Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ten Months

Happy Ten Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: Guessing that my little man has gained maybe a pound or so since his last check up (which was on October 3). So that would put him around 23 pounds and 12 ounces. And maybe just over 30 inches long?

Sizes: Mason is still wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. But I have noticed that a few of his 12 month Carter brand outfits are getting a little snug. And as for diapers he's still wearing size 4 (Kirkland brand).

Food: At his 9 month appointment Dr. M said we could finish off what baby food we had left and to then switch over to straight table food. So now a days its mostly table food for Mason!!! Mason typically gets either a nutrigrain bar, a waffle, or a piece of toast for breakfast with maybe some cheerios or yogurt melts. For lunch either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding with bread, lunch meat, cheese and some sort of a "snack." He loves teddy grahams, oyster crackers, cheese puffs, and goldfish. And for dinner again either applesauce, yogurt, or pudding but with whatever it is that we're eating. He's not a fan of real fruit and veggies though...something we'll have to work on. He still gets four 6oz bottles a BEFORE breakfast, one BEFORE lunch, one BEFORE dinner, and the last one before bed. I found that if we give him the bottle after eating he won't finish the bottle but if we give it to him before he'll guzzle it down. (And Dr. M said that getting the formula down is more important at this time than eating the table food). Also he gets a sippy filled with water for meals and anytime in between. He loves himself some water!!!

(Yes he gets very dirty)!!!

Routine: We (I) gave up on "trying" to schedule Mase. He didn't want to be scheduled and I was getting stressed about it. So now we just go with the flow. He still typically wakes up around 7am (give or take 30 mins) and is ready for some length of a nap by 10am. However, if I have somewhere to be at 10am then Mason only gets maybe a 20-30 min nap (or the length of the car ride). If I have nothing going on in the morning I will lay him down around 10am (again give or take 30 mins) and just let him sleep until he wakes up. He typically sleeps 2-3 hours. If he takes a short morning nap he will (typically) take a longer afternoon nap and if he takes a long morning nap he will (typically) take only a 45 min afternoon nap. I don't love him sleeping past 5pm but sometimes it just has to be done. We just know that means he will be up later that night which is fine with us. Bedtime is for the most part still between 8-9pm.

So I said above that Mason typically wakes up at 7am...that's only partly true. More often than not he actually wakes up around 5:30 or 6am but then we take him into bed with us where he'll sleep until 7 or so. And as for bedtime...some nights he goes to bed like a champ but other nights he lays in our bed with one or both of us until he falls asleep. Not ideal but to be honest I LOVE that snuggle time!!!

He gets a bottle asap after waking in the morning followed by breakfast. Lunch is right after his morning nap (sometimes he'll sleep til 1pm) or around noon if he's already up. Dinner is around 5pm. And he gets his bedtime bottle around 8pm. Some days I give him a morning bath (depends on how dirty he gets with breakfast) and other days he gets one around 7:30 or 8pm. This "new routine" has been working great for us and mommy is no longer stressed!!! We (I) just make plans and then work Mason's schedule around whatever it is that we might be doing that day.

Developmental Milestones: Mason is a walking machine (just not by himself yet)!!! He is a pro at walking along furniture or by pushing a walking toy or he'll use his wagon. He's also a pro at climbing the stairs. He just cruises right up. No looking back these days!!! These days he also climbs up or on anything that he can. And once in awhile we'll catch him standing all by himself but then he realizes this and plops himself right down.

Loves: Mason loves daddy's iphone!!! He loves remote controls and computers!!! He loves calling daddy or anyone for that matter on mommy's phone (without mommy knowing). He loves climbing the stairs. He loves walking behind his push toys!!! He loves playing with the blinds!!! He loves bouncing on our bellies...ohhh he just giggles and giggles!!! He loves and I mean REALLY loves playing catch with his Michigan football!!! And he still loves watching big kids play!!!

Dislikes: Mason for some reason dislikes socks...he's always pulling them off (well at least one of them). And he still does not care for his face being washed or for that matter his nose being wiped. However, he has gotten better about diaper changes and being strapped into his car seat!!!

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You participated in your first Walk To Remember.
  • You see blinds and you see fun. We constantly have to pull the blinds up and then tie the cord up even higher so you can't get your hands on it.
  • You are a professional at drinking out of your sippy.
  • You get into EVERYTHING.
  • Sometimes we'll tell you no and you just laugh at us. Naughty boy!!!
  • And sometimes when we hold you down (for a diaper change or to change your clothes) you just start laughing for whatever odd reason. Like its some game. Just can't figure you out boy!!!
  • You will finally hang on to your own bottle!!! (And then proceed to drink the WHOLE thing)!!!
  • You are so clingy at night. You literally have one hand on one of our legs at all times.
  • You got a new (free) toy from one of mom's coworkers. You're too little for it yet but I'm sure good times are not too far away...
  • You love sharing your paci with mommy and daddy. You shove it in our faces and just laugh and laugh. You think its the best game ever!!! You also let your cousin Austin take your paci from you. You just sit there like a bump on a log as he yanks it from your mouth. And the other day when I went to pick you up from nursery your friend Nolan was in the process of taking your paci from you...and you just let him. Silly boy!!! We don't like sharing germs.
  • You enjoy brushing your teefers...
  • You still enjoy sucking on BIG toes. And I have NO idea why!
  • You had two colds this month.
  • Your hair is coming in nicely and boy oh boy is it blonde.
  • Everyone and I mean EVERYONE always comments on how blue your eyes are!!!
  • If grandma is babysitting you or if mommy just happens to be at grandma's house when some of your cousins are absolutely positively will NOT take a nap. You can't miss a thing.

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