the fact that both the front bottom and top teeth baby AND permanent form in utero. Ugh I certainly hope not but not much we can do at this point. If they do she said there are things that they can do but sometimes its best to just wait until the kiddo is older unless its causing self-esteem issues. Oh and the discoloration might cause him to be prone to cavities and tooth sensitivity. I also asked about the slant in his gum line and she said that she can definitely see the slant but hopefully it won't effect anything. Another wait and see kinda thing. She did say that his molar on that side might not come in. Again ugh. But there are much worse things in life as many of you all know. She said he has FOUR teeth buds ready to pop through thinking thats why he's been so crabby lately! Thankfully we don't have to go back until he's three but what I can take away from this first visit is that I LOVE that office!!! Oh and Dr. Sally said we need to start brushing Mason's teeth here goes nothing!!!

9. We paid our sweet baby girls another visit this past Sunday. And as usual a picture had to be taken. Love the leaves littering the ground!!!

10. And one last story for you. Yesterday I was outside with Mason when I spotted a LIVE worm on our driveway. I didn't think too much of it though since Mason was in his wagon. Eventually however Mason wanted out. So I helped him out of the wagon and continued talking to my mom on the phone. Suddenly I noticed Mason making a beeline for the worm and sure enough he picked it up and (tried) putting it in his mouth. But before he could get his chompers on it I screamed NO and flung it out of his hands. Although I'm pretty sure he got a lick in. Ewww GROSS!!!

And just because I can't EVER get enough of this ADORABLE face...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Walk To Remember 2012

Today we walked and remembered our sweet angels (Alayna, Ella, and Luke). And what a gorgeous day it was. After listening to three amazing speakers (a huge shout out to both Lesley and Jen) the siblings were asked to come up and receive a flower in honor or their big or little siblings. Since Mason can't walk yet we (Brian and I) "strollered" him up so he could receive a flower in honor of his big siblings. 

Mason showing off his flower

Mason with all his cousins...Easton, Austin, Addisyn, Cole, Kylynn, Brinley, and Cambrey

After the memorial service we had a chance to decorate some balloons before we released them into the sky (as Alayna, Ella, and Luke's names were read). Here's what some of my nephew/nieces balloons said...
Kylynn..."Miss you lots."

Cambrey..."I sing songs about you!"

Cole...I would have loved to wrestle with you."

Our entire family (minus two) were able to join us today. We are beyond thankful for the continued love and support of both of our families!!!

With Mom and Dad Helmholdt

With (almost the whole) Vugteveen clan

And of course one shot of our little family!!!

My JOY after so much heartache!!!

An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby(ies) birth(s), and whispered as she closed it "to beautiful for earth." Love you with all our hearts, Daddy, Mommy, and your lil bro Mason

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ten On Tuesday

1. My husband is AMAZING. Yesterday was Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I had to work. And of course I completely forgot to tell Brian to light a candle at 7pm in honor of our three little angels Alayna, Ella, and Luke. I had such a busy day at work that when I finally got home (after 8pm) I didn't give the candle lighting a second thought. I did notice that Brian had the candle lit but I was busy loving on Mason (I miss my baby like crazy when I go a WHOLE day without seeing him) that I didn't think much about it. But then this morning it all hit me. Brian NEVER lights candles. And I mean NEVER. Yesterday at 7pm was when (for the past 2 years) we lit a candle in honor of our babies. So I emailed my hubby this morning and asked if he had indeed lit the candle in honor of our three children in heaven. And his answer was YES!!!

2. This boy is T-R-O-U-B-L-E...

He thinks he is unstoppable!!! But we came up with another solution.

3. Hard to believe that we are quickly approaching the girls due date (again). It's a date I will never EVER forget. But in case some of you have its...November 4, 2010. The thing is...I know that they would have been born well before their due date so October 14 is another date thats always in the back of my mind. This date is always in the back of my mind because on October 14 (2010) I would have been 37 weeks pregnant and my doctor at that time had told me he would not let me go past 37 weeks. So yeah...we should have celebrated Layna and Ella's 2nd birthday this past Sunday. Now thats crazy!!!

4. Please remember this fellow blogger as she mourns the loss of her hubby. When I read her blog post I just lost it. Sometimes life isn't fair. (((Hugs and prayers))) to this family!!!

5. I got our family pictures back this past Friday. Brooke did an AMAZING job!!! I had such a hard time picking out which ones to frame. Here's just a few for your viewing pleasure...

(Sorry that a few turned into ELEVEN)!!!

6. Loving my new wall...

Just need to add a little flare to the left side (above the picture of Mason). Thinking about a little shelf. But we shall see!!!

7. I am OBSESSED with this little blue-eyed boy...

He is such a gift from God. And you better believe that I tell him that!!!

8. What is my latest excuse for not blogging nearly as much. Creative Memories (ONLINE style)!!! As soon as Mason goes down for a nap I am typically glued to my computer trying to get as many pages done as possible. It's SO addicting.

9. Yesterday at work I had one of those "ah hah" moments. I was talking with a patient and her mother when the little girl said something about her big sister. I knew from earlier conversations that this little girl was the oldest of three so I kinda looked at the mom and she said well we're really open with our children about the fact that we lost our first daughter at 22 weeks. We went on to have a really awesome conversation and as I was leaving I said to my patient...I sure hope my little boy talks about his big sisters just like you talk about yours. So so so special!!!

