Friday, December 21, 2012

Part One Of Our Journey To Baby #5

July 2012
My initial plan after having Mason was to implant at the first possible opportunity AFTER Labor Day Weekend. But then I went and got my first cycle on July 18 and knew that I would (most likely) be implanted just before Labor Day weekend. And since I really wanted to enjoy Labor Day Weekend in the UP with my family Brian and I decided to wait another month. But then I did my calculations for a September FET and figured out that I would (most likely) be implanted around September 27-29 which also wasn't going to work for me. So we decided to wait yet another month and shoot for an October FET.

August 2012
Gave down payment for an October FET and my consultation appointment is scheduled for September 13.

September 13
As were driving to the Fertility office I told Brian that I was super duper nervous. And that I could just feel my blood pumping. So of course I wasn't too surprised when my blood pressure read 153/108. White coat syndrome anyone? That would be a YES for me. Anyways it was so awesome seeing so many of my faves at the office (Sandy, Tara, Fran, and of course Dr. Dodds). And it was SO fun showing Mason off. (Yes he came to this appointment with us but only after we got the okay to do so)!!! Anyways we discussed with Dr. Dodds how we would proceed and it was decided that I would try a new protocol called the Long Lupron Protocol.

October 16
Implantation Day is set for November 8.

November 1
I went in for my ultrasound today to check my lining and was very pleased to hear that it looked beyond excellent!!! Sandy (my nurse) said my lining just needed to be thicker than 7mm and she said two of her measurements came in at 9.7mm and 10.3mm so we are definitely a go for the 8th. Before leaving the office I had just one more question for Sandy. My question was…when would we get the phone call IF our lone embryo did not make it through the thawing process. Let me stop here a second and be very honest with you all. I am a very pessimistic person these days (for obvious reasons) and since we only have one embryo remaining I am very aware that there is a very high chance that it might not dethaw. Anyways Sandy said that they would either call me Thursday morning (the day of my procedure) before our schedule arrival time or if the embryo died off right away they would call me alreadyWednesday afternoon. With that question answered I left the office.

November 7
I had to work today and of course I was as nervous as all get out that I would get “the dreaded” phone call. I called my cell phone from my work phone approximately every 30 minutes (from 12-5pm) hoping and praying that I would hear the…NO NEW MESSAGES message. Thankfully I head that exact message every time I checked in!!!

November 8
Surprisingly enough I slept pretty good last night and woke up feeling quite refreshed this morning. But when the clock struck 8am my tummy started getting all nervous again because of the chance that we might (once again) receive that dreaded phone call. My mom arrived at 9:15am (to take care of Mase) and soon thereafter the clock struck 9:30am and since we hadn't received “the dreaded” phone call off to the office we went. Once arriving at the office things moved rather quickly and before we knew it we were walking back to the “implantation room.” Dr. Dodds came in all smiles and said lets check on the status of your embryo. He came back in and sat down. I instantly FROZE. Of course thinking the worst but then Dr. Dodds said you have a perfect grade 1 embryo. WHAT MUSIC TO MY EARS!!! He then continued to say that he wished he could take my blood to know how it is that we made such a beautiful embryo. I almost started to cry. What an answer to prayer. God saved our “BEST” embryo for last!!! Implantation went very smoothly and then after laying on my back for an hour…homeward bound we were.

Praying this is my last non-pregnant shot for awhile.

Right before implantation!!!

My perfect grade 1 embaby!!!
November 10
The worst thing about bed rest is the fact that I’m pretty sure my baby no longer likes me. Pretty sure he’s scared of me to be exact. Makes me sad. Definitely is becoming a daddy’s boy. Sure praying that we don’t have to go through this all over again because it’s not fun not being able to do anything for your baby. Please God let this embaby complete our family. You read that correctly. If this embaby becomes our second earthly child we will NOT attempt another retrieval. Don’t get me wrong though…we won’t stop “trying” to get pregnant on our own but we know that the statistics are NOT in our favor. But our God is a God of miracles so I would be lying if I said I wasn't praying for just one more miracle (baby)!!!

November 10
If you remember back to my last implantation I had a little errrr actually a LOT of trouble peeing afterwards. So much trouble that I had to go into the office the following morning to get cathed and then I also had to cath myself at home the following day. Well I was extremely worried that that was going to happen again. Thankfully I did not have the urge to pee during my hour of laying flat at the office (like I did last time). And since I didn’t have the urge to pee I waited (as I had done in all my previous (except for Mason’s) implantations) until I got home to use the bathroom. My first pee though kinda just trickled out but I was happy that I had at least gone some. Then for the rest of Thursday (the 8th) and all day on Friday (the 9th) my pee continued to just trickle out. Well actually most of the time I would first have to run some water in the sink and then sit and wait and sit and wait some more before some pee would finally trickle out. But I never felt empty. So finally on Saturday afternoon (while Mason napped) I told Brian that I HAD to cath myself. He was less than enthused but I was starting to worry about infection. (Urine just sitting in your bladder and not emptying out is not a good thing). And am I ever glad I went with my gut. I cathed out 950ml of urine. (Good thing I kept all the extra caths from Mason’s implantation)!!! Ohhh was I ever feeling better afterwards!!!

November 11
I can definitely tell that I am way less anxious this go around. And I believe a big part of this has to do with Mason. But this go around I am also choosing TRUST over ANXIETY.

November 14
I cannot even begin to say how thankful I am for such a wonderful mother and mother-in-law (and I must add here that my hubby is pretty amazing too)!!! And here’s why…these three wonderful peeps made it possible that I did NOT have to lift Mason for a FULL week. And in addition they (the moms) brought/cooked us meals that lasted us throughout the week too. SO THANKFUL!!!

November 19
So what I said before about not being anxious this time around…yeah that went out the window first thing this morning. After getting my blood drawn at 7am I came home to wait. And wait and wait we did. I kept asking Brian…“do you think we’re pregnant?”  And his answer was always the same…”I don’t know. What do you think?” To which I responded I don’t know which is why I am asking YOU!!! Finally I said YES I do think we’re pregnant and here’s why…

We may have done a new protocol but I was still implanted on day 18, we’re doing IM progesterone, and we had a perfect grade one embryo. And every time we've had a good embryo, been implanted on day 18, and done IM progesterone we've gotten pregnant. Also they told me that my lining the week before implantation was perfect. And when Dr. Dodds said our embryo was a perfect grade one I felt like it was a sign saying that this was going to work!!! I truly believe that God saved our best embryo for last. And last but not least Mason was due around Christmas and we found out on Good Friday. And if we are in fact pregnant this baby would be due around my birthday and we are finding out the week of Thanksgiving. So Mason would be my best Christmas gift and this baby would be my best Birthday gift. Coincidence it could be…but I think not!!!

And finally at 12:56pm the much anticipated phone call came. WE WERE PREGNANT!!! My hcg was 107. Happy and thankful doesn't even begin to describe our emotions!!!  So after a day of diarrhea, not eating, and laying in bed like a freezing statue I could finally relax and give thanks to God!!! Praying like crazy that this baby does in fact join our Earthly family of three come July!!!


  1. Praising God for this little miracle! Must be something after having your first earthly child. I had something similar with Ashton - they sent me home after telling me I would miscarry. And now here I am holding my one year old in my arms. I believe this will happen for you and am SO excited for you to have your second earthly baby!

  2. Tears. I admit I had to skip to the end and then go back:-)

    Praising God with you for HIS faithfulness! So happy for you!