Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas With The Vugteveens

Since I was suppose to work Christmas Eve...Christmas with the Vugteveen fam was celebrated on the 23rd. Early afternoon we packed up and headed over to my parent's house for a delicious ham dinner. This was Mason's third Christmas party and wouldn't you know he still didn't have the hang of opening presents. However, he did LOVE himself some ornaments!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE these boys!!!

Mason loved his new hat from his cousin Austin...
 and his new tent and tunnel.

Mason with his biggest cousin Kylynn

Grandma and her two babies

And per usual the cousin pic. Yes there is only seven in the first picture because Brinley would have NO part of it. Then before long Easton took off. And to be honest the only reason Mason and Austin were still in the second pic was because they were being held (tightly) on to...both were trying to escape!!! We eventually did get a picture of all eight plus G&G...although it would never win any awards or anything!!!

Cole, Addi with Mason, Easton, Kylynn and Cambrey with Austin
G&G with ALL their grandbabies

And in thinking about Christmas' past this one was bittersweet just like the past three. Hoping and praying that next year will be a SWEET one only!!! I'm done with this bitter stuff. And in case you're wondering why I say the last three have been bittersweet here is why. Christmas of 2009 was bitter because just a few days before Christmas we found out that our second IUI had failed and that IVF was our next step. Christmas of 2010 was bitter because it was suppose to be the girl's first Christmas. However, I was 6 weeks pregnant with Luke which made it sweet. Christmas of 2011 was more sweet than bitter because I was just days away from having Mason but I sure would have LOVED to have had him in my arms before Christmas. And this year was a pretty dead even mix of bitter and sweet. Sweet because we were celebrating Mason's 1st Christmas but bitter because just days before we found out that we had lost our 4th precious child. So like I said here's to hoping and praying for a SWEET 2013. Now don't get me wrong I am NOT expecting a baby in my arms by 2013 but maybe just maybe I will be well into a healthy pregnancy!!!

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