Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Sometimes I wonder what the point of cleaning is. Because as I'm cleaning Mase is right behind me making a big ole mess!!! So if you come over to my house and notice that its a little dirty please just ignore the mess...I've decided to only clean once a month...

2. Daddy did some shopping (on Ebay that is)...
And bought Mason a Yankees sleeper (above) and a Michigan outfit (below)!!!
If you can't guess...Brian's 2 fave teams are the NY Yankees and UofM.

3. The other day after Mason said dada for about the ten millionth time that day I said to him...not only did I carry you for 9 months AND deliver you but I also endured weeks of shots to get you here and you have the gall to only say dada. At that he turned around...looked at me...and you guessed it...SPIT AT ME!!! Stinker. But then just a few days later that same little stinker started saying mum. Sweet music to my ears!!!

4. I am loving my NEW sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle AND soap (from Bath and Body Works)!!! I bought 3 candles for $30...and normally they are $19.50 a piece. Can we say SCORE!!!

5. The other day I was talking to a girl who has been struggling for over two years to get pregnant. She was asking me different questions about IVF. And I told her that I was going to be very honest with her. I told her that IVF is H.A.R.D. Like crazy emotionally hard. Now I do not for one minute regret our decision to move forward with IVF but it was (and hopefully still will be...remember we still have one embaby in the freezer) one crazy ride. There are so many ups and downs and decisions to be made. Big decisions. Like what is considered life?  And how many embryos should we fertilize? (Remember just because you say you want to fertilize say 5 embryos...doesn't mean you will get 5 embryos. You could get 5 or 2 or NONE). Its scary. Its nerve wracking. And can make one become an emotional mess. But where am I going with all of this? This is where...my heart is breaking for that person. Because I know exactly "where" she is and how she feels because I was there. I may be on the "other side" but one NEVER forgets the pain and anxiety of trying and trying to get pregnant while EVERYONE around you just blinks and gets pregnant. You know its going to happen (at least you have to believe that it IS going to happen) but you just wonder WHEN and then reality hits and you wonder...well will it really ever happen? And then add in loss and its enough to make you think that its just never going to happen. Oh the trials of infertility. Its one mask that will always be a part of me. And thats okay. I may struggle with it from time to time. But it has made ME stronger. It has made MY marriage stronger. And it has made me appreciate MY sweet baby boy that much more. IVF has made it possible for me to get pregnant THREE times with four babies. Without IVF I most likely would not be a mother. So even though its a crazy emotional ride...I am crazy grateful to my Heavenly Father that there is such a thing as modern medicine. (And if you're still reading...I am finally done with #5 and moving on to #6!!!)

6. I am getting really excited for this years...A Walk To Remember. We participated in it in 2010 but missed it completely in 2011. So you better believe I was on my "A" game this year and signed up the moment registration began. And you better believe that Mason will be sporting his "Little Brother" shirt...which brings me to #7...

7. Remember last spring when I went garage sale crazy? Well I brought out Mason's "new" fire truck so he could do some driving. He's a hoot to watch. Here he is busy driving his fire truck (in his LITTLE brother shirt).

8. We had an awesome weekend plus Thursday. On Thursday morning I received the call that one of my very dearest friends had (earlier that morning) given birth to her precious baby girl...Tenley Joy!!! You better believe Mase and I made a trip up to the hospital asap...no waiting for the hubster!!!

Mason and his new friend Tenley!!!

Then in the evening Brian, Mase, and I went to Spring Grove Park for some family pictures!!! The weather was absolutely PERFECT and the location was exactly what I wanted (very fallish with leaves and corn stalks . Plus I brought along a few of my own props (a picture frame and an old crate) so I am very excited to see the results!!! Pretty sure I'm gonna have a hard time choosing any faves. Friday we celebrated my niece Cambrey's 5th birthday (where does the time go?) and on Saturday we celebrated with my friend Lacey Jae as she married her best friend. Sunday was church followed by lunch at my parents and we ended the night by attending our small group Bible Study. (Sorry no pics).

9. On Friday I gave my sister a little jingle before the birthday party and asked her to bring a "push/walking" toy for Mason. He's been cruising along furniture so I knew he was ready...

Brinley showing Mason how the toy works!

Yep...pretty sure he's got it down!!!

10. So proud of my hubby...yesterday was opening day of (bow) hunting and he opened the seasoning by scoring an 8 point!!! And just so you all know...I am way obsessed with this picture!!!

Stayed tuned for tomorrow's post...Mason's 9 month well child check-up!!! How is it that my baby is 9 months (plus a few days) already!?!


  1. Ughhh... IVF. We're struggling with so many of those questions too.

    Also - we'll be at the Walk to Remember as well. Hope to see you there!

  2. Oh goodness. I hear you on the cleaning, girl. It's pointless.