10. And once again I can't think of a number 10...maybe I should just start calling this post Nine on Tuesday???

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've Got One Healthy Boy

Mason had his 9 month well child check up today and he weighed in at a whopping 22 pounds 12 ounces (90th percentile) and measured in at 29.5 inches (95th percentile)!!! Can you say healthy!!! His head was 18.25 inches round (80-90th percentile). Doc looked him all over and the verdict was...HEALTHY!!! One concern I had was about one of his front teeth...part of it is slightly discolored. Dr. M thinks its just poor enamel (which would be a congenital defect) but wants us to pay a visit to a Pediatric Dentist to be sure. Of course he's not on our insurance policy because typically children don't visit the dentist until they are 3 years old...go figure. Here's to hoping its not too expensive of a visit!!! But Dr. M did say Mason has another tooth about ready to pop through. Hope it doesn't disrupt his sleep cycle too much.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Sometimes I wonder what the point of cleaning is. Because as I'm cleaning Mase is right behind me making a big ole mess!!! So if you come over to my house and notice that its a little dirty please just ignore the mess...I've decided to only clean once a month...

2. Daddy did some shopping (on Ebay that is)...
And bought Mason a Yankees sleeper (above) and a Michigan outfit (below)!!!
If you can't guess...Brian's 2 fave teams are the NY Yankees and UofM.

3. The other day after Mason said dada for about the ten millionth time that day I said to him...not only did I carry you for 9 months AND deliver you but I also endured weeks of shots to get you here and you have the gall to only say dada. At that he turned around...looked at me...and you guessed it...SPIT AT ME!!! Stinker. But then just a few days later that same little stinker started saying mum. Sweet music to my ears!!!

4. I am loving my NEW sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle AND soap (from Bath and Body Works)!!! I bought 3 candles for $30...and normally they are $19.50 a piece. Can we say SCORE!!!

5. The other day I was talking to a girl who has been struggling for over two years to get pregnant. She was asking me different questions about IVF. And I told her that I was going to be very honest with her. I told her that IVF is H.A.R.D. Like crazy emotionally hard. Now I do not for one minute regret our decision to move forward with IVF but it was (and hopefully still will be...remember we still have one embaby in the freezer) one crazy ride. There are so many ups and downs and decisions to be made. Big decisions. Like what is considered life?  And how many embryos should we fertilize? (Remember just because you say you want to fertilize say 5 embryos...doesn't mean you will get 5 embryos. You could get 5 or 2 or NONE). Its scary. Its nerve wracking. And can make one become an emotional mess. But where am I going with all of this? This is heart is breaking for that person. Because I know exactly "where" she is and how she feels because I was there. I may be on the "other side" but one NEVER forgets the pain and anxiety of trying and trying to get pregnant while EVERYONE around you just blinks and gets pregnant. You know its going to happen (at least you have to believe that it IS going to happen) but you just wonder WHEN and then reality hits and you wonder...well will it really ever happen? And then add in loss and its enough to make you think that its just never going to happen. Oh the trials of infertility. Its one mask that will always be a part of me. And thats okay. I may struggle with it from time to time. But it has made ME stronger. It has made MY marriage stronger. And it has made me appreciate MY sweet baby boy that much more. IVF has made it possible for me to get pregnant THREE times with four babies. Without IVF I most likely would not be a mother. So even though its a crazy emotional ride...I am crazy grateful to my Heavenly Father that there is such a thing as modern medicine. (And if you're still reading...I am finally done with #5 and moving on to #6!!!)

6. I am getting really excited for this years...A Walk To Remember. We participated in it in 2010 but missed it completely in 2011. So you better believe I was on my "A" game this year and signed up the moment registration began. And you better believe that Mason will be sporting his "Little Brother" shirt...which brings me to #7...

7. Remember last spring when I went garage sale crazy? Well I brought out Mason's "new" fire truck so he could do some driving. He's a hoot to watch. Here he is busy driving his fire truck (in his LITTLE brother shirt).

8. We had an awesome weekend plus Thursday. On Thursday morning I received the call that one of my very dearest friends had (earlier that morning) given birth to her precious baby girl...Tenley Joy!!! You better believe Mase and I made a trip up to the hospital waiting for the hubster!!!

Mason and his new friend Tenley!!!

Then in the evening Brian, Mase, and I went to Spring Grove Park for some family pictures!!! The weather was absolutely PERFECT and the location was exactly what I wanted (very fallish with leaves and corn stalks . Plus I brought along a few of my own props (a picture frame and an old crate) so I am very excited to see the results!!! Pretty sure I'm gonna have a hard time choosing any faves. Friday we celebrated my niece Cambrey's 5th birthday (where does the time go?) and on Saturday we celebrated with my friend Lacey Jae as she married her best friend. Sunday was church followed by lunch at my parents and we ended the night by attending our small group Bible Study. (Sorry no pics).

9. On Friday I gave my sister a little jingle before the birthday party and asked her to bring a "push/walking" toy for Mason. He's been cruising along furniture so I knew he was ready...

Brinley showing Mason how the toy works!

Yep...pretty sure he's got it down!!!

10. So proud of my hubby...yesterday was opening day of (bow) hunting and he opened the seasoning by scoring an 8 point!!! And just so you all know...I am way obsessed with this picture!!!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post...Mason's 9 month well child check-up!!! How is it that my baby is 9 months (plus a few days) already!?!