Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ten on Thursday

1. Getting the twinners, (Luke, and all the embaby) ultrasound pictures into a book (for safekeeping) has been on my "To Do" list for the past two years. A few days ago when searching for Mason's missing (football) paci I came across all the ultrasound pictures sitting underneath my bed. With Mason busy playing around me I started to cry. How is it that I can be so sad YET so happy at the same time?

2. Later that night as I was climbing into bed I looked over and saw these two special pictures (that set on my dresser). The first one is a picture of two babies safe in the arms of Jesus and the caption below it says..."Safe in the arms of Jesus." It has the girl's names and birthdates on it as well. And the second pic is self explainable but I'll spell it out anyways. It's a picture of me and my ray of light after my TWO year storm.

3. And no I did not find Mason's missing paci that night. But I did find it the next day...
What a little stinker!!!

4. And then the day after finding one missing paci we lost another. Guess where I found that the dryer.

5. I was getting kind of tired of cleaning my floor THREE times a day so I took action. So what did I do? I put a sheet under Mason's highchair. Now after each meal I just bunch it up and then when he's ready to eat again...I just spread it out!!! And at night I just shake out all the crumbs from the WHOLE day long. Loving me some sheet!!!

6. I finally started Christmas shopping last week and then did a little more this week!!!

7. I really really really want to make an IKEA trip.

8. The other day I was looking at old pics and came across this Halloween one from 2007...

And had to include one of me and my bestie Kare!!!

9. Also when looking at those old pics I came across some pics taken back when I worked the night shift. Man we had fun back in the day!!!
Katie and I
And we wondered why they wouldn't let us work together!!!
Kare and I
Jacqui and I
Kristi, Abi, and I

10. Getting SUPER excited for Embrace the Hope...which is TONIGHT!!!


  1. You need a dog. That will help tremendously with Mason crumbs :). Our dog, Boston know to sit right next to our niece and nephews... good things always come his way! See you tonight!

  2. Maybe I will see you at Embrace the Hope! I am so excited as well!!!

  3. Let me know if you make that ikea trip... Assuming you head to the one in Canton, I'm only a little over an hour from there. ;)

  4. Great idea about the sheet! I am going to try that. :) Ultrasound pics are a treasure...