Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas With My Boys

I was suppose to work Christmas Eve but with everything going on when I got the 5:30(am) phone call asking if I wanted to stay home on-call for the first 8 hours of my shift I took it. And it got even better yet when at 1pm they canceled the rest of my shift all together!!! So Brian, Mason, and I enjoyed the WHOLE day together as a family...although we did stop by both grandparent's house for an hour or so each.

Family pic in front of the you can see it was a comfy Christmas!!!

We decided to put the tree downstairs this year since we knew Mason and the tree would be a bad combo. By putting the tree downstairs we could put a gate around the tree preventing any tree tipping or ornament breaking. So once the gate came down on Christmas better believe Mason headed STRAIGHT for the ornaments.

Present time. His first gift was a Yankees warm-up outfit... 

After opening his lawn mower he was NOT interested in opening any more presents. It was play time.

Mommy and Mason
Daddy and Mason 

It was a Mason only Christmas. Meaning he was the only one who got any gifts. We didn't go too crazy being it was his first Christmas. But he did need a little spoiling!!! 

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