Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Eleven Months

Happy Eleven Months Sweet Boy!!!

Stats: I'm guessing Mason weighs somewhere between 24 pounds 12 ounces and 25 pounds 2 ounces. (He seems to gain about a pound (or just over) a month. As for his height maybe 30 and 3/4 inches? Total guesses. His next appointment is his ONE year well child check up (which isn't until January 2). How is it that my baby is almost ONE!!!

NOT impressed with mom...

Sizes: Mason (for the most part) is still wearing 12 or 12-18 month clothing. Unless it's Carter brand then he's wearing 18 months...although sometimes he can still get away with 12 month bottoms. He's also starting to wear some 18 month hand-me-downs/garage sale steals.  It's just so crazy to me that he's never lasted more than two months in all the other sizes but now were (for the most part) going on four months in this size.  Just crazy!!! Anyways he's also still in size 4 (Kirkland brand) diapers.

Food: Mason is completely dependent on table food, water, and formula. He eats three meals and gets four (6oz) bottles a day. He also always has his sippy close by. I would say he drinks about 8 oz of water a day. The boy loves himself some water!!! He's not that picky of an eater (although daddy would disagree) but there are definitely some things that he doesn't care for. Anything tart tasting is a definite NO...which means things like jello, raspberries, and mandarin oranges are all big no-nos. He also has some issues with textures...such as Graduates toddler pasta pick-ups. To say these are not a fave is putting it mildly. His fave foods include...yogurt melts, bread (especially toast), grapes, strawberries and any kind of "snack." He's not a huge fan of vegetables which is my fault because since stopping baby foods I haven't given him too many vegetables. I need to work on that.

Some days we like to be crazy and eat lunch on the dishwasher...
and some days the high chair is a MUST!!!

Routine: Mason wakes up any time between 6:30 and 8:30am. As soon as he wakes up he's gets a bottle followed by breakfast. Three to four hours after waking Mason goes down for his first nap which lasts anywhere from an 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. (Mason is not on any set type of napping schedule and I LOVE the fact that we can get up and go or set a play date for anytime we want). Anyways around 12pm or whenever he wakes up from his nap he gets another bottle followed by lunch. Most days he'll take another nap but there are days he simply refuses a second nap. If he doesn't fall asleep within 10 minutes of being in his crib...the boy won't fall asleep. He gets a third bottle around 5pm followed by dinner. And his last bottle before bed. He typically falls asleep around 9pm. Now I did not say he goes to bed because lately he thinks he need to fall asleep in his mommy and daddy's bed. Naughty boy!!! He just cries and cries if we put him in his crib. Thankfully this is ONLY an issue at bedtime. During nap time he sleeps like a baby in his crib. Not sure what to do about it but to be very honest I love the snuggle time and both Brian and I hate to hear him scream. We've tried the "cry it out" method and were not big fans. And just like I wrote last month more often than not Mason actually initially wakes up around 5:30am and then sleeps another hour or two in our bed. Again mommy LOVES the snuggle time and daddy does too so for now were just going with it. We'll deal with the consequences later.

Developmental Milestones: Mason is WALKING!!!. About two weeks ago he started taking two or three steps at a time. Then he started standing for a minute or two without hanging on to anything. (We would cheer him on every time he did it and he thought he was such big stuff!!! It was so stinking cute!!!) Then he started taking more and more steps and walking across the family room until we officially had (have) a walker (not to say he doesn't fall here and there). Mason also (for the first time) crawled down 2 or 3 steps on October 31...however although he is a pro at crawling up the stairs...he's not as sure of himself crawling down!!! And finally Mason knows that if he wants to get down from either our bed or the couch to put his feet down first.

Loves: Mason loves pushing anything and everything...whether it be an empty box or one of his trucks!!! Mason loves all electronics!!! (It's just too bad they don't make kid toys look more "real" looking). Mason loves watching and being with other kids (this has been a love since the day he was born)!!! Mason loves watching Octonauts and Mickey Mouse Club House!!! Mason loves opening and closing the trash can!!! And Mason loves playing on the fireplace (naughty boy)!!!

Dislikes: There is not much my baby dislikes....except maybe being told NO!!!

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You helped daddy celebrate his 37th birthday!!!
  • You were an M&M for your first Halloween!!!
  • You celebrated your first Thanksgiving. And THANKFUL for YOU we most definitely are!!!
  • You got to open your first Christmas present at the Scholma Christmas Party.
  • I may be biased but you are one smart little boy. You are always figuring out how to get into trouble. Whether digging through the trash or lifting up the toilet seat cover.
You and your "treasure!!!"
  • On November 8 two more of your teeth poked through. One on the top and one on the bottom to the left of the teefers you already have. And then about a week ago your teeth (top and bottom) to the right of the teefers you already have popped through. So you officially have 8 teeth!!! 
  • You enjoy looking at books.
  • You (still) like to pull off just one of your socks.
  • If we put your shoes on you...you go ahead and take them right back off!!!
  • For some odd reason you like hitting people (or yourself) in the face.
  • You like to take a dishtowel or a napkin and pretend to "clean" the floor. Its quite hilarious. Daddy says that you didn't learn it from mommy since she never cleans. Mean daddy!!!
  • You love to climb on your firetruck or daddy. Especially if it gets you onto the couch!!!
  • You still love to chomp on mommy and daddy's toes.

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  1. Sounds like Mason and Meg have a lot in common! Those two would find all kinds of trouble! He is so adorable. :)