Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten On Thursday

1. We had a great time at the 26th annual Walk To Remember. And what made it even more special was all the family support. Our families are still right there for us two (plus) years later!!!

The Vugteveen clan (minus two).

The Helmholdt clan

2. Some days I just wish that ALL my babies were here with me...I like to envision a world with Alayna, Ella, Luke, AND Mason...

3. On Saturday night while Brian was out hunting I was going about my business getting Mason ready for bed. First on the agenda was a bath. As I was taking off his clothes I decided to quick soak his shirt instead of throwing it in his hamper (because I knew I would forget to soak it later). Well lately Mason has been really clingy in the evenings so I knew he would scream if I didn't take him with me. So I grabbed him up (naked mind you) and headed to the laundry room. When I went to pick Mason back up I noticed he was playing in a puddle of water. Only it wasn't water. It was pee. Lovely!!!

4. And here's another awesome Mom (and Dad) story for ya!!! Last week one day Mason and I were just playing downstairs. He headed towards one of his favorite rooms...the bathroom. I didn't think much of it since there isn't much he can get into in that particular bathroom. That is until I heard splashing. I jumped up and sure enough...there was Mason splashing IN THE TOILET. Kudos to dad for NOT shutting the toilet seat cover.

5. Mason enjoyed a little play date with some of his friends yesterday. Had to steal this pic from my friend (Rach) because my camera died during our picture session. But let me tell you trying to get a good pic of six kiddos two and definitely NOT an easy thing to do!!!

Jude, Rhys, Cohen, Mason, Tenley (not quite a month), and Levi (just over a month)

6. My friend Heather told me about an AWESOME upcoming event. Angie Smith (author of  I Will Carry) and her husband Todd Smith (lead singer of Selah) are speaking/performing at Fellowship Reformed Church on November 1 at 7pm. The event is sponsored through Starlight Ministries. Starlight Ministries is a Christian grief-healing ministry for adults and children who have experienced a death loss in their life from a family member or close friend. Tickets are $25. Better believe I'll be there!!!

7. So on our way home from church on Sunday morning we got rear-ended. No damage (besides maybe a little paint being chipped off) and no injuries (thank goodness). But this means (in Mason's almost 10 months of life) that he's already been in two accidents. (Both due to rear-ends). Here's to hoping that streak ENDS and soon!!!

8. So Mason had his first dental appointment today (at the good ole age of 10 months). Oh what fun!!! But thankfully he did really well. He gets a little nervous around strangers and will reach out for his mama but otherwise he let Dr. Sally take a peek at his teefers. Basically she said that it (the discoloration) could be because of two things...the antibiotics I was on during my pregnancy or simply just how his teeth formed. She did say that his bottom two teeth also have some discoloration on them but that its just not as noticeable. And she was surprised to see discoloration on only one of his top teeth because typically you would see it on both. Guess we just watch and wait. She said that his permanent teeth may also come in discolored due to the fact that both the front bottom and top teeth baby AND permanent form in utero. Ugh I certainly hope not but not much we can do at this point. If they do she said there are things that they can do but sometimes its best to just wait until the kiddo is older unless its causing self-esteem issues. Oh and the discoloration might cause him to be prone to cavities and tooth sensitivity. I also asked about the slant in his gum line and she said that she can definitely see the slant but hopefully it won't effect anything. Another wait and see kinda thing. She did say that his molar on that side might not come in. Again ugh. But there are much worse things in life as many of you all know. She said he has FOUR teeth buds ready to pop through thinking thats why he's been so crabby lately! Thankfully we don't have to go back until he's three but what I can take away from this first visit is that I LOVE that office!!! Oh and Dr. Sally said we need to start brushing Mason's teeth here goes nothing!!!

9. We paid our sweet baby girls another visit this past Sunday. And as usual a picture had to be taken. Love the leaves littering the ground!!!

10. And one last story for you. Yesterday I was outside with Mason when I spotted a LIVE worm on our driveway. I didn't think too much of it though since Mason was in his wagon. Eventually however Mason wanted out. So I helped him out of the wagon and continued talking to my mom on the phone. Suddenly I noticed Mason making a beeline for the worm and sure enough he picked it up and (tried) putting it in his mouth. But before he could get his chompers on it I screamed NO and flung it out of his hands. Although I'm pretty sure he got a lick in. Ewww GROSS!!!

And just because I can't EVER get enough of this ADORABLE face...


  1. Glad you're coming to hear Angie speak! I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. Linds, Julie and I are going to the concert Thursday night as well. Dragging the hubby along for his birthday?